Essay On Basketball: The Sport Of Two Hoops


Basketball is a team sport game that is played by ten players divided in two teams. The number of field players is five, and there is no limit in substitutions. The whole number of players in a team amounts to twelve. The purpose of each opponent is to drain a basket of an opposite team as well as to hinder the other team to gather the ball and drain a basket. If our basketball essay attracts you, fell free to visit one of the best essay writing services.

This game was invented by a college teacher in the end of the 19th century. Students felt boring at the physical education classes, so the solution was found. A teacher divided students in two teams of nine players, tied two peach baskets to the balconies of the gym, and the game started. The purpose of the game was to drain as more balls in the opposite basket, as it was possible. The game process was not similar to modern basketball. There was no dribbling, and players only passed the ball to each other standing still. Then they tried to drain a basket, and if a finish was successful, one of the players climbed the ladder, took the ball from the basket, and the game went on. We are aimed at providing you with high-quality essays, so you have an opportunity to check our essay on career goals.

Therefore, the process of establishment of a brand new team game began. The first stages of basketball development are connected to its distribution in educational institutions of the Northern America. This sport quickly became popular among students. However, it needed to be improved, and some new features appeared:

- the backboard (initially wooden)

- a hoop with a net

- a basketball that replaced a soccer ball

The first association on basketball was formed by eight countries in the beginning of the 1930s. Initially, it inspected amateur players. Men’s basketball was first included at the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936. The final game was played outdoors, and Canada lost the USA. Integrally, the U.S. was the winner of all Olympic finals, except three ones.

Four quarters of ten or twelve minutes, depending on the organization rules, are the periods of a game. However, men’s and women’s basketball games differ in their time frame. Players are allowed to have a break between two halves that usually lasts ten or fifteen minutes. In case, if the regular time does not define a winner, the overtime begins. The duration of the overtime amounts to three or four minutes. If you become interested in our essay on basketball, check on other useful tips:

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If you have a desire to play basketball, you do not need too much equipment. All you need is a ball and a court. The hoops on two backboards at opposite ends are the most important constructions on a court. The backboard is about 10 feet (3 meters) in height. A hoop is about 20 inches (45 cm) in diameter. Players strive to shoot a basketball through a hoop in order to get some points. Two points is the result of a successful shot. Although if you throw a ball from the arc (three-point line), and it drains a basket, you will get three points. The line is drafted about 23 feet (7 meters) from a hoop. If you search for the information about the services provided by our writers, visit our about us section.

Naturally, the laws of the game are modified since it has been invented, but the basic principles remain the same. You should drain a basket of the opponent, and, in its turn, the opponent should organize the defense in order not to allow its hoop being drained. Basketball quickly grows in popularity throughout the entire world. Being a rapid sport, it requires good reaction and stamina. Basketball is also a “polite” sport. The referee calls every foul immediately. Of course, the struggle on the court is allowed, but certain types of physical contacts are prohibited and can be called as a foul. If our basketball essay topics made you interested, do not lose an opportunity to make a new order, and our professional writers will write an essay for you.

Professional basketball players train themselves to exhaustion in order to win. A modern game requires the use of various techniques and strategies for the successful result. To win, a player should be strong in many aspects, for instance:

- passing

- dribbling

- rebounding

- shooting

- blocking

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Usually, basketball players are about 7 feet in height. However, some positions do not require height; alternatively, guards tend to be small players because they move faster and their dribbling skills are usually better than of high players. Game skills do not depend on race, but some statistics show that the percent of Afro-Americans in the most powerful basketball world league, the NBA, is about 80. If you are concerned with racial problems, feel free to consult our racism in America essay.

To make a conclusion, basketball is a fast team game that attracts more and more people. Almost every school and college has its own basketball team that takes part in various competitions. Moreover, children play basketball in almost every yard, and the number of basketball fans grows. The game that was invented by a simple physical education teacher excites millions of people worldwide. Every student who goes in for basketball strives to play in one of the NBA teams. Basketball games have the large attendance, and TV broadcasts also gather a significant number of fans. Basketball quickly becomes of the most popular team sports throughout the whole planet. Would you like to play basketball after reading this? Do you have anything else to add? Feel free to join us and be sure you will not be disappointed!

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