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On today’s post, smart writers prepared four extraordinary artworks you possibly haven’t heard about but we guarantee you will like it!

Marcel Duchamp LHOOQ

The iconic symbol of European art that still doesn’t become outdated, Mona Lisa, has turned into an object of the experiments for numerous artists seeking to rethink the laws of the artistic language. This artwork is a kind of interactive space to come up with new ideas so that dozens of world-famous painters took a fresh look at the classic Mona Lisa, inspired exactly by the work of the representative of Dadaists’ art movement (learn more here:, Marcel Duchamp. The artist declared his attitude towards one of the most famous artworks in the world, Leonardo Da Vince’s Mona Lisa by drawing her a mustache on his painting LHOOQ that became a modern manifesto of iconoclasm, and found hundreds of followers among Dadaists, surrealists, conceptualists, street artists. What is more, the artwork still triggers the young artists to express their ideas whatever innovative or weird they seem to be.

«Vandalism»--somebody can say, «The masterpiece of all times was scoffed off by the weird painter», «The icon was blasphemed», «No-talent painter tried to become famous by means of the great artist». We know what your thoughts about this may be. However, don’t rush to judge Marcel Duchamp’s painting LHOOQ considering him a barbarian, as his artwork insists on the importance of having one’s own opinion about any pieces of art no matter how classic it is. Really, we used to accept the critique of an art expert (frequently, we even don’t bother to apply our critical thinking skills by checking at least a few sources to compare them and get a more or less credible idea) as true without even trying to form our own opinion. Really, why we need to make our brain work if professional critics have already done all the work for us producing a clear and comprehensive text that explains in details the value of Mona Lisa? Exactly this art conformism is the object of Marcel Duchamp’s critique, together with the classic interpretation he stands against. If you want to know more about art, feel free to check this post: The funniest fact is that only after this antic, art critics saw the other side of the artwork, assuming that Mona Lisa is nothing but the self-portrait of the great artist, as the girl from the painting with mustaches started to resemble Leonardo Da Vince. And this striking similarity had been stayed unnoticed for many years until one progressive artist added the mustaches!

The other experiments with this artwork, triggered by the example of Marcel Duchamp, are no less amazing, so we offer you to get familiar with some of them:

Composition with the Mona Lisa by Malevich. This is the key work of the short Cubist period of Malevich, the evidence of his strong interest in collages. In this, rather abstract artwork, in the opinion of the site to pay for custom essays writing, the artist conveys the definite message: the victory over rational thinking, objective perception of the visible world, and the denial of the traditional art symbols, the main of which is Mona Lisa. Crossing off her image carved from the newspapers twice, Malevich directly shows us that the days of her glory are over, and a new modern icon is coming, meaning the black suprematic square.

Mona Lisa with the Keys by Fernand Leger. This artwork was the result of the two-year creative search, during which the artist experimented with the composition isolating fragments of pictures, organizing them out of perspective, playing with angles, colors, lines. The custom essay writer who is ready to help 24/7 has conducted an investigation to tell you in details the story of this painting creation. Once Fernand Leger painted a bunch of keys and thought of the items that could be placed near to them. According to him, this painting needed something absolutely the opposite to the keys. He left home puzzled by this issue, walked a bit, and saw the postcard with Mona Lisa in the shop window! Exactly that moment the artist realized that it was what he needed, obviously. Then he added a can of sardines to the painting, thus, the contrast between the items became even brighter. Leger coped with monotony and didn’t accept any compromises. He devalued the iconic image of Mona Lisa that takes the form of a picture on museum gifts and cheap calendars. Emphasizing this transformation, the artist puts her in the background, overlapping her image with a bunch of keys. The work of Leonardo Da Vince loses its value, being equated to the bank of sardines in the same composition. This way, Leger declared that creativity is free from authorities. By the way, one of the prominent playwrights Henrik Ibsen, the author of A Doll’s House ( shares this opinion.  

All in all, despite the fact that more than a hundred years have passed since the first Mona Lisa interpretations, in the 21st century the interest in this artwork doesn’t decrease. On the contrary, the portrait of Leonardo Da Vince is constantly used in advertising and production of objects not related to art, which, in their turn, draw a particular interest to it.

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Auguste Rodin The Cathedral

This sculpture is the best evidence of the fact that from the idea to the implementation of the project may pass an enormous amount of time. In this regard, the history of the creation of Rodin’s sculpture The Cathedral is of particular interest. At the age of 36, Auguste Rodin, one of the greatest sculptors of modern times, who would achieve an outstanding success in the conveying by the means of the human body sculpture the movements and emotional states in the future, being fed up by a feeling of dissatisfaction, made a trip to Italy in 1876. He visited Genoa, Rome, Florence, Naples, Venice to study the artworks of the great masters of the past: Michelangelo and Donatello. Later, the impressions from the trip dared him an inspiration and energy that, combined with an exceptional diligence every student may be jealous of, led to world fame.

The first stop on the way to Italy was Reims, where the sculptor first saw the Reims cathedral (Notre-Dame de Reims), built in the XIII century. Rodin was enchanted by the cathedral and examined it all day long. His love for Gothic remained for the whole life and, afterward, he even composed a book dedicated to the Gothic architecture. The essay rewriter from smart writing company knows for a fact that Auguste Rodin was especially fascinated by the busts of John the Baptist, the Virgin Mary and Saint Elizabeth, the most famous ones of the two thousands of sculptures in the cathedral. Rodin was struck by the art of carvers of the thirteenth century who succeeded in shaping the individual features to sculptures. After many years, in 1908, impressions from the Reims cathedral resulted in the sculpture Cathedral that, incidentally, has nothing in common with the architectural construction. This is two hands from the elbow, interlaced. However, there still is the common feature: the form. If you examine the image of the Reims cathedral and Rodin’s Cathedral, you have a chance to notice the similarities of the almond-shaped arcs inside the cathedral and shape of the interlaced hands.

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discover the power of art

Joseph Beuys I Like America and America Likes Me

The totally weird at first sight installation I Like America and America Likes Me by Joseph Beuys actually has a profound essence that can’t be understood without the context. The generally accepted story begins after the artist’s plane crash in the Crimean vastness during the Second World War. The local people picked up the wounded, unconscious, and half-frozen man, and for eight days they cured him with the help of the traditional medicine. Beuys was coated with animal fat, wrapped in felt and left is such a state. The artist laid and fed on the primordial life energy contained in fat, and conserved it by felting. All this time, he was delirious, however, as it turned out later, he didn’t waste the time but spiritually was being spiritually reborn towards esotericism, pacifism, and humanism.  In the end, he was found by his comrades and taken to the hospital. From this very moment, the world saw the completely new personality of Beuys.

This romantic story you may found on almost every site devoted to this artist. Nevertheless, there are a sufficient number of facts that make one doubt the whole story. The downed pilot Beuys obviously existed but there was neither his terrible half-dead state nor the long-term lying in fat and felt. However, it goes without saying that, after all, Beuys received the kind of mystical experience in the Crimea that was enough to upgrade creative thinking skills, as this place is not simple. Hence, being inclined to the creation of personal mythology, perhaps, he decided to put the mysterious experience acquired in such a story. At any rate, for smart writers, his fans, it does not matter whether the complete story is true or not. The important is only the things that were created by the great artist and story… Let it be, as it certainly has its charm.

As a result of the Crimean history, fat and felt were for Beuys the main sources and reservoirs of mysterious natural energies, almost chthonic, otherworldly forces saving and keeping life. Fat, in addition, symbolized a positive natural chaos: it changes its shape under the influence of temperature, it means, adapts to new conditions but doesn’t change its nature and its most important properties. Working with these materials, Beuys pointed out to lost humankind his alienation from nature, from essence, from the sources of life and from space in the anthroposophic sense of it. Incidentally, we offer you to check this agriculture essay that reflects the progress of humanity in taking control of nature having both pros and cons. This way, Beuys became a shaman. And the today’s art has never known shamans.

In general, the majority of Beuys’ works assume a great freedom in interpreting and playing with meanings, actually, similar to the events of our life if we perceive them as certain signs.

Coming back to the most famous artist’s performance, the story of its implementing is as interesting as the Beuys’ life. This is how it was: the ambulance took the artist, wrapped in his favorite felt, to the airport, put into an airplane to America, where they took him out, drove back to his place and deployed. In the gallery, he was waiting for a wild, recently caught coyote, with which Beuys lived side by side for three days. Based on the knowledge of academic essays paper checker from, after that, Beuys was returned in the same way, in felt, home. Thus, the artist eliminated any tiny chances for his communication with American civilization. Even when he was driven by a car, he was protected by a reliable, tested felt. Beuys dealt only with the totem Indian animal that symbolizes the connection to nature and its primary sources, sought by the artist, to which he encouraged humanity. As you can see, the communication was quite warm and friendly:  in three days, Beuys managed to tame the coyote.

The last thing that we are eager to mention here is the future prediction made by the artist. In the future, predicted Beuys, shamans and fortune tellers as well, everyone will be an artist. The artist, in his understanding, is not the occupation and not even the level of skill, talent, or fame. This is only a certain attitude towards life. An artist is only a person who changes the world. As you can see, the future predictions of Beuys were far more positive than, for example, of George Orwell with his outstanding novel 1984 (

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The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

In his artworks, Bruegel always tried his best to cover the life of his contemporaries’ society and its vices, the fate of the individual and the Netherlands as a whole, who fought for their independence from the Spanish king. His paintings are amazingly capable of conveying the heartbeat, the elements of his epoch. The artist has always sought to catch the main features of the people's characters, in which he believed the life itself was represented, and during painting his vivid images, he often turned to folklore material, proverbs, allegories. The main idea of Bruegel's work lays in the fact that in the incredible peasant simplicity, somewhere even ignorance or stupidity, the true power of the masses can be felt. A sarcasm, bright fantasy, and grotesque, thoroughness of each silhouette, all this is about the power and the vice of an average human being.

The cycle The Tower of Babel consists of three interpretations of the Bible plot, familiar to everybody:  people all over the world strived to build a tower high in the sky to reach the God, and even more. They were conceited in their ambiance to become equal to the God, that’s why the God made the builders of the tower speak different languages. The impossibility of communication endangered the work on the majestic structure, as a result, they failed.

As we’ve mentioned above, the leitmotif of powerlessness of a human being over the world around him or her and the established life laws appears in various artworks of the master. The Tower of Babel demonstrates incredibly scrupulous work, showing the finest details. The specialist who writes essay for you is quite sure that partly in his style, the Bruegel the Elder looks after another great artist of Netherlands, Hieronymus Bosch. One look at the paintings of Bosch will be enough to say with confidence that Bruegel was inspired exactly by them. Angels and demons, monsters and chimeras, artworks of Pieter Bruegel the Elder and Hieronymus Bosch contain many mysterious and frightening creatures carefully detailed by the great masters as much as possible. The world inside out, the carnival aesthetics, exposing the vices of a medieval man are at the heart of the composition.

However, despite the similarities that hide in the open, the fundamental differences are deeper, according to the opinion of the great English writing and editing website. Let’s start with the fact that Bruegel was a realist: he painted only what he saw, what he experienced, and what was etched in his brain, as a result. Bosch made up metaphors of the existence, he was a visionary, in the twentieth century, he would be called a surrealist. Whereas everything that Bruegel tells is extremely simple. The nickname «Peasant» given to the artist, partly reflects the character of his style (he concentrated mostly on peasants, not nobility), partly the conscience of the artist, as he can think in a sophisticated way but expresses his thoughts simply. In fact, Bruegel is characterized by both metaphors and allegory but he belongs to those rare masters who believe that a complex idea should be expressed in simple words.

At any rate, his works should be examined carefully under a magnifying glass for years, as they are definitely the pure art!

All in all, we tried to select the most curious artworks that, in addition, are sometimes left without the attention of grand public but are surely worth becoming familiar with. This top was created with the help of the certified writers from our custom writing, editing & proofreading service, ready to come to the rescue at any minute. We are literary your study savers, as only we are able to manage any assignments disregarding the complexity, set deadline, academic level, and a number of pages. Don’t waste your time, order with us to get your assignment done! The highest quality standards, as well as your deadlines, will be met!

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