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Coursework writers give valuable advice on how to find a work-study balance

If you are interested in how a student can combine work and study, let's think about this topic together because there is always a way out. Unfortunately, today it is very difficult to live only on a scholarship, even if it is a merit one for an A+ student, not to mention those, who do not get any grants for one or another reason. Hence, this is quite obvious that young people are in search of an additional source of an income, as they do not want to accept the fate of a “poor student”.  In addition, the job will help not only to pay off the debts and not to get into new ones but to feel financial independence from the parents as well. As you know, the last benefit of having a job plays a significant role in the life of the majority of young people, as the students’ years are exactly the time to become an adult and take the responsibility for the life

Nevertheless, you should take for a spin that a part-time or full-time job should interfere with your studies in no case since there is always a chance to be expulsed because of a low academic performance. Therefore, losing an opportunity to get a higher education is a too high price for a temporary financial security.

Jobs for students: full-time or part-time?

First, let us highlight the difference between full-time and part-time students, the search for a job of which is a completely different process. To make everything clear, we are about to consider each category of students separately.

Part-time students. If a student chooses the part-time study and a fewer number of course credits accordingly, then work becomes his or her main occupation (as, frequently, they already have a job before applying for university or choose such a form of education with the objective to dedicate the lion's share of time and energy to job). Thus, studies come back into the picture from time to time, during the exams time. In this case, it is important to take a responsible approach to the choice of a job since it will be the main source of income and will allow you to get a higher education, as in most cases, the part-time students have to pay for the studies and can’t get any grants.

Full-time students. For full-time students, it is much more difficult to find an additional income since the working day should not last more than 3-4 hours. This is understandable, as it is extremely important to devote time for attending classes, doing homework, learning the material, and, finally, rest. What is more, if we can find a solution concerning your writing assignments (you can just say “do my university research paper for me”, and one of our professional writers will manage it), everything is much more complicated with the necessity to learn the theoretical material: you should definitely do it on your own.

Returning to our discussion, yes, there are fewer job ads marked as “part-time”, but they are also not as uncommon as you believe. In this matter, the main thing is to set the right goal, and you will definitely find a job you need.

Nevertheless, let us remind you: whether you have a part-time job or not, you should always remember that the main goal is to get a higher education with the further employment and a possibility to get a high salary.

Common university problems caused by having a job

One of the greatest mistakes a student can make is to believe that the whole world including the university profs, is about him or her. This fundamentally wrong. After getting a job, you should be prepared mostly for a negative reaction of your professors, as the university members are unlikely to be happy with the news that you have found a part-time job. Although, in general, according to the academic and research papers writers, professors are divided into two categories:

1. Some of them welcome the desire of students to acquire financial independence, thus, stand ready to assist them in every possible way.

2. Others are categorically against the additional earnings, as they are confident that only a part-time student can be a working student. “You want to earn money, drop the university and go to the nearest supermarket,” – we are sure that this phrase is familiar to every young person.

That is why before announcing this very important news and agreeing on a possibility to skip lectures, it would be great to find out how the professor (or rather the whole department of professors) will react to such a favor.

As a rule, qualified specialists do not interfere with the academic performance of working students in two cases: first, if it is a senior student; and secondly, if his or her knowledge is beyond doubt.

For some reason, the majority of profs are sure that only A+ students can combine work and studies, although, frankly, we are ready to argue with this reasoning strongly.

At any rate, before searching for a job, you should weigh the pros and cons evaluating your skills adequately, otherwise, your attempt to kill two birds with one stone will not lead to anything good.

How a part-time job will influence your academic performance?

I hope you understand that the work should be real, and not just an excuse for truancy. That is why it is desirable to tell about a desire to find a job or an existing part-time job at the beginning of the semester so that the prof could create the individual schedule or adjust the existing one taking into account all your inquiries. However, let us repeat it again: your studies will always come first!

If the teacher is none the wiser and learns about it by chance during examining your knowledge, what is more, you use the phrase: “I know nothing because I have been working”, the big-big troubles are waiting for you! It goes without saying that you can hardly hope for prof’s encouragement in this case. Anyway, even if you have said or done something wrong, there is always an opportunity to apologize (, as we are all humans, thus, can make mistakes.

You should understand that the prof will not adjust to your work schedule, but he or she will only make some concessions so that you could strike a balance between your job and study. This does not mean that the prof will be more loyal assessing you, in addition, some professors, on the contrary, treat working students much more strictly, believing that their knowledge, in this case, should be simply flawless.

Therefore, on the exam, you should not hope for free passes but prepare well so that the teacher could not regret his or her permission to allow you attending classes half the time.

And one more golden rule that every student who has a job should bear in mind: a job is good, however, diligent studies at the university are just necessary, it goes without saying.

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What features should an ideal job possess to satisfy a student?

If you have already weighed pros and cons and are still determined to find a job, then it is extremely important for you to take into account some nuances that will help you to pass through the examination periods without any problems.

1. It is desirable that your job allows a free schedule, otherwise, problems with the study and constant truancy are simply unavoidable.

2. If you are a full-time student, your only option is a part-time job, that is, only part-time that requires 2-3 hours a day. This will allow devoting enough time to study and rest, and not to focus on the process of money making.

3. It is necessary to have weekends because any organism must rest. Just to be clear: hanging out with friends is not a pastime your body and mind need to rest. Listen to a good music (, read a good book, take your dog on a walk,

4. Loyal boss. You should immediately explain to your potential boss that you are a student, and your university is more important for you than a job, thus, it means that you will have to take days off to study. If a potential boss is not satisfied with such an employee, then it would be better for you to refuse this job right away to avoid the bad surprises.

5. It is desirable that you are hired on a piece-work basis, and get your salary on time: only in such a case, the additional income will be noticeable.

What is more, your job should not only be a source of income but also become a kind of hobby that brings moral satisfaction and pleasant pastime. Only then you will have fewer problems trying to accomplish your crazy schedule.

What kind of jobs can be combined with the study?

What kind of job is the best to be combined with study at the university? The writing services that grade papers online are ready to answer this question! In fact, in modern society, there are a lot of options including remote jobs, the main thing is to choose an activity you will love.

Below are a few options, offered by the smart writers:

1. Promoter. Not bad income, piece-work basis, and only 3-4 hours per day of work. The advantage of this job is communication with people (of course, if you consider this as a benefit), new acquaintances that can become your friends in the future, as well as a financial support without any special physical and intellectual efforts.

2. Copywriter. A perfect job that allows working at home. The schedule is free, your income depends on the amount of work done by you and requires some copywriting experience. On the other side, such a job helps learn time-management, become more self-organized, and realize that, in fact, it is all on you.

3. Cafeteria worker or barista. An ideal job for those who can’t imagine their life without coffee and talks, according to the opinion of writing, editing & proofreading company.

And this is only a few of the opportunities that you can grab during the university studying. Thus, combining work and study is not just possible, but necessary for every young person who is eager to challenge him or herself.

We hope we were able to answer the question of how to combine work and study at the university. However, the main thing you should get is that finding a work-study balance is not as difficult as you may believe with a well-coordinated schedule and a great desire to become more than just an average student.

Coursework writers will clear your schedule

The last thing to mention here is that your part-time job may become a good start of a successful future career, especially if you choose it according to your specialty or hobbies. Therefore, you should think about it. And while you will be occupied with your job, the cheap essay rewriter for hire will make your study easier by helping with written assignments. Our writing, editing, and proofreading company can deal with an essay, research paper, coursework, dissertation, thesis, case study, etc. We are the real professionals of this business, our skills and experience allow us being the best in the sphere of academic writing.

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