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Police brutality, as Wikipedia says, in the USA leads to the most serious and systematic human rights violations generating split in the whole society. This problem has national and institutional character. For these reasons the U.S. A. Government — and also the governments of states and the cities which are obliged to respect the international liabilities of the USA on respect for human rights — shall bear responsibility before the international human rights groups and the international public opinion.

The police in the whole territory of the USA, without legitimate reasons, uses firearms, beats arrestees, uses the methods causing suffocation and applies unreasonably cruel measures of physical impact. And at that time the police authorities, the city administration and Department of justice do not engage in an attempt to calm down and punish guilty persons or at least to fix fully scales of this problem.

When writing essay on police brutality, the first thing you need to cover is that the he police officers who are systematically showing cruelty and, as a rule, constitute only a small concern in the staff of police forming, become subjects of numerous claims. However silence of their colleagues and bias of internal police inquiries covers them from responsibility.

The victim requiring satisfaction faces obstacles in each stage of this process, from open intimidation to unwillingness of local and federal prosecutor's office to accept to consideration the case about illegal use of force by police. Severe violations of human rights continue, numerous obstacles don't allow to bring guilty police officers to the responsibility, and this impunity allows them to continue violence.

This report is based on the researches, which have been conducted in fourteen cities of the USA during two and a half years. We preferred not to describe in detail problems of police abuses in departments of police of each separately taken city as it is done in the majority of researches on this subject, so we considered a situation in several large cities, representing the majority of regions of the country, to find the general factors preventing to catching guilty persons.

The situation in the following cities has been studied in many big cities and also in capital of the USA. We used information taken from interviews and written testimonies of the lawyers representing the victims from violence of police, representatives of the police from            Department of Internal Affairs, police officers and departments of public evaluation, the city administration, the staff of Department of Justice, representatives of Federal prosecutor's office, representatives of local prosecutor's office, specialists in a problem of police abuses and the victims of such abuses.

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Human Rights Watch realizes that police officers, as well as all people, have shortcomings and situations, against which they come up, are often dangerous and require quick response. But, as it is described in this post, the price of illegal actions of police is very high: it is expressed in millions dollars of compensation which municipalities pay according to civil suits of the victims, and also in connivance to police's crimes, in breaking up respect for law enforcement agencies, and as a result it generates — in particular in communities of ethnic minorities — split between police and society. The racial question continues to play the central role in police abuses in the USA. Despite success achieved since civil movement for equality of 50th and 60th, one of the spheres still badly gives way to changes. It is the sphere of police's behavior with representatives of racial minorities.

You may also use some statistics in police brutality essays. In the cities, on which we have information about the ethnic composition of the victims, representatives of ethnic minorities report about human rights violations by police less often, than the white population, and the percent of such complaints from "not white" population is disproportionately high in comparison with their part in total number of residents of these cities.

Police officers expose representatives of ethnic minorities to obviously discrimination treatment, illegally use to them physical force and allow themselves racist statements. Each new case of inhuman treatment by police with the Afro-Americans, Spanish-American or representatives of other minorities — and in particular the cases covered in media — even more strengthens the developed opinion that some citizens are especially exposed to harsh treatment and racial discrimination.

If all factors described in the present essay, which interfere with involvement of guilty persons to responsibility, are eliminated, the number and heineousness of the offences made by police officers will certainly decrease. Along with that administrative processes of law, which have to guarantee such responsibility, have serious shortcomings and give in to changes with great difficulty.

Many of the problems described by us in this essay have been already covered in earlier conducted researches of law enforcement actions — for example, in the report of the Kerner Commission for 1968, and in several later researches of situation in the most problem city departments of police.

Nevertheless in most police departments investigated by Human Rights Watch, everything proceeds "in the old manner" until row blows up. Those, who tell about the widely publicized cases of infringement of rights, they allegedly "are strongly exaggerated" or have occurred because of single "villain police officer", they leave out of account that the continuing human rights violations are promoted to a large extent by extreme imperfection of system of accountability for these crimes.

The victims of police violence have many various ways to make the complaint to brutal treatment of police, but they practically have no chance to see the offenders on a defendants' bench. The agencies of civil check often bear too heavy load with the insufficient number of permanent members of staff; submission of the complaint to such agency can lead as a result to investigation, but it will hardly lead to the corresponding punishment of the guilty police officer. The victims are quite often frightened by prospect to make the complaint in department of internal investigations of police department; besides it, the mode of secretness of police department in practice means that the victim will find out nothing about whether any disciplinary actions concerning the guilty employee have been taken.

Some victims submit the civil suit, but its chances of success in the different cities are various and, as a rule, financial responsibility in such cases is born by municipality, but not by the guilty police officer. As for opening of a criminal investigation at the federal or local level, most of the victims fairly believe that such option is improbable, except the cases which were widely publicized.

As a result the damage caused by violence is aggravated with resentment and powerlessness of the victims. As it is well-known that procedures of control police abuses are insufficiently effective, many victims of police violence don't even try to complain. All above-mentioned factors lead to the fact that guilty police officers stay on the held posts. We hope that this information will help you to write well your police brutality essay.

During consideration of the human rights violations committed by police officers, and also the factors preventing investigation of such violations, involvement of guilty persons to the court and ensuring compensation to the victims, we have found similar shortcomings of all cities studied by us. These shortcomings are subdivided into three main categories: there is no effective system of involvement guilty persons to responsibility and informing citizens about such cases; investigation of cases of human rights violation by police officers in most cases isn't led, and guilty persons avoid punishment; there are many different obstacles to justice implementation

We offer the recommendations addressed to officials at the different levels — departmental, municipal and federal — and we want to emphasize that reforms at all levels and on all three mentioned categories are necessary for achievement of real changes.

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