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Career Goals EssayLet us teach you how to write an essay about career goals. The correct goal setting concentrates attention and directs forces to their achievement. Setting the accurate purpose, you begin to notice the ways of its achievement missed by you earlier. Further we will talk about rules of statement of the purpose which will demand from you extreme honesty with yourself, careful studying of material, and, above all, accurate observance of each point from the recommendations submitted to your attention. We, a team of professionals, will help you to understand the process of setting career goals.

So, as you are reading this article, it means you have already made the decision to achieve success, from the end result you are separated only by the correct and accurate following of all the instructions provided below.

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Rules of setting goals:

1. The purpose has to be written down on paper

  • 3% of the Harvard graduates fixed their purposes on paper and as a result had 97% of the total graduates' income;
  • 87% of graduates didn't write down any purposes, and their total income made 2%;
  • 10% of graduates fixed the purposes on paper, but they didn't work on their achievement, as a result they had gotten only 1% of the total income.

The given example is a clear proof of how it is important to fix the purposes on paper. It allows you to formulate them more precisely, fully and competently, and also to fix in consciousness not abstract desires, but quite accurate and clear aim. Having written down the purpose on the piece of paper, you will not forget it anymore and will not lose sight of it, as it often happens to the abstract purposes.

A piece of paper with the purposes should be settled on a visible place or on those places where you often are (a kitchen table, a computer, a refrigerator, etc.). It is very important to see this piece of paper daily; as a result your consciousness will absorb a desire to achieve the desirable.

And on top of that, your subconsciousness will get into gear of achievement of the desirable. That is great force, and its power still is not completely studied up.

We will open for you all the secrets of subconsciousness force use for achievement of goals a little later, when we will consider in details methods of achievement of the desirable. And now, it is important, right now take half an hour for break, take the sheet of paper, sit down at a table and write down on it everything that will occur to you. Write all purposes which you would like to reach, achievable and unattainable, it is not important. Only be extremely honest with yourself. When I write my career goals essay, I have used this argument.

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2. The purpose has to be big and real

It is necessary to set big, but at the same time real aims. For example, if your monthly income makes 1 thousand dollars, then set a goal to raise it to 3 thousand dollars. This purpose will be as big as real at the same time.

You should not plan that in a year your income will increase to one million euros per month, of course, if you have no standing idea, communications and you have no the necessary skills. As a rule, achievement of goals has its sequence.

At first highlight what you really want and what is really necessary for you. Set the purposes in all spheres of life: finance, career, health, relations, etc. Describe them in the clearest way.

3. The purpose has to be exclusively yours

And now it is worth mentioning one very important detail without which all further actions will be ineffective. Each of us since the childhood has been dreaming to become someone, to have something and to live and develop in some special way. But, unfortunately, the system developed by society imposes us the stereotypes and drives us into a framework, without giving a free rein to our imagination and the most important, others opinion, and respectively and strangers idea of "desirable" is imposed to us. All of us often notice it, however practically everyone pretends as if nothing occurs.

Since the early childhood people tell us: "You have to achieve it …", "You have to do that …", "You have to become …". And at last, the moment comes, when we have to set our sights on something. Either we do all that society tells us and we achieve the same results which the majority had achieved, or we look for and find ourselves and then, as a result, we are engaged in what is really pleasant to us. In a career goal essay you should be really honest with yourself and with your future readers.

4. The purpose has to be concrete

First of all, the purpose has to be concrete in time. When you set a goal, you need precisely determine the term of its achievement. Terms should be the most compressed so that you will daily do those actions which will bring you closer and closer to the goal. It is a peculiar way to limit a waste of time on unnecessary actions and to concentrate attention on really necessary things.

Determine a term up to concrete date. For example: "I will buy the car of the dream by 4/1/2014", etc. There is a moment of a peculiar impact on subconsciousness, determining exact terms of achievement any purpose, you give a suggestion to achieve the desirable not later than an established period by all means.

Writing down on paper the sum which you would like to have or earn, it is necessary to remember the following nuance. Specifying the words "more", "from above", "from" before the sum - you give to the brain a signal that it is the minimum to which you agree and as a result the sum has not to be less.

Using such tricks with your subconsciousness, you will be able to achieve desirable result much quicker.

The family relations, health and other spheres of your life also need specifying. Decide on what you would like to reach, for example, having signed up for courses on fitness and having begun to do morning jog. Decide on in what relations you would like to be with the relatives, friends and acquaintances.

So, having written down the purposes, draw one more column and write in it exact terms of their achievement. Don't shelve, make it right now.

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5. The purpose has to depend "only on you"

Now it is worth to tell about why most of people do not realize the purposes and how not to make the fatal fault capable to prevent you to achieve the desirable.

Many people connect strangers to their purposes, it is a terrible mistake! Those people have some different purposes and reference points too, and they unambiguously will not spend the life for realization of your goals.

For example: "My subordinates honestly perform the work charged to them, as a result it promotes me". Of course career development – it is fine. But this purpose demands your and only your efforts, otherwise it won't be reached.

It will be more correct to formulate the purpose in such way: "I am engaged in thorough studying of secrets of human resource management, and, introducing knowledge gained by me in the department, I try to obtain increasing in a position". Further it is necessary to decide on term and to make the list of necessary actions which you should undertake. And now reconsider the purposes created by you once again and make the relevant amendments.

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6. The formulation in the present time

Let's consider in more detail the subconsciousness subject touched by us earlier. By results of numerous researches, it has been proved by scientists, that we produce only 2-4% of our actions consciously, and other 96-98% - unconsciously.

Therefore that is very important to teach to do the subconsciousness only those things, which will bring you closer to a goal. Also it has been proved that our subconsciousness is capable to perceive information only in the present time therefore all purposes should be formulated thus as though you have already reached them.

For certain you have noticed that in all examples the purposes have been created only in the present time. It can seem unusual at first sight, it even could cause some feeling of discomfort, but quite so your subconsciousness will begin to work at full capacity. The most effective method of impact on subconsciousness is auto-suggestion.

7. Use of positive lexicon

It has been proved by the scientists who are engaged in studying of our subconsciousness that it isn't capable to perceive a particle "not", it concentrates on the action or result, and similar details aren't important for it.

It is very important to consider this feature of our brain work when setting the purposes. So-called positive lexicon, is called to help you to define and create your purposes correctly. Many people sometimes see a problem in change of the purpose formulation with use of a particle "not" on the positive formulation without "not". Let's consider several bright examples: "I am not ill" is incorrect formulation, "I am healthy" - the purpose is true. "I do not want to be poor" and "I will be rich" are two absolutely different things. Therefore formulate the purpose, expressing not what you wouldn't like, but what you really want. Look whether you have made such mistakes in purposes list and if it is necessary, correct them.

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8. The purposes shouldn't contradict each other

Let's consider one more very important detail which many people miss when formulating the purpose. Let's assume that you are the manager of dynamically developing company and your purpose is quick career progression. You make a maximum of efforts in order to realize the purpose, but you also want to find as much as possible time for the family, which you began to see very seldom because of the intense schedule of work.

At this moment both your purposes enter a peculiar conflict. What should you do in such situation? Answer is very simple, everything that it is necessary for you, is to place priorities correctly, take the sheet of paper, sit down and define what has a crucial role for you. After that waste a maximum of your efforts to achievement of the priority purposes, and having already achieved them you may pass to minor.

9. Emotional coloring of the purpose

Our mind perceives information easier having bright emotional coloring, at the same time it doesn't matter, if information is followed by positive emotions or negative. It is much easier to remember the events connected with emotional splash, than nothing imperceptible routine events.

That is why it is necessary to imagine achievement of the objectives in the most emotional way. Describe the purpose with the maximum number of the adjectives describing feeling of your delight which will gush over you at the time of its achievement.

Close eyes and mentally hold the desirable sum of money in hands, visit the house of your dream, drive car about which you can only dream so far. And having opened eyes, write down all emotions and feelings which you had, without losing any second. The sense of this action is in that every time when you remember the purposes, your mind immersed you in this the fine, tested by you condition of emotional satisfaction. Essay on career goals is usual task for every pupil and student. That is why we need to know how to write it.

10. Specification the purposes in the smallest details

Now, after all work done by you, anew look at the purposes and answer the following questions: When? Where? What? Why? In what sphere? In what volume? For what?

Well, now with a great pleasure we can congratulate you with successful setting the purposes. You have just made a huge step towards success.

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