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Whether Hitler's individuality is unique? We don't think so. Closedness, cruelty, aggression, hatred, desire to rule. In general, there is anything new. This behavioral template is peculiar to the human race in general. The main question is in the following: to what level has the population of separately taken country to fall and to be fooled to put at the head of themselves the politician like Hitler.

Germany was going to a state in which Nazis could take the power in their hand long enough. Since Otto von Bismarck's rule, who has united the German principalities in the uniform national state by force of arms in 1871, the mercury was incredibly rising because of intrigues in the empire. Chancellors, actively increasing arms, replaced each other, and surely led the country to World War I. As a result Germany was completely crushed.

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The whole world hated the German military-political system and welcomed its full defeat. Under the terms of The Treaty of Versailles Germany appeared in full isolation. Practically all allies were enriched at its expense. 13,5% of the territory have been annexed. In the country inflation has burst and people have not seen or feel such inflation magnitude yet . During 6 years the quantity of money in circulation has increased in 25 times.

The day salary of the skilled worker wasn't enough even for food. There were no goods in shops, all branches of the national economy collapsed, the number of the unemployed frightened.

As Wikipedia tells us, in 1919 thirty-year-old Adolf Hitler has taken the first step in policy. After unexpectedly successful speechification in a pothouse where he has come to a meeting with the German Labour Party, he was offered to become its member. Future Fuhrer has at once made himself responsible for party propaganda and soon began to define activity of all party.

In a half a year in the same pothouse Hitler has organized the first of numerous big public actions. During his speech he has proclaimed twenty five points of the party program made by him and his colleagues which included: Pan-Germanism, requirements of cancellation of the Versailles contract, anti-Semitism, requirements of socialist transformations and strong central power.

The same day according to Hitler's proposal the party has been renamed into The National Socialist German Workers' Party. The beginning Nazis had no special plan. But there was a maniacal aspiration to the power which was warmed up hatred to everything that is somehow connected with former failures of Germans.

When writing Adolf Hitler essay, you need to know that Hitler's defeats have begun, together with his first steps, life didn't indulge him at all: since the early childhood he felt fear in the face of the father beating him with his mother. Further there was an early loss of both parents, poverty, impossibility to realize yourself as the artist. Obstacles were everywhere where Adolf's leg stepped, the system was guilty of everything. At the head of each part of the system, for some inexplicable reason, there was a Jew . Everywhere, where young Adolf was refused, the decision on a question was made by a Jew. It became fuel for future hatred to this nation, and later it has regenerated in various pathologies.

The purpose of the party wasn't new — to unite people on a national attribute for fight against enemies of the country. Needless to say all because of whom Germany of the first half of the 20th century and Hitler have appeared on knees were enemies.

There was only a discontent of the people with ruin, poverty and powerlessness of governors, to turn into fuel for hatred (the classical scheme for revolutions). And to direct it on his own understanding. What do we know about understanding of Hitler and his followers? Adolf wasn't known as the far-sighted, responsible politician, but for popularity among the people it isn't necessary.

In 1938 and 1939 he took the first place according to the Time magazine in the rating of the most influential people of the planet without any heresy like the intricate political program. By the way, in 2015 this place was taken by the Russian president V. Putin. Nothing in common, at first sight, but goodness knows …

In general people are active. But as they can create nothing new, they are inclined to manage or destroy that things, which were created by others.

After lessons of acting skills which Hitler took with the singer Paul Dewrijent, all doors became open before him. In spite of the fact that he was, to put it mildly, "out of head" and played so that any actor or just any normal person would never get under his charm, nevertheless, certain forces have allowed to carry on all "kitchen garden fascism seeds" in very short time. And the Germans exhausted with lack of talent of former governors have followed him.

In 1933 year the president Gindenburg appointed Hitler the Reich chancellor of Germany. This way was thorny, however it was not a clear victory yet. To push aside all obstacles in his way and to become the unlimited dictator, he needed a half a year more. As a result all political parties and labor unions of Germany have been destroyed. Everywhere swastikas hung, the new religion created  fanatics, local inquisitors burned enemies of the people.

But not everything was so bad. All citizens were working then, war industry was going strong. Besides it,  in Germany of that time all good and mass was encouraged. The concept of "good" has been also designated in new precepts: sport, anti-Semitism, patriotism, and preparation for war. Opponents of the new power extrajudicially went to new concentration camps. Mass prosecutions of Jews and Roma have begun. Everything went according to the plan which Nazis had since 1919. The peace Versailles treaty has been broken off.

The million Wehrmacht was formed as a result, tank troops and military aircraft have been created. Since 1938 year, Germany has lapsed into the old ways, a territorial complaint to Poland has been made by Germany and that stepped on interests of Great Britain and France. As a result in 1939 World War II has begun with attack on Poland. Norway, Denmark, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium, France became the following victims of the raging master. And in spring of 1941 Germany takes Greece and Yugoslavia, and later attacks the USSR.

Despite the policy of submission, conquest and destruction, Hitler was ineradicable. Since 1932, about 30 attempts against Hitler have been made: several times somebody fired train and car, in the 1938 year from distance of 8 meters 22-year-old man Maorris Bovo shot three times at him.

Under a column where he appeared, explosive was putted, the road and even the Fuhrer's plane were mined, the killer suicide bomber was sent to him, the sniper was sent too, somebody else wanted to poison him with gas and every time he remained safe.

According to theory of probability, maybe it is possible. It suggests an idea that Adolf Hitler and actions which he carried out on the planet were pleasing to this planet, evolution, god, to what we don't understand and we will never understand. P.S. However in 1945 the villain nevertheless was punished, more precisely he made it himself.

When enemy troops had surrounded Berlin, Hitler was afraid of revenge of the Soviet colleague and the brother on concepts I.V. Stalin about whom we will talk separately.

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