Terrible Disease In Our Life - Alcoholism Essay


It has so developed that narcologists and the population have not absolutely coinciding views of alcohol and alcoholic dependency. The first consider alcoholism the serious progressing illness with rather heavy complications and a high lethality, and the second, among whom there are many relatives alcoholics, consider their love to alcohol - banal dissoluteness. Today we, a professional team of writers and editors, will think over a plan – how to write alcohol essay.

The most interesting is that both parties are right. And everyone is right in his own way. Alcoholism is dual, there is a place as to disease pathological process, and, if tell softly, to an unhealthy way of life in general. With evidences of the painful nature of alcoholism everything is rather simple and clear. It is enough to look alive at those complications which the growler-rashing person has. That person who at least once saw an attack alcoholic delirium (delirium tremens), that person will never doubt any more that dependence on alcohol is a serious disease.

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On the other hand, if to look at the events with eyes of relatives of alcoholic's family, their point of view becomes clearer. It is painful to them to watch how the person himself, on his own initiative, absolutely voluntarily degrades, collapses as the personality, and goes downhill towards the gaping emptiness. And at the same time the alcoholic often very actively resists attempts of relatives to save him.

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When the pure disease and when lack of will and dissoluteness take place? Let's try to understand.

For example, if the person has gone on the booze and cannot independently leave it, it is a serious disease, and in this case it is senseless and useless to accuse this person in lack of will or dissoluteness. In this case the help of experts most often is required, pulling out of hard drinking can be carried out by narcologists as in a hospital, as out-patient, at home. The doctor is required also when any other complications appear, whether it is an abstinent and hungover syndrome, whether it is an epileptopodobny attack, whether it is any alcoholic psychosis.

It is necessary to understand that in the listed situations without specialized medical care the patient can even die. And relatives independently will not be able to help him. Besides, when delirium tremens takes place they also can suffer, having got in the heat of the moment.

And how is dissoluteness? The patient, who drank the first shot glass, belongs to this category. Before the first dose the alcoholic is sane, he can drive a car, stand at the machine or the operating table, he can even administer affairs of a state.

But after the first shot glass he is inadequate and socially dangerous, though he has a longing for various "adventures" and "deeds" most often in such state. For example, to take to the wheel and "pedal to the metal". And criminal liability for the person in alcoholic intoxication isn't cancelled, besides, intoxication is considered as the circumstance aggravating fault. Though in such condition people can even not remember what, where and why they did something stupid and illegal.

So, the problem of "the first shot glass" just depends on moral and strong-willed qualities of a bibber. Here even the most advanced psychotherapist and the most modern psychotropic medicine will not help. A right choice is the person’s deal. Do not forget about it in your essay on alcoholism.

Why the population considers alcoholism a disease is clear for next reasons. The disease comes itself, it does not especially ask the patient's consent. And if the person chooses - to be ill today or to wait till Friday – that is a little strange disease. The most infallible remedy from such "disease" is reflected in a national saying: "If you aren't able to drink — don't drink!". And if the boozer  hasn't listened to a voice of reason and has got drunk, therefore he hasn't regained presence of mind, has got out of hand and there is nothing to feel sorry for him and the even to treat. That is logic of not physicians and it is very difficult to argue with it.

There is one more feature. The patient is not only responsible for emergence of alcoholic dependence, but also for its outcome. There are only three outcomes: a lethal outcome, continuous going down in captivity of alcohol and the tried variant is returning to normal life with full refusal of alcohol. Clinical practice shows that the responsibility rearrangement on anyone – relatives, doctors or "circumstance" has no prospects in respect of disposal of dependence. Essays on alcohol needs to be very detailed, so write about it as well.

Yes, really there are cases when practically nothing depends on the patient. But alcoholism is definitely not that case. Here EVERYTHING depends on the person. Never and under no circumstances, the alcoholic will learn how to drink moderately. "The controlled use" is nonsense, a concept, inapplicable to sick dependent people.

When the drunkard says that he isn't an alcoholic because he can drink nothing, it is a psychological trick, "excuse". He can really drink nothing alcohol, but he drinks.

The main criterion of alcoholism is an inability to stop on 50-100 grams. And the only way to get rid of dependence – to refuse that starting "20 drops". The main thing is that the person should want to make it. Otherwise nobody will ever be able to help him. That is the sad truth of alcoholism.

— What is the biggest delusion concerning alcoholism?

In all likelihood, it is the attitude towards it as to a certain social dissoluteness and permissiveness. The big mass of the population imagines alcoholism just as the dismissed behavior and gradual rolling of the person down on a social ladder. Very few people understand that alcoholism is terrible real disease. Change of a metabolism in an organism is typical for alcoholics. Because of it the person isn't able to stop himself even after the first shot glass. Essay on alcohol abuse require this important information to be mentioned.

- And what is happening? Why does alcohol become vital need of the person?

Dependence is formed gradually. At first the person just derives pleasure from alcohol ingestion, and then in a head brain the steady association is formed: alcohol is pleasure. Psychological dependence is formed in such a way. If a person does not stop in time, the disease will progress. Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) easily burns not only in air. In the conditions of our organism alcohol very quickly "ignites". It is split with release of a large amount of energy. In a human body energy is taken from proteins, fats and carbohydrates; alcohol not only is easily crowded through a metabolism, but also, being psychoactive substance, promotes dependence emergence. Constantly receiving a large amount of alcohol, the organism reconstructs a metabolism. As a result, alcohol receives the maximum priority. This reorganization is irreversible. As soon as "supply" of alcohol stops, the metabolism gradually comes back to normal rails. But very slowly and very painfully — with the expressed mental and physical sufferings which very few people are able to live out. It is much easier to give to an organism the next dose of "fuel".

— Let's return to alcoholism. Whether this disease is curable?

No, it is not curable. As well as narcomania, alcoholism is the lifelong diagnosis. Another thing is that the person can stop the use of alcohol himself or by means of doctors and not to drink until the end of his life. But even in that case we speak about long remission, but not about treatment. The matter is that the first glass of alcohol starts the "sleeping" mechanisms of already created disease with all that it implies. And this failure can happen at any time. Mention that in your alcohol addiction essay.

- What is methylepsia (hard drinking) and why is it so dangerous?

First of all, it is necessary to tell that hard drinkings occur at the person suffering from the second stage of alcoholism. Alcohol intake within several days is not a hard=drinking for the ordinary person, though such abuse does serious harm to an organism. This information may be helpful for writing an alcohol abuse essay. At the patient with alcoholism hard drinking begins with one-two shot glasses then the organism passes to already habitual spirit metabolism— and if a person does not to drink alcohol, there is Alcohol withdrawal syndrome occurred. The person can't stop as — we have already told — the refusal of alcohol inflicts a hard physical suffering.

Hard drinking is dangerous by metabolic disorder. When people are in hard drinking, they eat nothing, or eat very little. They have enough energy from the expense of alcohol. But proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals do not come to an organism, and as the hard drinking is longer, as violation from all bodies and systems are heavier. Write about it in your effects of alcohol essay!

— Whether the person can leave hard drinking independently?

Theoretically a person can. But practically it meets very and very seldom. An independent leaving hard drinking is connected with the expressed hard physical suffering, increasing of arterial tension, load of heart and high risk of development of such complications as a myocardial infarction, a brain stroke, gastric bleeding, an epileptic seizure and alcoholic delirium ("delirium tremens").

— How the doctor can help with such situation?

The doctor, by means of various preparations which are injected and intravenously by drop infusion, helps the patient to endure the leaving of hard drinking practically without risk of complications. So-called "shaking" is removed, arterial pressure goes down, the dream is restored, there is a restoration of electrolytic balance and, as a result, on the second or third day the health of the patient without alcohol in blood is normalized. Describe medicine help in alcohol essays.

— Whether there is a difference — to interrupt hard drinking at home or in a hospital?

The feature of treatment at home consists of several moments. First of all, the patient is in a situation, habitual for him, under observation of the family. It is very important as an end of hard drinking is often accompanied by various depressive frustrations. And any, even very competent average medical personnel, will not pay so much attention to the patient as his family. Besides, after knocking over of sharp displays of a hangover our patients in 2-3 days can already come to work, participate in social life. Treatment in a hospital, as a rule, takes much more time.

Treatment at home demands from the doctor: high professionalism, experience and concentration. In rather short time it is necessary for him, without holding results of analyses and any researches, to estimate the patient's condition, to define what medicines and in what doses to enter, predict development of the situation and to leave to the family accurate instructions: how to work and what medicines to give. In 1-1,5 hours the doctor has to restore functions of an organism which during days and even weeks or months, was exposed to destructive influence of alcohol. Alcoholism essays are very important in universities, because students like to drink some beer or something like that.

Nevertheless, there is a number of situations when hospitalization becomes emergency, when attempt of the treatment at home in these cases can only worsen a condition of the patient. First of all, it is a long hard drinking which has led to the expressed weakening of an organism, and also all cases when there is a high risk of development of "delirium tremens".

Obligatory hospitalization demands also aggravations of various chronic diseases, for example, stomach ulcer, and also sharply arisen medical emergencies, for example, sharp pancreatitis.

— How long people live without hard drinkings after interruption?

It depends only on him. In this case we act as ambulance, eliminating life-endangering consequences. But the reason remains. And nothing interferes the patient in 2-3 days after "cleaning" to go all out again.

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