Domestic Violence Argumentative Essay: Inhuman Phenomenon


Domestic Violence Argumentative EssayDomestic violence is expressed in repeating abuse of a partner or a relative against the other one, primarily in family relations. It can be expressed in the forms of physical, psychological, sexual and economic abuse. Domestic violence frequently comes with child abuse and animal cruelty. This violence does not depend on homosexuality: it can happen both in same-sex and heterosexual marriages. Legislative penalties for domestic violence are various in different states, and almost all Western countries and countries from the former Soviet Union consider domestic violence as a separate crime. If you are looking for your domestic violence argumentative essay or other essays on various topics, one of the best essay writing services is at your disposal.

According to researchers, women and girls are prevalently the victims of domestic violence. Men usually play the role of abusers:

- former husbands living in the same household

- fathers

- sons

- cohabitants

In cases of women abuse, daughters demonstrate aggression with regard to their parents or mothers abuse their children. There are some forms of domestic violence:

- physical abuse – direct or indirect influence on a victim aimed at physical trespass expressed in battery, maiming, serious bodily assault, beating, shoving, kicking, smacking, flapping and other methods of physical coercion.

- sexual abuse – violent actions, when a human is forced or huffed to any form of sexual relations contrary to his/her wishes.

- psychological abuse – infliction of harm to psychological health of a person that is expressed in insults, bluff, threats, blackmail, control and other factors.

- economic abuse – financial pressure that can be expressed in the prohibition on learning or job activity, loss of financial support, total control over earnings. Our essay on domestic violence may harass you, so you can easily switch to our essay on basketball.

Domestic violence is of cyclic character. Here you can see the scheme:

1. Stress rising. The discontent in the relationship flares.

2. Violent situation. It can be expressed in a flare of cruelty of verbal, emotional or physical nature. It comes with fury, debates, accusations, threats or bluff.

3. Reconciliation. The offender apologizes, explains the reason of cruelty, shifts the blame on a victim and says that a victim makes something out of nothing.

4. A quiet period in relations. The violent situation is forgotten, the offender is forgiven. The quality of relations returns to the initial stage when everything is fine.

After a quiet period, the relations turn back to the first stage and the cycle recurs. As time goes, every stage becomes shorter; flares of cruelty become more frequent and inflict great harm. A victim is not able to handle a situation on his/her own. Our domestic violence essays are prepared by our professional writers, as well as argumentative essay on police brutality and all other essays:

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Domestic violence occurs throughout the whole world, and it does not depend on the material wealth of the family. Persons who are undergoing domestic violence often suffer from different mental disorders such as battered wife syndrome, Stockholm syndrome, Diogenes syndrome and posttraumatic stress disorder. These people may have increased liability to suicide, eating disorders, abuse of alcohol, drug addiction, planomania and pathological collecting. If you are interested in our range of services provided, you can easily contact us in case of need.

Domestic violence includes several methods:

1. Dominance.  A person who demonstrates outrage strives to become the leader of the family. He/she will make all decisions instead of other members of the family; he will tell you what to do and wait for absolute submission.

2. Humiliation. A violator will do his/her best to make you feel inadequate. If you understand that you are nothing, you will not escape. That is the logic of an abuser. If you are searching for the information that will enlarge your scope, do not forget to check our essay on same-sex marriage.

3. Threats. An abuser usually uses threats in order to prevent a victim from leaving. He/she may threaten to murder somebody of family members; he/she may also impend to commit suicide or take you to court.

4. Bluff. Beside direct threats, an abuser may dangerously look at you, throw things everywhere or break them when you are looking at this “spectacle”. The aim of these actions is clear – if you will not obey, it is on you. Be ready for terrible consequences. Dear readers, you can know about our writing services more, if you find a minute to visit our about us section.

5. Isolation. To make you more dependent, a spouse will isolate you from outer world: he/she will prohibit you to meet with your friends and relatives. You will have to ask his/her permission every time when you need to meet somebody or go somewhere.

6. Denial of a blame and blame shifting. Abusers are professionals at justifying those facts that principally cannot be justified. They can explain their behavior by troubled childhood, troubled day or they can even shift their blame on you. Our essays on domestic violence are full of different interesting facts, and if you want to write like our professionals, this article can help you:

Taking all above mentioned into consideration, it is necessary to say that domestic violence is a terrible problem of modern society. Every year it becomes a death cause for the great number of people in many countries. People should be equal in their rights; men and women who are engaged in domestic violence must be punished. If you became a victim of domestic abuse, law enforcement has to help you because it is an action, which is punishable under the law. Do not lose your dignity; take abusers off your hands because they will never change. Have you ever witnessed the cases of domestic violence? You can freely contact us, and we will struggle against this inhuman action together. Join us!

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