George Orwell Essay: Main Rules In Writing Of Papers


We obviously face with the challenge of writing the essays, graduation papers, articles, posts for blogs and other types of papers. Professional writers and copywriters are familiar with this issue. The process of writing of the paper requires some concentration and attentiveness. In addition, we need to adhere certain instructions in order to do the qualitative paper. If you need help in writing of essays, then one of the best writing services will be glad to help you. Just contact us. Trying to write the paper as best as possible, we strive to use all the “beauty” of language, in order to show its excellent knowledge. Our attempts in endowing to the text “beauty” lead to such thing, that we only complicate the text. Therefore, what should we do? The famous British writer George Orwell during the process of writing his papers adhered to special rules. In this George Orwell essay on writing, we will touch on these rules. It is possible, that they will be useful to you in the future.

Who Was George Orwell?

If we talk about George Orwell, we primarily consider him as a remarkable writer and a person full of creative ideas. Without doubt, a participation in the Spanish Civil War, his struggle against fascism and probably a dislike for violence left a mark on his literary papers (“Homage to Catalonia”, essay “ Remembering War in Spain”). In addition to the story-parable “Animal Farm” and its ideological continuation – “1984”, which was called as “the book of the century”, he wrote four novels, four autobiographical essays, a collection of poems and four volumes of journalism and letters. You can read more about his “book of the century” in the   George Orwell 1984 essay. Most part of these papers contains in itself some kind of author’s autobiography, of course incomprehensible, veiled and hidden to most of the people. He was born in Scotland, aristocratic by the roots but impoverished family of colonial servant in Bengal in 1903. He wrote later with self-irony about his family as a family, which “wants to live in a gentleman way on 400 pounds a year”. His family with difficulties arranged him at elite boarding school at a government expense. It was a tragedy for a boy, which awareness and overcoming defined his whole life and creative life.  “Here's how, that's how happy we are” was a book about his childhood, which was published after his death. In the primary school he at first realized, that “the law of life is the permanent triumph of the strong over the weak”. Great victory of prep school’s fellow was in joining to the privileged Eton College, which was the cradle of the English elite. However, after finishing of Eton, he did not have any profit. He left university for serving as police officer in Burma.  He wrote about this event in his novel “Burmese Days”. This paper as also autobiographical-documentary novel “A Dog’s Life in Paris and London” made him a small, but well made literary name George Orwell. It sounded not as pseudonym, but as real name, which replaced the old, aristocratic and natural – Eric Arthur Blair. Replacing was deeply thought. George was a synonym for the Englishman, and Orwell is the river in the northern English village. George Orwell was seriously ill since childhood, painfully thin, physically clumsy and inept. Our company has the best services, which can help you. You can find more information here. After the several years in Burma, he earned for living with the help of the most difficult and humiliating labor, which could be found in London and Paris. Though he was aristocratic and extremely gentlemanlike and squeamish, he spent much of his life in mud and comfortlessness. It is likely that, the aim of writing of his work “A Dog’s Life in Paris and London” was in atonement of “colonial sin”. He remembered about the people, such as offended subordinates and Asian servants. He considered himself a socialist and joined for some time in the Labor Party (in its left wing anarchy fraction) and was thus in conflict with nearly all socialists in England. To sum up, George Orwell was an extraordinary person and writer. Therefore, what rules did he adhere to make a “masterpiece”?

Six Effective Rules in Writing of Your Work

What should we do in order to make good and easy readable paper? In this essay, we will look at the rules, which were followed by the English writer George Orwell. Rule number one sounds as never use a metaphor, simile, or other shaped turns of speech, that are often used by the other authors. It is not a secret, that each of us is unique in itself. We have own interests, hobbies, points of view. In addition to our topic, of course every person has own style of writing. We can formulate our thought with the help of various methods of speech. If you write your paper with the words of other author, it will be easily read. Try to create and adhere your own style of writing. Rule number two sounds as never use a long word, if it has a short analog or synonym.  This is that case, when size has his advantage. The usage of long words will make the understanding of your paper more complicated for your potential writer, when he reads it. Short words make the situation much easier. However, there are exceptions, when you want to emphasize the word. For example, compare the words “big” and “enormous”. They both have the same meaning but the second variant is more emotional.  Nevertheless, make the life of your reader much easier and try to use short words as much as possible. Rule number three sounds as if you can remove the word from the text without any harm, do it. When you write the text, you can easily delete the words, which are not so important in your paper. Writing the text about, for example, jurisprudence, you should not use that terms, which you do not understand. Instead of that, research the topic deeply and try to write the paper by your own words. I think that both sides, such as writer and reader, will get benefits in such case. Rule number four sounds, as never use the passive voice, if you can find a worthy replacement in the form of active. This is the most common mistake in the papers of professional writers and copywriters. It is more pleasant to read the phrases in active voice. However, successfully used passive voice does not make any harm to the text and reader. Rule number five sounds, as never use a foreign phrase, a scientific term or jargon, if they can be replaced by an ordinary word. Professional writers and copywriters should write the texts, whose sense capacity is close to the potential readers. However, if these words are often used in our common life, use them without a doubt. Nevertheless, avoid too many rotund words. Finally, the last rule sounds as it is better to violate any of these rules, than say something inappropriate vandalized. We should to flourish language and avoid “vulgar” words. Therefore, try to express your thoughts without words with negative meaning.


George Orwell was an extraordinary person. His papers made a mark in the history of the literature. However, he offered important rules in order to write the texts successfully. You should definitely follow these rules, if you want to see improvements in your writing. Use your inspiration with great benefit.