What Is Friendship Essay: Who Is A Friend?


What do we usually call friendship? Every person understands its meaning in his/her own way. For somebody friendship is understanding, for others – the opportunity to spend their free time fascinatingly and memorably. According to psychologists, friendship is defined as the relations between people based on credence, sincerity, mutual attraction and common amusements and interests. Mutuality, credence and patience are required characteristics of good fellowship. People connected to each other by friendship are called friends. Our what is friendship essay, as well as other interesting works, are provided by one of the best essay writing services.

True friendship is a strong, firm and sometimes indestructible feeling that went through trials and is tested by time. True friendship as true love is a valuable present in our lives that should be guarded as the treasure. Because it is easy to lose your real friend, but to find him or her can be terribly difficult. The older we get, the harder is to find true friends. Our authors will provide you with various essays and other high-quality works; all you need is to consult our professional writing service.

Send topic - get draftIt is not necessary that your true friend should agree with any of your points of view: it is more valuable when he supports you, even if he does not agree with your outlook at life. A friend can criticize, but he will never lie to your face flattering or humiliate you consciously. Secrets that you share with your friend remain just between you and him. In such a way, you can verify the sincerity of a person. If you are tired of our essay about friendship, click and switch to agricultural revolution essays; perhaps, there you will find what you are looking for.

Friendship is not subject to time, and people’s emotions while communicating with each other do not change: even many years on they find common themes to talk about, quivering memories and common life values. Your friend can forgive you not only minor missteps but serious faults, and he will never reproach you with mistakes made. Friends should stand or fall together. However, is it possible to find a true friend in our modern world, which is full of temptations and enticements? Perhaps, friendship is one of the feelings where falsehood and masks are unacceptable. If your friend is not sincere with you, he cannot be called a friend. Friendship and marriage are very closely connected notions, so if you have a desire, check our same sex marriages essays: https://smartwriters.org/blog/same-sex-marriage-essay-facts-pros-and-cons

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You do not need to hide your traits of character, possible disadvantages when you speak with your true friend. Moreover, there is no need to be not the person you claim to be. True friend will take you as he finds you.

It is supposed that our modern generation misunderstands the reality of true friendship. Young people call people whom they know only a short period of time their friends. They are hardly acquainted but already call them brothers or sisters. Friendship is tested through not only years but also proofs, which a human met throughout his life lifetime. A true friend will never leave when you get in trouble. If our friendship essays attract you, our essay writing professionals are at your service any time you want.

A person should follow some rules in order to let it survive and flourish:

Be considerate to your friends. Care of your friends is one of the main elements in any friendship. Birthdays and important events in friends’ lives are the reasons to be near them at that time. You should also be interested in the life of your friend.

Stay in touch with your friends. It is important not to forget about your friends for a long time after you have met or called them. Emotional distance destroys the friendship. If you do not know what happens in your friend’s life, your friendly relations can become not too close, and then you can join the category “pen friends”. Try to find more time for your friends even if you are a very busy person. Do you like our essay on friendship? In case, if you searching for additional background knowledge, feel free to check our lung cancer essay.

Avoid gossips. If a person entrusted you with a secret, you should not tell it to the third persons. True friends always keep their secrets between each other and do not talk about his friend’s private life with pen friends.

Protect your friends. When you realize that your friend makes decisions that critically influence his life, try to help him giving a piece of advice. Express your concern, but try to speak delicately in order to explain that you really want to support him.

Say sincere compliments to your friends. If you are sincerely delighted at your friend’s successes and achievements, such sincerity will only strengthen your friendship. It is always pleasant to hear that is well done. Friendship is out of violence, and if you want to know more about violence, our short essay is at your disposal: https://smartwriters.org/blog/domestic-violence-argumentative-essay-inhuman-phenomenon

To sum it up, we would like to say only a few words. Appreciate your friendship. Take the phone and call your true friend. Perhaps, he needs to hear you right now. Allow some time and meet your friend. Unfortunately, true friends occur rarely. Therefore, if you have such a friend, you may be called a happy person. As love and friendship are the main components of human happiness. Dear readers, do you agree with us? What is your opinion about the notion “true friendship”? When did you meet your true friend last? We appreciate your attention to our services and feel free to share your opinion with our team. We are waiting for you, dear colleagues, join us!

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