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Being a student, our chief founded the company that soon became one of the leading Internet academic services. Of course, it goes about our website That is why we know for sure all the secrets of doing business and difficulties a person may face on the way to success.

We can talk about the problems that every young businessman or businesswoman face for a long time. However, what for? An empty talk won’t get you closer to your goal, especially if it is set in a wrong way Indeed, if we tell you the detailed story about the problems, with which you will definitely have to cope on your own during doing your business, then, we are sure that most young people will be afraid even to think of starting their own business, not to mention the real actions in this direction.

On the one side, you should always bear in mind that the notion of the “beginner's luck” is entirely inapplicable to this sphere of activity, thus, if you adequately assess yourself as “inexperienced”, it will be better to find the ways of developing your competences before getting in there. On the other side, everything is strictly individual. If you were born to become a business genius, then nothing can prevent you from creating your own company and getting more and more money. Nevertheless, how to know in advance whether you are able to do business or not? This can be checked in the only one way: test yourself in practice.

The banalest and easiest way to test yourself is to buy something cheap, and sell it at a higher price. Someone will call you a profiteer, speculator, etc. However, let us reveal a great secret to you: this is what almost everyone does! No company could keep its head above water without a trade margin, and we hope strongly that you have understood it well, as we are almost certain that without this knowledge, you will not be able to succeed.

This benefit (or added value) is the essential component of your future business, the main objective of any companies. That is why we highly recommend you checking yourself: whether you are able to sell something at a higher price than you have bought it? If you are determined and are confident that you can solve any problems and sell any stuff, then you should read further. If not, then do not waste your time, as there is nothing bad about having no business sense.

Student business: myth or reality?

If you have decided to keep on reading, then, apparently, you are determined to devote yourself to the development of your business. Nevertheless, even if you are full of confidence to start a business, you will have to overcome a bunch of doubts and questions following you on the way to success.

We perfectly understand you, because it is a natural reaction of a human being to doubt everything that is new and unknown for him or her. By the way, how do you think, what is the main problem for aspiring entrepreneurs? Lack of knowledge, initial capital, or useful links? It is nothing like this! The biggest problem is a fear. “What if it does not work out?”, “What if my business compete with the other similar companies?”, “What if I am just a fool?”, finally, “Who will do my homework for me at the profitable price while I will be occupied with my small business?” This is exactly a kind of thoughts that consume a start-up entrepreneur. As we have already mentioned above, this is a completely normal reaction of a person to the unknown.

However, an excessive fear of starting a business leads to the fact that a person begins to question not only separate decisions or particular ideas but also himself or herself as a whole as well, tormenting him or herself by the entirely unreasonable doubts. Hence, as you understand, this situation is not very productive at all, moreover, it is even harmful.

Therefore, our advice to you is to think less, do more. The less self-reflection you have, the fewer questions you ask, and the more actions you take moving towards your goal. Therefore, the next time you will have a desire to plunge into the self-reflection, you are welcome to change your activity drastically and occupy your mind with something else, for example, read one of the world’s best crime books

“That is easier said than done”, you could think. Perhaps, you are right, but remember that no one will do anything for you (of course, if you are not the children of wealthy parents). Therefore, it’s up to you to decide whether it is reasonable to spend a lion’s share of your time concentrating on your drawbacks.

Although we did not want to talk about the problems every businessperson will surely face, we feel that we cannot help discussing them. If you are interested to learn about the difficulties that will prevent you from starting your future business, then we will briefly go over the most popular problems. In addition, it’s extremely important to say that these problems are rather the myths invented by God knows who, however, they have deeply settled into the consciousness of many people. Thus, we are about to attract your attention to the most common myths about students business to bust them once and for all.

Editor’s choice:

Myths about student business

Myth number 1. “Be sure to need a large amount of start-up capital”

It may be necessary if you decide to start your own business immediately. However, are you sure that, having no experience and knowledge, you will be its successful manager? Sorry, but we don’t think so. Believe our experience, 100 dollars may be enough for a start. And it is really true. However, we still do not advise you starting from scratch, it would be better to save up at least a thousand dollars to start with the “buy cheap, sell for the highest bidder” plan.

Where to get money for the first deals? There are many ways. The easiest, and the most evident one, offered by the best one among essay sites, is to make or save up some money. In fact, you should realize that you would not need such a big amount of money to worry about them. If your business doesn’t work out, there will be nothing terrible about it. However, you will get an invaluable experience, which costs much more than a thousand dollars.

If you successfully make a few deals, then you will have a good initial capital for the development of your business. Therefore, another tip is to pay your attention to those market areas, where the margin (profit from the transaction) is maximum.

In addition, the whole world is literally open to you now, because of the popularity of online shopping, for example, that comes in handy in this case: you shouldn’t care for the rent for space. Here you can do without great investments, as there is plenty of guides on the Internet giving a bunch of information about all the aspects of managing an online store. Just set a goal and achieve results. And, of course, you must work, work, work.

Myth number 2. “Most likely, you will never pull it off”

After sharing your idea of starting a business with the public, you risk getting a lot of negative feedback and some moody predictions from your acquaintances or even relatives. Don’t ask us why, as the academic assignment writers & proofreaders still have no idea why some people do their best to make others insecure about their every undertaking. Just take this fact as it is and beware of such people. Remember that there will always be somebody who either does not believe in your success, or is jealous about it, or gets used to living by the inertia. Therefore, you should learn to ignore this kind of people or, at least, have little contact with them. 

Myth number 3. “Everything has already been invented, thus, you do not have anything to bring in the market ”

If you think that all the market areas are already occupied, then you are a reasonable person who addresses starting a business in an integrated manner, thus, maybe, if you think more, you will be able to make up something new. After all, everything in our world changes with such a speed that a one has no time to follow the everyday discoveries. The development of high technologies allows us being the first to occupy a niche in the market. Nevertheless, you should remember that to do it, you need to have an excellent knowledge of the sphere you would like to do business in. Therefore, if you do not think that your knowledge is enough, we advise you either train hard or take something that has already been proven by time.

Curious to read:

If you do not have experience in business, then you should not first reinvent the wheel. Take up the business that others are already doing successfully, and try to add a new element that will ideally characterize your personality to it. In this way, you are guaranteed to have your regular customers and make money on an ongoing basis.

After receiving a certain business experience (and it would be very nice if this experience is negative), you can try something new, something that no one else has done on the market.

In this post, we have told you about how to open a business while still being a student. If you expected to read the step-by-step instructions to start a business, and, what is more important, a successful business, then you won’t find an answer here. In general, you won’t find any answers anywhere, as in this activity everything is based on individual choice. You can learn mostly from your mistakes, not the mistake of others. Thus, business plan writers from wish you a good luck in searching for your ideal market area and starting your own company.

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