Same Sex Marriage Essay: Facts Pros And Cons


Today we, a team of professional writers, editors and proof readers, are going to find out all the facts PROS and CONS for writing essay on same sex marriage. Opponents and supporters of legalization of same-sex marriages usually put forward the arguments referring to moral and human rights. Opponents tell about immorality of such unions, referring to sacred religious books. Supporters exclaim that nobody dares to take away freedom of choice from the person ‒ with whom to live and who to love. Neither that nor other part of the controversy usually remembers science.

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As it has become clear, scientific research gives good stuff both in support of same-sex marriages and for doubts in expediency of their legalization. Today we will find out all the necessary information to write Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legalized essay.


The next arguments you may surely use in your Same Sex Marriage Persuasive Essay.

1. Same-sex marriages "are no more unnatural", than many others

When speak about abnormality of same-sex marriages, people forget that the norm is defined more by culture, than congenital human nature. Throughout history of our species in different societies the institute of a family repeatedly accepted traits which would seem to us terrifying and immoral.

For example, many modern people of Oceania and Africa have "avunculate". It is the family organization where the father is not engaged in education and upbringing of the child (who usually doesn't even live with child's mother), but the child's uncle is doing it together with child's mother. Among other people of America, Asia, Oceania and Africa “sororate” had been widespread. It is a custom to marry several sisters at the same time. Also marriages which we would call incestuous aren't so rare: Homer in "Odyssey" gave an example of an ideal family when the tsar married the seven sons to the seven daughters. Many ancient people had "levirate". It is a custom and according to it the man has been obliged to marry the wife of the dead brother (even if he already had other wife). This custom, by the way, appears in the well-known evangelical parable where Pharisees tried to shame Christ with a question - whose wife will be in paradise a woman, who was married for seven brothers. So, marriage is cultural, but not biological concept.

"But whatever marriages have been accepted in different nationalities, all the same there is no nation which would let the union between two men to exist!" - any critic will exclaim. But anyway he will be wrong: at a number of nationalities of Siberia the custom of "sex change" practiced: a man who has voluntarily passed this procedure was considered as a woman and he (or already she?) could be engaged in female labor and even to marry. There is nothing new under the sun.

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2. There is no psychological difference between same-sex and usual couples

The psychologist Gregory Herek from University of California, having analyzed examples of tens of couples ‒ gomo- and heterosexual, has come to a conclusion that in the main psychological characteristics they are quite similar: partners feel to each other the same set of emotions. In any way orientation of partners doesn't influence their ability to create harmonious emotional space. As for the institute of marriage, it influences well both hetero - and homosexual couples: for example, prolongs life and improves health. Moreover, Herek claims, happiness measure which people feel in marriage, most often isn't connected with the sexual sphere at all. And the famous researcher of a phenomenon of homosexuality John of Gottman goes further, claiming that partners in same-sex couples look with favour and much more warmly to each other, than in usual couples.

3. Lesbians give their children the best "start in life"

The research conducted by the American psychologists in 2001 has shown that 53% of girls whose mothers are lesbians, would like to receive in the future "intelligent" professions ‒ the doctor, the lawyer, the engineer while among daughters of heterosexual mothers these professions have been chosen only 21%, the others have preferred occupations like the shop assistant or the waitress in bar. Let's note three circumstances which can lower a little degree of the expectations connected with results of this research. First of all, it was carried out on a small selection ‒ 30 children from heterosexual families and as much from lesbian. The second thing is that     the question is not about homosexual families, and generally about lesbians who have got divorced with the husbands to live with the beloved women: that is the factor of influence of the father remained unvalued here. At last, the third ‒ meanwhile same-sex marriages exist in the basic in the educated environment where brainwork isn't something outstanding. Do not forget about this argument when you think over a plan for writing Same Sex Marriage essays.

4. The institute of marriage is discredited not by the same-sex unions, but by the ban on them

In 2009 the economist of University of Sherbrooke (Canada) Mircha Trandafir has conducted a research concerned with the theme " how the first-ever legalization of same-sex marriages which is carried out in the Netherlands in 1998 was reflected in institute of a family. The scientist tried to check accordance with the truth an argument of opponents of such unions that they destroy institute of marriage, negatively influencing even the frequency of marriages between men and women. As it has become clear, same-sex marriages really negatively influence a desire of women and men to enter into official marriage. However actually it is about the registered marriages, but they don't affect the frequency of the entering into civil marriages in any way. In other words, the institute of marriage doesn't collapse ‒ it is just transformed from legally registered union to the status of "a daily plebiscite" where partners decide themselves when their union has lost any force. And in 2012 professor Scott Titsho from Mercer School of Law has established that in the USA the civil marriage gains big attractiveness just because there is an example of mass homosexual unions and the state simply doesn't allow them to be legalized.

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1. Children in same-sex families feel uncomfortable

Supporters of legalization the same-sex marriages most often abstract from the question, how comfortable children will feel in such marriages. And in case of legalization of such unions the majority of families will be lesbian (male gays as show pollings, are less often inclined to form the constant unions), and it means that children in such marriages will be brought up without fathers. However, as show teachers' researches and sociologists, children in marriages where there is no father, differ from usual children: so, boys show antisocial behavior more often and get on a defendants' bench, and girls record-breaking early show sexual activity and often become the victims of teenage pregnancy. Besides, the psychiatrist from the Child Study Center at Yale University Kyle Dean Pruett has established that the children who were born thanks to "In vitro fertilisation" or from the man limited with a role of "the donor of sperm", as a rule, suffer of the questions connected with where their father is and why he doesn't want to get acquainted with them. There is a row of not understood to the end regularities ‒ not so long ago, for example, it has been established that to grow and develop normally, girls need to feel a smell of pheromones of their fathers: it turns out that "settings" of development of physiology and mentality of the child depends not only on social, but also on biochemical factors. It is immensely important to tell about it when writing a Same Sex Marriages essays.

2. The science knows too little about the same-sex marriages

Defenders of the gays rights often use slogans, but not arguments based on the scientific facts. "Same-sex marriages are as normal as marriages between the man and the woman!", "Children in same-sex marriages are also happy, as well as in usual families!" ‒ fans of similar "chants" usually have no psychological education and never read scientific articles in this subject. In any case, even newspaper articles and popular books on this subject are often written by authors who poorly understand the theme. The sociologist Stephen Rhodes from University of the State of Virginia (USA), having studied tens of publications about bringing up in same-sex marriages, has rendered an unfavorable verdict: first, he didn't manage to find any article where would be not at all or several blunders concerning the theory of bringing up children, secondly, he could not call any of articles strictly corresponding to criteria of scientific character. Meanwhile the science knows very little about the phenomenon of homosexuality and even less about how children brought up in the same-sex unions behave themselves: even where same-sex marriages are legal, they have been legalized relatively recently, and scientists can have no detailed material about the children brought up in such families.

3. The men's same-sex unions tear up the foundations of fidelity

Unlike lesbians, male gays remain faithful to the partners much less often ‒ many homosexual couples consisting of men don't even hide from each other that they have other partners, and don't see in it anything terrible. The research in which heterosexual and homosexual couples living in a civil marriage have participated has shown that between the "bisexual" and lesbian unions there is no difference in the relation to a question of fidelity ‒ those about 79% and others were marked out that fidelity is one of the main values for both partners. And here male gays have other opinion on this matter: every second couple has answered that they don't attach special importance to fidelity. Amplification of the men's same-sex unions and their legalization can tear up the foundations of fidelity value in society, authors complain.

4. Same-sex marriages destroy normal specialization of men and women

Legalization of same-sex marriages is one more step to destruction of traditional gender roles which existed in the Stone Age, is said by the social researcher Steve Nok. Researches show that men and women feel more happily in standard family roles: it is pleasant to women when function of the breadwinner is undertaken by the man, and it is pleasant to men ‒ when the woman is engaged with children. Marriages, where roles of women and men are cast in such a way, break up less often. Besides, destruction of former gender roles will lead to emergence in the society of huge number of "feral" men who will avoid marriage just because he feels uncomfortable in marriage. Such men will have no incentive neither to build career, nor to get children ‒ they will begin to lead asocial life and sooner or later they will turn into the growing threat for society.

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