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It is not a secret that in most cases, feelings control the intellect. Feelings serve to bring the whole body into a state, appropriate for achieving the goal, and it is exactly the feelings that provide the necessary energy for this. However, before proceeding to the most important part of our post, namely, the tips to release your creative energy for reaching your goal, we are eager to remind you the importance of proper goal setting. You are welcome to check this post for more details

During the last kilometers before the finish, a marathon runner encourages his or her tired muscles by the only one feeling, the resilience: “I CAN reach the finish line”. However, having heard the opponent’s heavy breathes behind his or her back, an athlete gets a second wind due to the feeling of excitement, a desire to win. Thus, the body receives an extra charge of vigor necessary for a victory.

This example proves the fact that feelings come after thoughts. The essence of the feeling is to interpret the events happening to a person, as a human being is not a soulless machine, but a one who thinks and experiences emotions simultaneously. It is emotions that ensure a better focus of an attention and framing the perception that are both necessary for a good intellectual work. During the experiments of Gordon Bauer, people were asked to memorize emotionally charged material. It turned out that people in a sad mood have better remembered the sad material, the angry people -- angry, and joyful -- happy.

When we are happy, we want to hug the whole world. We accept everything that is in this world, even if it is not so pleasant phenomenon. We are eager to sing, laugh, and demonstrate our happiness in any possible ways. However, when we are lost in sadness, the world becomes scary and disgusting so that we would like to spend the most time at home, hiding from any of its manifestations.

Writer’s choice:

Emotional diversity is as infinite as the diversity of our thoughts. The more developed the intellect is the more noble feelings a person experiences. All the things, people, and events that surround and happen to us, definitely evoke certain feelings inside of us. The world around us is not neutral. You should always remember that you perceive the emotionally charged world, what is more, our sensory perception is always selective. Subconsciously, we concentrate more on the negatively charged events, people, things, etc. and do not notice the same ones charged positively.

This particularity of a human’s psyche subordinates completely our entire daily routine. This way of perceiving the reality is typical and well-known, although it backfires almost always. The selectivity of perception does not allow us to see a lot of good things in life. Considering a person unpleasant means that we have already chosen the one and only way to communicate with him or her. The best essay writers who are online at have also noticed an interesting pattern watching our clients: a lot of activities seem unpleasant to us if we failed to complete them once. In most cases, after one failure, the majority of people won’t start fresh. The world is getting closer, driving us into our own micro-worlds, where we feel comfortable. Therefore, we start building walls between the society and ourselves, which increasingly limit us.

Nevertheless, the question is how to break these walls?

The first thing that you should understand is that this process requires energy, lots of energy, actually.

How to get it, how to become a kind of creative energy generator?

Where can you get so much energy? To do this, turn to the “generator” of a creative energy, which is a feeling of curiosity. The more a one’s intellect is developed, the greater is the level of curiosity a person has. An object of interest draws particular attention and literary charms. It is exactly the curiosity that allows a person living a full life. Due to the interest that is increasing day in and day out, a person stays inspired and ready to work all day long.

Curious to read:

A curiosity gives life energy

This is the secret of maximum academic and work performance. If you need to do much of the work, make it interesting, as a sense of interest will multiply your strength and determination to complete your college or university assignment. This secret explains the amazing achievements of geniuses. They developed their curiosity so that their intellect could overcome any problems on their way to the scientific discoveries.

On the other hand, if you feel over bored, your mind prefers to divert your attention to something more interesting. This implies an important conclusion: you will succeed only in the case if the performed tasks interest you. The big mistake of many young people is that they choose their specialty, and, therefore, educational establishment, based on prestige, convenience, proximity to home, or parents’ desire. However, they do not pay enough attention to their level of interest in the chosen area of activity. As a result, according to the experience of the best service to get an academic assignment help, perceiving study only as a heavy burden, students cannot achieve any results. Professors consider them worthless students, and they feel they are losers themselves. Conclusion: at the core of any activity should be a sense of curiosity. The higher its level is, the more energy a person can release without seeking assistance from the external sources.

If you are interested in the goal, then you stand ready to do all the possible to reach it. This is the main secret of a creative person. This is a person-winner who is able to mobilize the forces at the moment of achievement. If you start acting, new forces will come to you with each new victory. The more you achieve, the more you want. Creative energy is inexhaustible. Look at the list of your success, learn from your mistakes, and achieve more and more heights with the help of your creative energy!

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