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More than a decade in the center of world community's attention there is a question of a possibility of global warming. If to judge by news feeds of the websites and headings of newspapers, it can seem that it is the most urgent scientific, social and economic problem facing mankind today. Generously financed meetings and the summits are regularly held in various corners of the globe, collecting firmly developed cohort of fighters against the approaching catastrophic crash.

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Life essence is forecasting: any live organism tries to guess the future changes of the environment in order to react adequately to them. It is no wonder that attempts to anticipate the future (today we call it futurology) became one of the first manifestations of conscious human activities. Persuasive essay on global warming is not simple task, but everything is possible.

But whether at all times pessimistic forecasts were more realistic, whether the human mentality was always more susceptible to them, anyway, a subject of the future global disaster is one of the most urgent. Legends of a Flood in last and inevitable Apocalypse in the future can be found practically in all religions and doctrines. In process of development of civilization only details and terms changed, but not the essence of the forecast.

The plot was well developed already in the ancient time, and the modernity managed to add a little: Nostradamus's prophecies are also popular now, as well as during lifetime of the author. And today, as thousands years ago, the predicted period of the next universal catastrophe doesn't manage to pass, as already there is a new one. Hardly the atomic phobia of the 50-60th years of the last century fell down, as the world learned about the approaching "ozone" catastrophe. Then the Kyoto Protocol of 1997 announced to the world even more terrible threat of global warming.

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Though the political decision on a problem is already made, there is a sense to discuss some principle matters. After all to serious economic consequences of warming even according to the gloomiest scenarios there are several decades. Let's try to answer some of the most important questions, which will help you to write global warming argumentative essay:

  • How big really observed climatic changes are?

Usually scientists claim that temperature has risen by 0,6 °C for last century though still, probably, there is no uniform technique of determination of this parameter. For example, satellite data gives lower value, than land measurements — only 0,2 °C. At the same time there are doubts in adequacy of the climatic observations made hundred years ago, to modern observations and in the sufficient width of their geographical coverage. Besides natural fluctuations of climate in scales of century even at constancy of all external parameters just also make about 0,4 °C. So the threat has rather hypothetical character.

  • Whether observed changes can be caused by the natural reasons?

It is one of the most painful questions for fighters against global warming. There is a set of quite natural reasons causing the same and even more noticeable climatic fluctuations, and the global climate can experience strong fluctuations even without any external influences. Even at the fixed level of solar radiation and constant concentration of greenhouse gases throughout one century fluctuation of average temperature of a surface can reach 0,4 °C. In particular, thanks to huge thermal inertia of the ocean chaotic changes in the atmosphere are capable to cause the after-effect affecting a decade later. And in order to our attempts to influence the atmosphere, gave the necessary effect, they have to exceed considerably natural fluctuation "noise" of system. The article about essay on agents of socialization you will find here!

In various scenarios the change of average temperature expected by the end of century varies from increase on 10 °C till its decrease towards its modern level. Usually scientists operate as "to the most probable" average value in 2–3 °C though by averaging this size doesn't become more reasonable. Actually similar forecast has to consider not only the main processes in the most difficult natural machine defining climate of our planet, but also scientific, technological and sociological achievements of mankind for century ahead.

Whether we understand today how the climate of Earth is created? And if we do not understand, whether then we will understand it in the near future? All specialists in this area surely answer in the negative form on both questions. And whether we can predict techno genic and social development of our civilization for the next hundred years? And in general, what is time horizon of more or less real forecast? The answer is also quite obvious. The most conservative and at the same time determining industries of modern economy are power, raw industry, the heavy and chemical industry. Essay on Amelia Earhart is written by one of our best writer, you will find the essay on our blog.

Capital costs in these industries are so high that the equipment is practically always used till complete development of a resource — about 30 years. Therefore, the industrial and energy enterprises which are now put into operation will determine the technological capacity of the world during the first third of century. Considering that all other industries (for example, electronics and communication) evolve far quicker, it is better not to predict more than 30 years ahead. As the funny example showing the price of more courageous forecasts people often remember concerns of the futurologists of the end of the 19th century predicting that streets of London will be filled up with horse manure though the first cars had already appeared on roads of England.

Besides, according to alarmist scenarios, the main source of danger is hydro carbonic energy resources: oil, coal and gas. However according to forecasts of the futurologists even at the most economical expenditure these resources will be enough for mankind just approximately for century, and decrease in volumes of oil production is expected in the next ten years. Considering proximity of new Ice Age, probably, it is only possible to regret for short duration of "a hydro carbonic era" in the history of world power.

  • Whether the mankind faced so large-scale climatic changes earlier?

Oh yes! And great changes! Increase of global temperature on 10 °C after the termination of Ice Age caused not only ecological, but also real economic crash, having undermined bases of economic activity of the primitive person — a hunter on mammoths and large hoofed animals of tundra fauna. However the mankind not only survived, but exactly thanks to this event, having found the worthy answer to the nature, rose on a new step, having created a civilization.

As an example of our ancestors tells us, increase in global temperature doesn't bear a real threat to existence of mankind (and furthermore to life on Earth as it is told sometimes). Consequences of the large-scale reorganization of climate expected today can rather well be presented, considering a Pliocene era which is rather close to us (the period from 5 to 1,8 million years ago) when the first our immediate ancestors have appeared. Average temperature of a surface then exceeded modern more than on 1 °C. And if our primitive ancestors have managed to endure both Ice Age, and global warming which has followed the Ica Age, so we will surely survive!

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Noticeable climate changes happened also during the historical period of existence of our civilization: the researches and historical chronicles have shown that data. Climate changes became the cause of death of many great civilizations; however they didn't pose threat for mankind in general.

We hope this article will help you to write your essay about global warming in a proper manner.

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