Essay On Ancient Greece: Mystique And Grandeur


Ancient Greece is an antique civilization belonging to a period from the Greek Dark Ages to the 5th century BC. The culture of Ancient Greece is considered a base of modern human civilization. The period of Greek culture between the 4th and the 5th centuries BC is generally accepted as the most flourishing. It is usually called Classical Greece. If you are looking for the additional information about ancient Greek essay, feel free to use our professional writing services.

Ancient Greece was situated in the south of Balkan Peninsula and on the isles of Aegean Sea. The state was not extremely populated and not very large, but it had a great impact on other powerful countries of that period until it became the part of the Byzantine Empire. It is generally accepted that we will not be able to witness the progress of world cultural development without the eminent inheritance left by Ancient Greek civilization. We desire to provide you with high-quality works on different topics, so you have an opportunity to look through our Alexander the Great Essay.

Greece is the place where the fundamental knowledge about the universe was firstly introduced, and nowadays it is widely used in modern science. The first philosophical concepts were formulated here; they determined the developmental basis of the spiritual values ​​of all humanity. The Greek philosopher Aristotle established the foundation concepts of the tangible and intangible world; the Greek athletes were the first champions of the first Olympic Games. Any science or sphere of art is somehow connected to this great ancient state; Greek masters created many masterpieces in:

- theater

- literature

- painting

- sculpture

The unifying and of the most prominent feature of the Greek culture was mythology. Greeks believed that their Gods had human characters, human desires, thoughts, feelings, even human diseases and disadvantages. People made the cycles of myths and legends, which later became the sources of subjects for literature, dramatic art and sculpture. Alongside mythology, the practice of religious worship developed (sacrifices and prayers in temples). Every Greek city had it own godfather. Humane and harmonious images of Greek mythology became the ground for the development of the Greek culture. Got interested in this topic? Do not lose the opportunity to check our essay on Aristotle and ancient Greek essay to get facts that are more interesting.

In antique Greece science, for the first time ever, was subdivided in the separate sphere. The great value is granted to antique philosophy. Philosophy as a scientific theory was aimed at the solution of the most important philosophical problems. Greek philosophers were interested in the origin of the Universe and human nature. Greece is considered a birthplace of Western philosophy with such prominent scholars as:

- Socrates

- Plato

- Aristotle

- Thales

The father of history, Herodotus, also was born in ancient Greece. He visited a lot of countries and wrote plenty of works, due to which we are able to learn about some historic events nowadays. He also presented the first description of the Scythians lifestyle. It is extremely entertaining to read about such famous people, so you can also obtain a piece of information in Albert Einstein essay:

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Perhaps, everybody knows about Greek mythology. It became a base for many stage plays, sculptures, architecture buildings and paintings. Homer’s poems “ The Iliad” and “ The Odyssey” are studied almost in every modern school. Their plots are based on Greek myths about the Trojan War. These works are the great example of the grandeur of Greek culture. Greeks were the first to introduce a new literary genre – dramaturgy. The history of world theater remembers such talented authors:

- Aeschylus

- Sophocles

- Euripides

- Aristophanes.

They made a significant contribution to the development of tragedy and comedy, and their plays are staged in many famous theaters in the world even nowadays. The construction of amphitheaters was also the Greek invention. Nowadays some half-ruined constructions attract tourists with their mystique. Theatre and literature are closely connected, and except our essay on ancient Greece, you can enjoy 1984 George Orwell essay:

Greek architecture is also admirable. Different temples and acropoleis are considered the architectural landmark of modern Greece. Harmony and authentic style of constructions astonish thousands of tourists every year. The most famous are:

- Parthenon

- the Acropolis

- Erechtheum

Currently, almost everybody of us has visited the theater at least once in his/her lifetime. Almost everybody knows what democracy is and is able to read in Latin letters. Somebody is strong in mathematics, another one is working to get an Olympic license. However, does everybody know that all these spheres were significantly developed in ancient Greece? If you like the style and plot of our essay, do not hesitate to consult our essay writing professionals; they will provide you with best essays.

Didn’t you know about it? Yes, ancient Greek culture played rather a remarkable role in the establishment of modern principles in different spheres. Greek mythology is studied at schools and universities, philosophy is one of credit courses for higher education, mathematics is essentially the inherent part of our everyday life. However, supposedly not everybody knows that Pythagoras who is regarded as the father of mathematics was of ancient Greek origin.

To sum it up, it is necessary to mention that modern world culture should express gratitude to ancient Greece. Geniuses of that time made a fundamental impact on the establishment of modern philosophy, mathematics, art and politics. Traditions, methods and theories borrowed from ancient Greeks are still used in various spheres that are vital. In addition, it is worth to admit that some historical famous places still exist. If you have an opportunity, you may visit Greece - the motherland of people that actually created the spheres, which became inherent for our life. Did you like our work? Our authors will provide you with works of best quality; do not hesitate to visit us 24/7. Do you have any comments? Would you like to share your opinion with us? Join us and let’s receive and analyze additional knowledge together!

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