Extraordinary Ways To Level Up Your Creativity


Our creativity is difficult “thing”. Sometimes we can realize that we are on the edge of empty ideas. However, it is possible sometimes that we can do great job in realization of scale projects, such as drawings, books, business plans and so on. In order to realize our creativity, it is necessary to go beyond conventional ideas and unexpected solutions. Sometimes they can be shocking, and other people may think, that you are crazy. At a time, when people are guided only by consistency and rationality in thinking, your creative insight may seem absurd to them. It is difficult to understand and accept the original decision for person, who is used to think and act “like everyone else”. Albert Einstein noted that traditional way of thinking does not fit in order to solve any problems. Many people think that they are far from the creation.  Especially when they think, that they do not know how to paint, sculpt, write or perform music. Humanity considers that creation is the main word for especially gifted individuals. However, it is not true. You can be creative in all things, which you do. It can be sports, business, and interpersonal relationships and so on. Being an interesting companion is a talent. There are many ways in boosting of your creativity. Let’s look at the unusual ways in this essay. Do you need high quality essay? Our essay writing service will be glad to help you.

Unusual Ways in “Charging” Of Your Creativity

If you want to increase your creativity, you should not burn scented candles and meditate. You should act like an American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald. He worked in a dark untidy room and often drank glass of gin. He sometimes made short walks and then wrote down his thoughts by hand. By the way, you can find useful information in George Orwell essay. In general, few of the major writers of the 20-th century worked in quiet and clean rooms. Their rooms were often full of mess. They wrote in crowded cafes and bars. Therefore, majority suffered from alcohol dependence. Scientists are advising to all people to use “method of Fitzgerald” at the moment. It will help you to think abstractly and lead to the birth of new original ideas. There are seven unusual ways of leveling up your creativity:

  • work in the twilight;
  • do not clear in the room;
  • work in noisy rooms;
  • write by hand;
  • go for a walk regularly;
  • choose rooms with high ceilings;
  • drink more often.

First way is to work in the twilight. A study of physiologists from German University Hohenheim in Stuttgart about working in the twilight was published recently. They offer employers to pay attention on the lighting in the offices. Twilight and dim lighting stimulates the creative process. People are less jammed and it is easier for them to generate ideas in such conditions. They are ready to try something new and unexpected. People also are less distracted by external stimuli. Such conclusion was made after the results of six experiments. In one of them, 114 German students were divided into groups of 2-3 people. Each group was placed in rooms with different levels of lighting. Then, groups were given several tasks. Groups, which worked in the room with subdued light, managed to solve more tasks and more often made right decisions. Participants of the experiment claimed, that they felt less restrictions in the twilight.

The second way is not to clear in the room. American scientists also made experiments on their students. This time they were about the cleanliness of the room. They were made in order to explain, how cleanliness of the room affects on person’s capacity of work. It turned out that dirty rooms, where the things are in mess, increase the creativity of people. It is easier to refuse from standard viewpoints and come up with something new in such areas. Students-participants were divided into two groups. One was placed in clean, recently retracted room and the second one was placed in the office, where objects and furniture were scattered.They were asked to come up with new ways to use the balls for Ping-Pong. The group, which was in retracted office, came up with more ways and these ways were original. The researchers found out that students, who are on the dirty rooms, often try to solve problems with new, non-standard ways in other two experiments. It turned out that clean rooms make people to live correct and orderly way of life. Be creative means to get away from traditions and order. Mess just helps to do it.

The third ways is to work in noisy rooms. A study about the direct link of moderate noise and creativity appeared recently in Journal of Consumer Research. The results convincingly explain the habit of famous authors such as Fitzgerald and Hemingway to work at the café. Small noise slightly violates calm process of thinking, but it helps to build the associative array. This improves abstract thinking and increases human creativity. It is best to work with the noise about 70 decibels. It is a level of noise in a not very crowded café. Music or functioning vacuum cleaner provides the same level of noise. The noise, whose volume is about 85 decibels, can make harm to the work. For example, a dishwasher or blender for food creates such volume.

Way number four is to write by hand. Fitzgerald, Stephen King and director Tarantino prefer to write by hand and type on the computer only at the end of creative process. Experts from Princeton University and University of California think that this is the right strategy. The letter by hand greatly improves creativity. Students, who made notes during lectures by hand, and not on the computer, better assimilated information. They easily retold lecture by own words and confidently answered the questions on the topic.

You can follow way number five, which states to go for a walk regularly. It was proved in Stanford University that human creativity increases during walks and immediately after them. If you are at an impasse and run out of ideas, it is best to go out and walk. At the same time, you increase physical activity and get new experience. This leads to new ideas in this case. You can also use our services. Our team with pleasure will help you.

The last, but not the least way is to choose the rooms with high ceilings. It was proved by the University of Minnesota that the height of ceiling also influences our creativity. People are able to think more freely and abstractly in rooms with ceilings higher than 3 meters. People tend to focus at one case or subject in rooms, where the height of ceiling is no more than 2,5 meters. Height of ceilings affects on that fact how people process information. People fell free in rooms with high ceilings. These rooms are suitable mainly for creative activities.

Moreover, the seventh way is to drink more often. The last way is the most unusual. Many writers, including Fitzgerald, suffered from alcohol independence. It was proved by University of Illinois that consumption of alcohol contributes to the creative process. It turned out during many experiments, that drunken people cope the tasks faster and with more amusing ways than sober participants of the study. If people, who do not drink alcohol, just retained the ability to think clearly, then drunken participants had a moment of afflatus. Therefore, they faster and with creative ways linked the words into sentences. There are of course another ways, which help to charge the creativity. You can read about them yourself.


To sum up, creativity is difficult thing for many people. Each of us wants to create masterpieces. There are many ways, which help to develop creativity. In this essay, we examined the most interesting ways. If you find them useful, you can obviously start to practice them. What interesting ways can you offer?