Essays On Othello: The Great Example of Tragedy


Othello is a tragedy by William Shakespeare. The basis of this tragedy is the work written by Italian author about fifty years before. There are four main characters in the story:

- the moor (Othello)

- the moor’s wife (Desdemona)

- Cassio

- Iago

Nowadays this tragedy is still staged in many theaters of the world, and it also became the basis for several films and literary works. If you like our essays on Othello and want to get your essay on another topic, feel free to contact custom essay writing service.

The Moorish general, Othello, was a great military leader. Once he met Desdemona, Brabantio’s daughter, and felt in love with her. Being struck with amazement of his military achievements, a girl endeared herself to the moor and got married to him behind closed doors. Her father claimed that Othello made a mash on Desdemona using some magic methods, but Othello managed to persuade everybody that his wife was free in her choice. However, Desdemona’s father could not believe that his daughter could fall in love with a black man without the interference of some magic rituals. Finally, Othello was appointed as the head of the separate permanent post, and they moved there with his young wife. In order to get more information in addition to Othello essays, consult our racism in America essay.

Othello’s assistant, Iago, and a nobleman, Rodrigo, who was in love with Desdemona and even tried to commit suicide, decided to organize the plot against Othello. Here the problem of jealousy began to arise. Iago tried to persuade Othello that Desdemona was a lover of Cassio, the young subordinate of the moor. Othello hid in the palace and heard Iago’s conversation with Cassio. They talked about a woman, and Othello who heard only some information decided that they were talking about his wife. He began to be jealous of Desdemona. Iago planted the seeds of jealousy in Othello’s heart. If you want to enlarge your scope, do not lose an opportunity to check our essay on ancient Greece:

The key factor to destroy Othello’s mind was jealousy. In order to convince Othello completely, Iago tossed Cassio a neckerchief, his present to Desdemona. Doubts and suspicion began to fill his soul. He began to recall the words of Desdemona’s father that his daughter could not fall in love with the moor without magic interference. Othello began to torture himself with various thoughts. Moreover, Iago added more fuel to the fire. He covertly claimed that if the daughter could deceive her own blood (a father) before the marriage, she could easily deceive her husband and be unfaithful to him. If you want to switch off from our jealousy in Othello essay, you can easily go to our argumentative essay on smoking in order to get something new.

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The fire of jealousy began to increase very quickly. Othello believed that their pure love based on understanding inner bonding was condemned to be destroyed. Iago, as the initiator, saw that his task was almost done. The actions taken by Iago had their effect. Othello’s mind is full of suspicion and rage. The reasons of Othello’s jealousy are conformed to the character of his love. It is the feeling of the great indignity inflicted on the absolute faithfulness and mutual trust that connected Othello and Desdemona. Othello could not stand supposed deceit of Desdemona, which he distinguished as not only personal indignity, but also the objective evil. Our professionals do their best to provide you with best essay on Othello, and if you want to get your essay of a high quality, check our services of a wide range.

Finally, Othello decided to kill both Desdemona and Cassio. He lost the belief in love; his heart is full of fury and disappointment. He spoke with Iago and ordered him to kill Cassio. Iago advised Othello to kill his wife when she would be sleeping. Othello agreed and gave Iago three days to murder Cassio. If you like the style of our essay, do not hesitate to visit our about us section, and you will get to know about the range of services provided. While Iago was wounding Cassio and killing Rodrigo, Othello came in the bedroom and began to grip his wife by the throat. Emilia, Desdemona’s maid, ran into the room and saw her hostess lying dead. Othello said that his wife’s infidelity was disclosed with the help of Iago. Emilia understood the situation with a neckerchief and found out Iago. Impulsively, Othello tried to slaughter Iago understanding that he had just killed the love of all his life. Being unable to stand terrible spiritual torments, the moor slaughtered himself. Enrich your background knowledge with us by reading our animal testing argumentative essay:

In conclusion, it is necessary to admit that the most remarkable problem throughout the story is jealousy. The effect of this feeling is clearly seen in the major characters: Othello and Iago. Iago shows his real nature and forces Othello to transform from a nobleman to a cruel monster. Jealousy destroys human hearts and common sense. Nowadays, many crimes happen because of this terrible psychological phenomenon. Jealousy blinds, and people can hardly control their emotions. They commit different stupid actions that can result in everything. However, we are jealous subconsciously, but this feeling should be under strict control. Othello is a great example of baseless jealousy. Therefore, if you suspect your best half in infidelity, it is necessary to find clear evidence in order to take some actions. Jealousy can cause various unpleasant situations, so the imitation of Othello is not the solution. Have you ever been jealous? Do you know the means to control it? Do not fear to share your thoughts with us, your opinion is highly appreciated. Carpe diem and join us!

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