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Agricultural Revolution EssaysAgriculture is a branch of economics intended to provide the population with food and to get primary products for other branches of industry. This branch is considered one of the most important; about a billion of the world population is involved in agriculture. The rise of agriculture is connected to the Neolithic revolution in means of production that led to the uprising of productive economy and further development of civilization. The United States and countries of EU are the world leaders in production and consumption of agricultural products. If you get interested in our agricultural revolution essays and have a desire to get your essay on the other topic, custom essay writing service is available for you 24/7.

Agriculture has undergone plenty of alternations throughout the world history. The progress did not forge ahead, and several revolutions took place in different epochs. In our agriculture essay, we will speak about the revolution that took place in the middle of the 20th century, after World War II. Scientists called it the Green Revolution; its achievements were clearly noticeable in that difficult period. Agriculture required some new programs in order to develop and provide the population with sufficient amount of production. The process of this revolution referred to developing countries; developed countries had already undergone such agricultural revolution. The Green Revolution in developing countries included three main components:

- growing of new brands of crops

- irrigation

- industrialization of agriculture (application of machinery, fertilizers, crop protecting agents)

The Green Revolution took place in about 15 countries, from Mexico to Korea. Mostly it was concentrated in Asian countries because their population growth was extremely quick, and about 300 million families were on the edge of survival or felt chronic hunger. For that reason, the revolution was an attempt to find the way out of that critical situation. If you find our essays on agriculture interesting and want to get some advanced information, you can also check our best buy nothing day essay.

The notion of the Green Revolution is associated with an American scientist, Norman Borlaug who received the Nobel Prize for the contribution to the food problem solution. He was concerned with growing of new wheat brands in Mexico in the beginning of this revolution. Later about 20 research-and-development centers were established. They were engaged in the research of various agricultural systems represented in developing countries:

- Mexico (corn, wheat)

- the Philippines (rice)

- Columbia (tropical food crops)

- Cote d’Ivoire (rice growing in Western Africa)

- Peru (potatoes)

- India (food crops in dry tropics)

The results were notable – the yield level significantly increased. Crop breeders began to grow large yielders of corn, soy, cotton, rice, and other crops. Some additional entertaining information is contained in our basketball essay that is available for you:

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In addition to such large yielders, farmers began to put into effect:

- new intensive tillage systems

- heavy rates of fertilizers

- irrigation

- various pesticides

- monoculture (growing of the same crop on one field for very long time)

The first Green Revolution was especially successful in the countries of the tropical zone, as the revenue from growing of new brands was rather high. Our professionals offer a wide range of services, so if you want to get your high-quality essay agriculture, do not lose an opportunity to contact us.

Positive effects of the Green Revolution are indisputable. The main achievement is the increase of food production in very short terms that saved a lot of Asian population from starvation. Despite the yield were improved, the revolution led to the deterioration of soils resulting in the destruction of humus and activation of erosion. The environment was polluted with pesticides and fertilizers. The quality of agricultural products worsened. Large yielders required many fertilizers which production wasted much energy from coal, oil and gas. The use of fertilizers also resulted in the influence on the biosphere. Some of the banned products could be found even on remote continents. The intensive applying of fields led to their almost full exhaustion. If you are tired of this agricultural topic, you can easily switch off to our Othello essay.

The Green revolution had also social negative aftermath. As the use of modern agricultural technologies required vast investments, only substantial farmers who began to purchase land plots from the poor could apply them. Having no costs to buy machinery, fertilizers and large parcels of land, many poor people had to sell their land and become farm hands. This process led to clear social differentiation. In order to enlarge your background knowledge, you can look through our police brutality essays:

As we may conclude, the Green Revolution had both positive and negative effects. Developing countries began to meet their own requirements in agricultural production. The yield level significantly increased that allowed providing more population (people were dead with hunger) with food. However, new brands of crops required a lot of fertilizers and pesticides that are extremely harmful to the environment. There appeared a lot of ecological problems. In case you like the style of our essays, welcome to about us section in order to learn more about our professionals. The intensive use of fertilizers and pesticides deteriorated soil water regime that resulted in exhaustion, salinization and desertification of many parcels of land. Our planet needs another green revolution now, but it should be aimed at environmental improvement. Regardless of all achievements of humanity, ecology is still the most important sphere, thanks to which we can live. What is your opinion about the Green Revolution? How should we cope with negative results left by it? Do you have some ideas how we can save our ecology? If you do not support the ideas of our professional writers, feel free to share your thoughts. Join us, we will be glad to see you!

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