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Many students face with such type of work as rewriting. In common words, rewriting is the process of obtaining a new text from the existing one. Any information can be found in the Internet nowadays. Especially if you know what you are looking for. However, if you simply take already published text in the Internet, you will definitely have problems. Your teacher will doubt the fact, that exactly you wrote the paper. All texts are checked through the programs of anti-plagiarism. If your tutor will find the fact of plagiarism, you will not take your paper and get bad mark.  Every person wants “new” text. It is difficult to do it without the services of our essay rewriter. You can ask our writer to rewrite the essay for you. You can book the rewriting of your essay on our site. Be sure, that we can also provide not only qualitative rewriting of your essay, but also editing, revision and proofreading. This leads to fact that we can help you to write the best and high quality paper. Our writing service is created with the aim that you can get high quality rewriting and buy argumentative essay or other types of research papers.

Steps With Aim Of Qualitative Rewriting of Text

First, we should mention that there are two types of rewriting. First type has name of surface rewriting. During this type of rewriting we take and customize the text sentence-by-sentence, using special steps, which we examine a little bit later. The structure of the text remains the same, but the uniqueness rises to the 100 percent. Surface rewriting has one significant disadvantage. You have to refer constantly to the original text, line by line. It takes too much time to do it. The other type of rewriting is deep rewrite. Deep rewriting is the text that conveys the main ideas of the original text, but is written entirely in another language with a different structure. In fact, rewriting is the recital.  Therefore, what should we do in order to rewrite the essay effectively? Our paper writing service will definitely help you.

  1. It will be incorrect to rewriting the essay with the help of changing the tenses of verbs. It will show that, you does not have enough knowledge. Be sure, that your writer will not do such mistake. Our writers can paraphrase the sentences or change the structure of essay. They will not leave the sentence in present condition or just add a few words. They will create new paper with the same meaning.
  2. It will be better to avoid the sentences with direct speech. Our writers are very attentive to the quotations, statements of politicians, economists, scientists, and other experts. They understand that usage of direct speech is unacceptable as it makes harm to the qualitative rewriting. Therefore, they model the direct speech into the form of indirect speech. Team of writers do this operation with the saving of the original text’s meaning.
  3. Usage of synonyms will be also great idea. There are many programs in the Internet, which can help you to make a synonym for certain words. Writer of course uses them. He can make two sentences instead of one and use common idea with the help of synonyms’ addition. New words and new structure can be seen during performing of this operation. 
  4. Possibility of changing the paragraphs is nice step in order of good rewriting. Writers of our site use the replacement of paragraphs, and sometimes make two paragraphs instead of huge one. It is easier to read the information, when your essay has such structure of paper. Essays with difficult topics are easily read, when there are many small paragraphs instead of huge one.
  5. It will be always great idea to make the article unique with the help of giving the article new title. Each of our writers realize that good title attracts more readers. Therefore, they use interesting ideas in titles of essays.
  6. There is no way in adding of your own point of view in essay rewriting. The main task of rewriting is to “give a life” for new text with the saving of meaning.  Every writer from our team understands such position. They can use synonyms for words, make another structure of paper, but requirements of rewriting will be met.
  7. It will be better, if you use the anti-plagiarism programs after you rewrote the essay. Possibility exists, that some parts of text can be copied. We guarantee that our writers use the anti-plagiarism programs. Therefore, you can be sure in qualitative rewriting of your essay.
  8. The best step in rewriting of the paper is to explain the “core” of the article with the help of your interpretation. It is easy, when you know the topic of rewriting. Each of our writers has deep knowledge of different topics. Therefore, be sure that rewriting of your essay will be made as soon as possible
  9. If it is possible, change the numbers into words and words into numbers. There are articles, where the numbers are not present. However, if they are in the essay, writers will do what they should do.
  10.  Try to use more than one resource when you do rewriting. Rewriting will be better if you know all aspects of the topic. For example, if you write about the reasons of Roman Empire’s fall, you need to use more than resource. Our writers in common use 3-4 resources in order to do the best essay rewriting. Therefore, they deeply understand topics of essay rewriting.
  11.  In order to do deep rewriting of the essay, you need certain plan. Your writer will learn the topic of essay, its essence and opinions, which are met in the paper.  He will do essay with absolutely new structure with the saving of the meaning.
  12.  Follow the instructions, when you rewrite the essay. It should be remembered that the size of the essay has to remain the same after the rewriting.  Writers will obviously follow the instructions. If your essay has 600 words, you will get the qualitative rewriting with the same size.


To sum up, rewriting is some kind of creative and from the other hand laborious type of work. If you think, that you cannot do good rewriting, than our services are the best condition of your good student life. You can have a good time with you friends or family. We can do it for you. We offer not only qualitative rewriting but also revision, proofreading and editing. Our support team works almost whole day and will be glad to help you in your any issues. Our clients are valuable for us, therefore we offer them high quality service. We use all your demands and instructions in order to make the best rewriting for you.