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Best essay writers teach you to forget about the negative experience

These valuable tips will help you leave the negative experiences behind and cope with unpleasant memories that can become an obstacle on your path to the success and well-being!

Every person has faced the bad experience at least once at his or her life (and lucky is that person who really had only one or two negative experiences during his or her life). In general, the way we respond to all kind of the so-called traumas defines us. Someone responds to the negative life lessons more flexible than the others and quickly forgets about offenses, and someone sits on his or her negative feelings, gradually close him or herself off from the world and waits for the other shoe to drop.

It is very difficult for such kind of people to handle insults and humiliation. Sometimes because of these negative experiences, they can have serious health problems, as it’s well-known that physical health is directly connected with mental. Therefore, this post is dedicated to the people who find it difficult to respond adequately to negative factors.

Humiliation and embarrassment, in a certain life situation, everyone can experience these feelings. The only conclusion that our psyche makes from such tests offered by life is: “I’m scared, I don’t want this to happen to me again!” Nevertheless, how to cope with this experience and move on with a maximum benefit and minimum losses? The step-by-step guide developed by our company is aimed at showing you the right way so that you could deal with your negative emotions efficiently.

Step 1. Think about what has happened. The academic paper writing & editing website advises reliving this negative experience again, trying to find the positive moments in it. If you say: “I can’t do it! What can be good about it?”, then you should think that despite the failure you have faced, you are still alive! Yes, your mind will try to defend itself: you will immediately find urgent tasks to complete, alternatively, someone or something will distract you. Your subconscious will do it’s best not to let you feel that pain again. It means that you should take a different approach to this step. Tell yourself that what’s done is done, it is already in the past, and you can’t change it whatever hard you will try. Furthermore, now the only thing that does matter is to learn a life lesson from this so that this could not happen again. Relax. For a while, take your emotions under control, concentrating on your breathing, and then begin to go through this again. Think about the reasons that provoked this or that action of yours, how you have influenced the course of events yourself. When memories become too painful, take a break to practice the breathing exercises mentioned above. Take a few deep breathes in and breathes out, only then return to your main task for today: remember all and get rid of the painful experience. Do not blame anyone in this situation neither yourself nor other participants in the events, just try to have a fresh look at what happened as if you are watching a movie in a movie theater.

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Step 2. So, you have reached the point when you can remember all the events and your feelings without the pain. The next step is to return to the idea about what was good in this situation. Perhaps now you have understood the strange sides of another person or your own ones. Think about how to use this new information in the future (for example, you will never hurt the feelings of your group mate again or talk to your professor in that tone). Try to find as many good moments as possible, better even write them down and re-read when you finish this task.

Step 3. Let your emotions out. One way is to cry if you want to; beat a pillow, have a good workout or run a few laps around the block if you are angry. Another way is to express your negative feeling through the art of any kind, even if you aren’t good at it, don’t hesitate to do it. Follow the example of Dadaist, who are considered being so controversial even nowadays, however, it didn’t stop them from being the great You should let your negative experiences out, otherwise, they will stay inside of you, forming an energy block. In this case, forgetting and letting the situation go will be much more difficult, and it will be even more difficult to remain calm in the similar situations. You can talk with a family member or a good friend about what happened, someone else's point of view will help you have an objective look at the situation. Perhaps, after this, the negative experience will seem less terrifying than before.

Step 4. Pretend that nothing happened. If you have to continue communicating with the people involved in the conflict, then during this conversation, try to behave as if nothing has happened or you completely lost your memory. Even if other people try to return to the past events, sincerely ask them: “What are you talking about? I have already forgotten about it...” The college admissions essay help site is positive that most people forget things that are not directly related to them. The things that you have so badly experienced, others may not even be taken seriously, so do not go back to the events of the past.

Step 5. Learn to laugh at yourself. Then those who want to hurt you will not be interested in it, because they expect a completely different reaction. This step is especially useful for schoolchildren and teenagers. If parents teach children to laugh at themselves and their mistakes, then the lives of their children will become much easier.

Step 6. Remember, time heals! Even if now it seems to you that you will never be able to live as before, you will forget what happened in a few months. In an emergency situation for you, go through all the above-mentioned five steps, then the sixth step of overcoming the negative thinking will take very little time!

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How to overcome the negative thinking?

This is a complex and long process that will require a complete transformation of consciousness. First, try as much as possible to limit the flow of any negative information consciously. Negative films containing the scenes of violence and death, negative programs, articles, conversations--try to exclude all this from your life. Secondly, try constantly to say to yourself a variety of positive attitudes and affirmations. In order to formulate them correctly, identify the thoughts that interfere with life, and replace them with directly opposing positive thoughts (without a particle NOT that can’t be perceived by the human brain).

Remember, transformation takes time!

It is difficult for the subconscious to focus on positive thoughts if for the years you have been accumulating the negative energy in yourself. Negative thoughts will remind of themselves for a long time, periodically coming into your head. In this case, try to replace them with positive ones immediately and say them out loud to yourself until it becomes easier to focus on the good thoughts. The certified paper writing services for college are sure that each time this process will happen easier and faster. For example, if you think that you are sick or ugly, do your best to force yourself to think in the opposite direction: “I am healthy, I am beautiful, I am rich, etc.” Work with statements after the wake-up and before falling asleep. You literally have to reprogram yourself to the positive attitude towards the reality. By doing this task, you will begin to notice how negative experiences will be replaced by positive ones, everything will change around you: people will become kinder, those who previously irritated you will not bring you any emotions, life will become brighter and happier, and your self-esteem will increase making your path to success better and faster! You will definitely reach any your life goals ( with such a positive attitude. And even if something goes wrong, you will be able to benefit from this situation as well!  

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