Student’s Guide to Building Relationship with Classmates


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One Big Contest: How to Become Popular in University


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History Of ABBA’s Success


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Artworks That Impossible to Forget


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Terrific Songs about Hate: Breakup Playlist


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Think Wisely: Pros and Cons of Downshifting


Downshifting is a social phenomenon of purposeful conscious descent on the social hierarchy associated with the "life for yourself," "refusal of others' goals." The key moment for downshifting emergence is a conflict of values between the goals imposed by the society - a career, wealth, status, and inner values - self-knowledge, hobbies, socializing with relatives, etc. A downshifter is aware of the illusory nature of imposed goals, because the more wealth is acquired, the more you want. In ...Continue reading

Being International Student: Face New World


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Extraordinary Ways To Level Up Your Creativity


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10 Curious Facts about the Pope Francis


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Place of Virtual Reality in Modern World


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