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If not at school, but at the University you should write 1984 George Orwell essay.  This book is rather difficult to understand, so we, a team of professional and smart writers, will help you to cope with the task of writing essays on 1984!

This novel at the birth was strongly not lucky. Being released in 1949, by analogy to "Animal Farm", it has been at once called anti-communistic. And against the will of the author, the novel has immediately pleased on banners of "Cold War", having become one of its most powerful propaganda tools.

"Do you want to live in transparent houses, to receive a daily ration and to worship the Big Brother?" — "kind" men from the relevant organizations conspiratorially winked at readers, justifying expenditure of fabulous money for military expenses and artificial maintenance of the "Iron Curtain".

To write George Orwell 1984 essay, you should to understand who he was.

George Orwell (a real name — Eric Arthur Blair) is the famous English writer and the publicist, the author of sensational anti-utopia "1984" and an allegorical parable "Animal Farm" (in other option of translation — "A Fairy Story"). The heritage of this writer is extensive: five novels (among them there is an autobiographical dilogy "Dog life in Paris and London"), several books-sketches and the essays, memoirs notes about the Spanish war of "Memory of Catalonia", articles, reviews, broadcasts, correspondence have been written by him.

Orwell was born in India, in a family of the official of the English colonial administration. He has got an education in Eton, in prestigious and expensive educational institution, the most aristocratic among the English private schools for young men.

He served in the Indian royal police in Burma. In 1927 he left service which as he spoke, wasn't pleasant to him, and he has devoted himself to writing. On this way has felt the need, has replaced many professions. In 1936 he has gone to Spain. Orwell told the following about the beliefs of those years: "Till 1930 I didn't consider myself as the socialist. In fact, then I had no strictly certain views. I became a socialist owing to the fact that condemned oppression and neglect to which the poorest part of industrial workers is exposed, and not because I felt delights concerning theories of planned society".

In Spain where the writer has spent a half of the year and where he has been wounded, he was influenced by prosecutions from communists as he has joined not international crews as most of foreigners, but he joined police, that is the Spanish Trotskyists, and by miracle he was succeeded to avoid execution.

An opportunity to compare hunting on dissidents (to whom "the collusion with fascism" was charged) in Spain with "big terror in the Soviet Union" where was actually a war against the "enemies of the people" was presented to Orwell.

The writer has believed in the fact that the Spanish republic has been stifled not only by fascists — it was ruined by ideological intolerance and suspiciousness of communists. Orwell never was in the Soviet Union, but he fixedly studied its experiment through the literature and reflected much over "the Soviet myth" in which "people in the West trust mainly because they want to believe that somewhere on the earth there is ideal society". As a result the writer has rendered the final verdict to communism, having called it a religion of the people who have "ruined" the homeland and belief.

In the novel anti-utopia "1984" Orwell didn't set as the purpose a concrete reproduction of the Soviet reality, nevertheless, he has simulated the state system which is surprisingly reminding Stalin's state system. 1984 year is the year (which was seeming then such far) of celebrations of a revolutionary utopia which was embodied in the militarized state.

At the heart of a plot there is a collision of the personality and the state founded on hatred. In the country of Oceania, which is directed by the Big Brother, the thought, the love, the truth, all normal human manifestations of the personality are pursued, culture and the person expressing on a terrible Newspeak are abolished.

Pay attention when writing your essay, that Winston Smith, the intellectual, the forty-year-old employee of the ministry of the truth, is suspected of a deviation from the ordered standard: he had misfortune to respond to love feeling and he has fallen a victim.

The terrible huge car of the state hostile to the personality has processed him on the millstones. In this government everything is ridiculous and unnatural. In the country total shadowing is kept: in apartments it is impossible to switch off the TV screens which are at the same time devices of interception and peeping for people.

When you are writing 1984 essay thesis or even dissertation, you should know all the details. We will tell you about some of them.

TV screen in Oceania is ubiquitous: it is in each apartment, organization, enterprise, even on meadows and in the woods; the helicopter-fly can glance in the windows located very highly above the ground, and certain devices catch even heart beat rhythms. The absolute power of party demands that its members had not only correct views, but also the correct instincts.

There are mentioned different types of “strange” Ministries. It is important to know if you want to write a good 1984 analysis essay:

The ministry of Truth knows all the information; it manages education, leisure and arts;

The ministry of Love takes care of loyalty of citizens;

The ministry of Peace manages war;

The ministry of Plenty is responsible for economy.

The world is split into three Super States (apart from Oceania, empires of the Big Brother, in the novel two more states are mentioned — Eurasia and Ostaziya), between which war is continuously waged. Citizens are intimidated, showing fighting vehicles of enemy soldiers on TV screens, prisoners of war are exposed to public executions as the residents of Oceania who have lost human shape are out blood.

The party keeps a wary eye on that its citizens had no such feelings which in Oldspeak (Standard English) were called "love" and something like that. George Orwell (1949) told in his book:  "All marriages between Party members had to be approved by a committee appointed for the purpose, and — though the principle was never clearly stated — permission was always refused if the couple concerned gave the impression of being physically attracted to one another. The only recognized purpose of marriage was to beget children for the service of the Party "(Chapter 6).

Total deficiency is in the country. In the ministry of Truth where the main hero works, the history is being constantly rewritten, materials of the past is being improved in the way necessary for the authorities, names of "enemies of the people" are deleted; figures, facts, events are changed that the authorities could show their wisdom and foresight. Party propaganda in Oceania is directed to dictatorship strengthening, absurd slogans take root into consciousness of masses, as well as: "War is peace", "Freedom is slavery", "Ignorance is force".

Newspeak contains capacious metaphors. The Newspeak, official language of Oceania, have been developed to serve ideology of English socialism (Ingsoc). The Newspeak had to not only provide with sign means outlook and cogitative activity of adherents of Ingsoc, but also make impossible any other currents of a thought.

It is "the only language in the world, whose dictionary is reduced every year". Its task is "to narrow the thought horizons". "Eventually we will make a thoughtcrime simply impossible — there will be no word left for doing it— Sime working on drawing up the dictionary explains to the main hero. — Each necessary concept will be expressed by the unique word, the word meaning will be strictly defined, and collateral meanings will be abolished and forgotten".

Grotesque figurativeness and phantasmagoric symbolics of the novel "1984" have given to Orwell the chance to make a dictatorship nightmare obvious, to show cynical suppression of the personality which is being destroyed spiritually and physically.

Human souls are crippled by propaganda and lie, passed off as the truth, two-minutes of hate, parades at huge stadiums, marches with flags and torches during day and night, slogans, posters, portraits of leaders in hands, demonstration of fidelity and devotion to the mighty of this world, who turns the gathered people into some terrible animal that roars and rages, glorifying the Big Brother.

The state keeps the citizens under constant control by means of system of observation, espionage, denunciations, but it is not enough for the government.

Also total form of self-checking and self-censorship. It is the most terrible of everything as self-censorship inhibits a desire to think freely, admonishes so-called thought crimes, that is dissent for which in Oceania death threatens. In this state people, as a rule, constantly disappear at night: "Sombody suddenly wake you, the rough hand shakes you for shoulders, shines with something in eyes, the bed was surrounded by stern faces. As a rule, the court didn't happen, it wasn't reported anywhere about arrest. People just disappeared, and always — at night. Your name is taken out from lists, all mentions of what you did, are erased, the fact of your existence is denied and will be forgotten forever. You are cancelled, destroyed: as it is accepted to speak, you are sprayed".

Many details the writer used for the description of vital realities of totalitarian society were habitual and clear for many citizens of the former Soviet Union: the past is being constantly rewritten, delivery of products is strictly normalized, proles fight in queues for pans, shaving edges became deficiency etc. But TV screens tell during day and night about good statistics, prove that people have more food today, more clothes, that people live in better houses, entertainments are more cheerful that they live longer, work less and became healthier, stronger, happier, cleverer than they were fifty years ago. The English socialism described by Orwell in 1948 reminds much situation in the first country which has constructed socialism. The simple people are called in the novel "proles".

For the top of the party, proles are "not people", but only dumb animals, which make about eighty five percent of the population. They don't live, but exist in poverty and spiritual wretchedness. Drugged by propaganda, they don't think of anything. Proles begin to work since twelve years, by thirty years they begin to become grey, and till sixty years they die.

The hero has dared to think, has dared to ask himself questions and to answer them not as that is demanded by official ideology, has dared to fall for sincere feeling. His love mate, Julia, has dared to be not a "companion", but just a woman who wants to take off overalls, to put on a dress, high-heels, to use cosmetics, but it is a crime too as also feelings which connect heroes are criminal. But everything is vain. The state hasn't forgiven them dissent and disobedience.

Both Winston and Julia have appeared in cellars of The ministry of Love. They were subjected not only to cruel physical tortures, but also psychological pressure. And Winston hasn't sustained pressing — he has betrayed Julia and has gone out of the prison.  And after a while, having met Julia on the street, Winston has found out, that she has betrayed him in the same way...

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