Alexander The Great Essay: Why Was Asia Only Conquered?


Alexander The Great EssayThe personality of Alexander The Great and his brilliant military successes made a great impression on his contemporaries and subsequent generations. Many legends were told about Alexander in ancient times. Whole novel science fiction was created, where main hero was Macedonian conqueror. Great poets created poems, where the image of Alexander The Great was key figure. In this one of Alexander The Great essays, we will discern reasons, which explain us, why he put his attention to the Asia. One remarkable scholar named Alexander as a genius political leader of his time. He was such political leader as Aristotle was great philosopher. Contradictory character of Alexander combined the cold calculation and ardent temperament, generosity and cruelty, indomitable will and the ability to maneuver and adjustment to difficult circumstance. He was full of lust and love to the glory. If starting the great struggle, prepared by his father, immediate impulse of his actions was manifested in such way in order to give the strength and duration of the conquered for himself state. With a happy radicalism of his youth, he took or invented such means in order to achieve this goal, which surpassed his trips and battles by his courage and irresistible force. Read more about our company. We are one of the best essay services. We can help you with writing of qualitative papers.

Alexander – The Greatest Warlord Of Antiquity

Alexander The Great was an outstanding ruler and commander of the Ancient World. He was born in Macedonia in 356 B.C and was the son of the Macedonian king Philip. Father gave an excellent education to Alexander. Great warrior Leonidas, brilliant orator Anaximenes and wisest philosopher Aristotle were his teachers in youth. You can find more information about great philosopher in essay on Aristotle. Alexander was much more capable and smarter than his peers were. Since childhood, he admired his father’s fame and wanted to become a great leader and commander.

Alexander’s father, Philip died at the hands of conspirators in 336 B.C. Therefore, Alexander became the king of Macedonia. He avenged conspirators for his father’s death and strengthened the order in the state. Moreover, Alexander began to expand Macedonian territories. In the 335 B.C warlord began a military campaign to Greece. He won brilliant victories there, took city Thebes and joined Greece to the Macedonian territories. From that time, he became the king of Macedonia and Greece. Since that time, he began his glorious military campaigns. Skillfully using courage, military cunning and knowledge, he conquered Asia Minor Peninsula, Syria and Egypt during short period. Alexander added this territory to the territories of his own country only for a few years, by 331 B.C.

During the next two years, Alexander The Great fought with the greatest state of antiquity – Persia. He skillfully made all possible to quarrel Persian rulers among themselves using the rule “Divide and Rule”. Therefore, he easily broke up their armies. Alexander The Great won many battles against Persians with the help of army’s proper control. Therefore, whole Persia was conquered by 330 B.C. He captured some generals, while others became his allies. Asian and Indian rules met the same destiny.

The great empire of Alexander joined a vast territory from Macedonia and Greece to the eastern borders of India. Such type of empire was never created before him. Great city of Babylon was the capital of the state.  Alexander did not destroy the traditions of conquered countries. He wanted to unite all nations into one being.

Alexander had big plans about glorious campaigns and conquests. However, sudden disease intervened to do it. He fell ill and died in Babylon in 323 B.C. His empire appeared to be so fragile. His heirs and allies made internal wars in order to get the power in their hands. Great state of Alexander lasted no more than 10 years of his life. After his death, it broke up into separate countries.

Why Was Asia So Special for Alexander?

Historical science does not like to ask questions. Therefore, it prefers to present the material as if we are talking about some axioms, which is, without doubt, true. Alexander The Great as a well-known character of Ancient world made his axiomatic conquests, despite the fact that they were contrary to common sense. Alexander conquered vast territories, but all of them, except for Greece, were in Asia. For some reason he wanted to capture only them.  He did not even think about expansion of his state further in Europe. There were most fertile places in Europe just in the north of Macedonia and the Black Sea. However, the young king chose to move in completely different direction. As a result, we see his conquered world on the map, where Macedonia is situated on its edge.

Resources are the main reason of all wars. Countries aggressors want to gain economic benefit. Only in ancient times this “law” somehow violates. It seems that people of some other nature lived in past, which did not obey the natural and social laws of development. This situation concerns military campaigns of Alexander. Historians ask us to believe, that he drew people to the military-political adventure beckoning them the wealth of East. It was not necessary for Macedonia and the rest of Greece to think about the economics, new arable lands, pastures and food. It turns out that it was necessary to get gold, gemstones, or just adventure.

Naturally, this picture does not correspond to any reality and is a common fantasy. Any gold cannot be substitute of economics. In fact, economics gives the gold and not vice versa. We can think that Asian territories were full of necessary resources. However, they were not. It is clearly seen in the conquest way of Alexander.

Asia Minor was subdued first. It is Asian territory of modern Turkey. There are solid mountains here. Bread, which is the main source of food, cannot be sowed and reaped. Turkey produces all bread on its European territory. Middle East goes next. There are only mountains and deserts here. There is a small Mesopotamia then, followed by huge space. However, it is only place of mountains until India. Today, this land is occupied by Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. These countries are not so rich with natural resources. The only exception is oil. Therefore, why did Alexander The Great put his attention to these lands?

1. Expansion of his state to the north did not interest him. He easily destroyed the armies of tribes, which lived next to river Danube. It says about that he could easily do this.

2. There were already other countries, which did not allow him to make expansion to the North. All best places are taken at once. Human history cannot be an exception. Therefore, those, who are late, are forced to live in the mountains, deserts, jungles and other less habitable conditions. There are not enough resources for those countries to press their neighbors, which are located on the fertile land.

3. Great Persian Empire existed on the East.  Asia belonged to the Persians. They have repeatedly demonstrated Greeks the power of their weapon. Persians conquered half of the Asian world. There was no powerful state on the other side from the Greece. Scattered tribes of nomads lived on the beautiful rich lands, which were not able to offer serious resistance.

4. Alexander was great fan of East. It clearly proves that fact about the borrowing of Eastern traditions and customs.  For example, he took many from the mechanism of Persian Empire. From young age, he dreamed to follow the path of Heracles and on the lands of Egypt, he was called as “the son of the deity” by Egyptian oracles. Do you like this essay? If you struggle with writing of paper then our services are the decision of your problems. We will help with writing of paper on any topic.


Alexander The Great was significant person in the history of humanity. He was the first person, who created such powerful empire of Ancient world. In this essay, we discovered the reasons of his special interest to the Asia. It is obvious that it is only assumptions. The real motives are hidden under the impress of secrecy.