How To Write Argumentative Essay About Abortion


Expressing thoughts with dry medical terminology, abortion, as Wikipedia says, is the ending of pregnancy by removing a fetus or embryo before it can survive outside the uterus.  An abortion which occurs spontaneously is also known as a miscarriage. An abortion may be caused purposely and is then called an induced abortion, or less frequently, "induced miscarriage". The word abortion is often used to mean only induced abortions. A similar procedure after the fetus could potentially survive outside the womb is known as a "late termination of pregnancy".

Now the team of profession writers of our company will tell you how to write the argumentative essay on abortion. 

For handling an above-mentioned procedure term up to 20 weeks is considered to be more or less safe, at the same time the weight of an unborn child shouldn't exceed 400 g. During operation both local anesthesia and the general anesthesia can be performed. However any doctor won't give guarantees that the procedure will be without harmful consequences for your organism.

The history this procedure begins on far antique times. And neither in the Ancient Greek state, nor in ancient Roman society abortions weren't considered as murders. Ancient Greeks recognized in the baby a human individual only after appearance of the father with the child in the temple. The father has to take the child over the head, only then the kid will receive blessing. Only expansion of Christianity in the world has changed a view of people for this operation.

Do not forget to write the abortion essay outline before start writing the introduction and the main part of the essay.

For years or decades supporters and opponents of interruption are arguing. Each of the parties adduces rather powerful arguments to confirm the correctness and everyone is right in their own way.

It won't become a secret for anybody that the number of ardent opponents of abortion grows day by day. At the same time their arguments are not only extremely powerful, but also very convincing. But as sad as it sounds, abortion still remains a key to the solution of a set of the most various problems.

When writing essays on abortion, you should think of all the arguments, especially if your task is to write abortion argumentative essay.

Arguments “Contra”

1) As human life begins at the moment of conception, abortion is equivalent to numb murder, having abortion, the woman deprives of life of unborn baby. Abortion is a violation of the main idea of human morals - idea about inviolability of human life. It is the main argument which should be used when writing essay against abortion.

2) The civilized society shouldn't allow unpunished causing intended harm by one person to another and the more so not to tolerate deprivation of life. What is abortion if not deprivation of life?

3) Adoption - is a great alternative to abortion, which allows achieving the same result. It means that you will get rid of the child. For example, only in the United States one and a half million couples want to adopt a child. So you can be calm about a child. The baby will not remain unclaimed.

4) Abortion can lead to serious complications, which in future may make impossible conception and motherhood; Abortion increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage and inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs.

5) If it is a victim of rape or incest, in time taken medical measures ensure that the woman will not be pregnant. Abortion - is a punishment. But the unborn child has not committed a crime.

6) Abortion cannot be considered as just another method of contraception.

7) Women defending their right to have full control over their own bodies, should take care of that control before pregnancy - to be protected, to use contraceptives, or, if it is not possible, to refrain from intimacy. Do not forget to mention that in your against abortion essays.

8) Many people are against abortion, so to using their money for public financing of abortion is immoral.

9) Minors or young girls make more than a third part of abortions. They do not have the life experience to realize the fallacy of this decision. Many of them later regret about it all their life.

10) Abortion frequently resulting in severe stress and depression.

These points will help you to write argumentative essay against abortion. If you have some questions, you may use our services of writing, editing or proofreading (if you have already written your essay, but you have some doubts about the correctness).

Kindly examine the following points to write a quality abortion persuasive essay.

Arguments “For”

1) In most cases, abortions are done in the first trimester, when the fetus cannot exist separately from the mother and function as a human being. Because the embryo is connected to the mother by the placenta and the umbilical cord, the fetus depends on the state of health of the mother, so embryo cannot be regarded as a human being. It is very important to tell that when writing your essays on abortion.

2) "Consciousness" and "life" are absolutely different concepts. Even if we agree to that human life begins at the time of conception, so what can we tell about artificial insemination? In this case the impregnated ovas which are used for fertilization in vitro, are too someone's lives, but not attached ovas are destroyed. Whether is it necessary to consider it as a murder? If it is not, so why is abortion considered as a murder?

3) Adoption is not an alternative to abortion because the woman makes the decision on adoption herself, but the pregnancy occurs without her desire. The statistics shows that the women who were taking out and given birth to the child very seldom refuses him even if personal circumstances are adverse.

4) Abortion is a safe medical procedure. The vast majority of women – 88% - make abortion in the first trimester. The probability of emergence of complications in case of abortion on medical indications makes only 0,5%, and it doesn't influence reproductive health of the woman in any way.

5) Nobody can force the woman to bear the child conceived as a result of violence. It will only redouble her psychological trauma that can lead to the most deplorable consequences, both for the woman, and for the child. Quite often women are afraid to declare violence or don't even understand that they can be pregnant therefore means of the emergency contraception in this case won't help.

6) Abortion was never considered as one more method of contraception. It is known that sometimes pregnancy occurs even in case of using the contraceptives. Only 8% of the women, who have made abortion, didn't use any contraceptives.

7) The right of the woman to control completely her own body –is one of the basic civil rights in any civilized society. Deprive the woman of the right to dispose of her body and her children   – and you will step on the shaky ground. If the state can force the woman to            carry fetus to term, maybe, the state can force her to make sterilization? It will be a little aggressive, but accurate argument in the persuasive essay on abortion.

8) Taxpayers' money is used not for "connivance to debauchery" but in order to poor women had an opportunity to use the same level of medical care as wealthy women. Abortion is also included into medical care. "Financing" abortions is all the same as to finance war in the Middle East or unpopular reforms. The only way to express a protest is to vote on the next elections.

9) Life of minor mothers is hardly more successfully, than life of those who at teenage age have made abortion. They almost for certain don't finish studying and don't get even secondary education; they can't get a normal work and can't create normal conditions for the child, depending on the help of social services; they have problems with health, and their marriage quickly breaks up.

10) As well as any difficult life situation, abortion causes a stress. Nevertheless, psychiatrists' researches have shown that the level of a stress is higher before abortion, than after it.

You may also examine 2 points of view by two different persons and we hope they will be hopeful in writing abortion essay.

Mike, 51 years old, technologist

“I don't understand at all about what there can be a dispute! We have forbidden murders! And abortion is the same! Parents who have killed the child will be put in a prison. And what is the difference, child is one year old or several months! Doctors say that the children who are in a womb already feel a lot of things, they have some thoughts and so on. Therefore I think that there is no difference between abortion and murder. Besides this, interdiction of abortion disciplined many people. Now young people have chaotic sexual life, without thinking of consequences at all! It is always possible "to correct an error" and to make abortion! But if people will be put in prison as for murder, they will think hundred times before entering into close relationship! Then children will appear only when parents are ready to it and consciously go on such step. Such children will always be desired and loved, and parents will find time in order to bring up them in a correct way.”

Mike’s opinion is negative. It may help you to write against abortion essay.

Daniel, 43 years old, lawyer

“The interdiction of abortions will lead only to the fact that they will be done under the counter. Nobody will be able to force the woman to give birth to the child if she doesn't want it. So let she make abortion in qualify clinic where professionals works, where the corresponding equipment are and where the doctor bears responsibility for the work, but doesn't address the grandma-healer who makes abortion directly in the kitchen using a knitting spoke! It's not guaranteed that after such procedure the woman will survive at all! And why is this ban necessary? It won't lead to the fact that there will be more children. It will lead only to the fact that there will be less healthy women. And charlatans will batten on it. And in general, if the woman once decides to do an abortion, it doesn't mean that she wants never have children during the life. It means that she doesn't want the child to appear right now. There can be many reasons for it. And let the doctor help her to get out of this situation with the smallest consequences for health and for mentality.”

This point of view will be good for you, if you have received the task to write Should Abortion Be Legal essay.

Elisabeth, 31 years old, secretary

“Look how many left children there are all over the world! The ban of abortions will increase their number. Women, having not managed to get rid of the child during pregnancy, will refuse children in maternity hospitals or hand over them in shelters. Cases when mothers throw out the newborn children on a garbage can or kill them, are unfortunately not a rarity. And the ban of abortions will lead only to increasing the number of such cases. Besides it, I don't understand why families where parents can't support even themselves need to get children? The child all the childhood will feel defective because it is forced to be the ragamuffin and to envy the more successful peers. And hardly the child, who was not desired, will sometime receive parental love. Mother will subconsciously accuse him that he has spoiled her life. And she will forever scroll the scenario of how this life could develop if she has no child. Everybody knows that children feel all this! And as a result the person with a huge inferiority complex and with feeling that his emergence has interfered with implementation of plans of parents will grow up from such a kid. Such person surely will be unfortunate, and, maybe, it would be better if he wasn't born.”

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