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The most important element of the American policy on the world scene is its ideological background. Countries, dealing with the American foreign policy, not always take notice of this element.

On May 28, 2014 the U.S. President Barack Obama made the speech to officers and students of a very prestigious military academy West Point. The head of the White House mentioned such important internal political aspects as education, health care and social reforms. However the main part of a performance was devoted to need of preserving line items of predominant force on the international scene. Your American exceptionalism essay should begin with that!

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He told that The United States always shall be a world leader. If we aren't leaders, then nobody will become a leader. At the same time he noted that when there are conflicts in the world, all eyes are turned towards the USA which continues to fight for strengthening of the peace and development of democracy all around the world. Thus, the American leader emphasized the exclusive mission of America once again.

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Sources of American "exclusiveness"

For the first time the exclusive mission of America was mentioned by the French politician and the philosopher Alexis de Tocvil in his work "Democracy in America" published in 1831. He claimed that position of Americans is absolutely exclusive in view of the fact that any democratic society has never appeared in similar conditions. In the period of administration of the president Andrew Jackson the American exclusiveness was interpreted in the context of the idea of "an obvious course". Exactly during this period the idea of "exclusiveness" became a keynote of the American political philosophy. Adolf Hitler essays may be interesting for you too, if you like history!

We could not tell that only American ideology is a unique case of the ideology proving exclusiveness and expansionist claims of the state. We may remember many examples, beginning with the ancient Chinese empire (which was described, how "The celestial empire" and outside there are only barbarians) and finishing with the British Empire (whose globalist ideology in the finished look was reflected in the well-known slogan "Rule, Britannia!" and in R. Kipling's creativity). However the American ideology is peculiar because of the fact that in the development it has reached new heights in a justification of a globalism of the USA and a special international role of the state. The American ideology began to apply that it forms the future of not only his empire, but also the whole world as in ideal prospect it sees the whole world as this empire.

The ideology of the American exclusiveness arose at the time of arrival of the puritans leaving Great Britain and going in recently reconnoitered lands of North America with the purpose to protect themselves from religious prosecutions. In 1630 Mr. John Winthrop, the leader of one of groups of the immigrants going to America, who subsequently became the governor of colony Massachusetts in the sermon on a board of the ship going to America determined a mission of puritans as creation in the God's New World of the City upon a Hill — new ideal society, a sample for the whole world. Thus, in this concept the foundation of not only of the American exclusiveness, but also messiahship was laid. Each educated American is familiar with the text of this sermon, and this metaphor, City upon a Hill, became one of the best-known symbols of the American history, policy and culture. By the way, there is a beautiful American culture essay in our blog!

From the historical point of view, the American ideology is constructed on absolute belief in progress, forward development of a human civilization. This progress is thought in the context of a liberal paradigm here: the course of evolution conducts from an animal to the person, and in a human cycle — from not free individual — to free. Individual freedom is the top of historical development. This freedom is thought first of all as freedom of the trade and as freedom from all external victimizations (national, state, religious, etc.).  Freedom of euthanasia for example may take place too.  Euthanasia essay online you will also find in our blog. From here the purpose of society is in becoming a society of the free individuals living in market conditions. On the way to achievement of this purpose it is necessary to pass two stages: in the beginning a progressive state become trade and liberal and democratic (as, for example, Holland in the XVII or England in XVIII – the beginnings of the 20th centuries), and then, in the second stage, borders between the states are erased, and all mankind appears the single market in which free individuals, citizens of Earth participate. Wars are abolished together with the national states, there comes "the end of history".

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