Animal Testing Essays: Need Or Barbarity?


Hello, our dear readers! We are glad you are reading our new blog post. Most of you are students or pupils, and you always get different tasks. Often your teachers want you to write some essay. Today we will consider argumentative essay on animal testing.

In the world more than 150 million animals used in experiments perish a year. The main part of experimental animals - 65% - is used in medical researches during testing of drugs and new methods of treatment.  26% of experiments are taken by fundamental (medical, military, space, etc.) researches. 8% of animals perish in toxicity tests when developing cosmetics, industrial connections and so forth. During student's experiments 30% of all laboratory test animals perish. Whether there is an alternative to such experiences?

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Annually millions lives of dumb animals are taken off by painful experiments. Experimental animals are burnt, scalded, poisoned and starved, subjected to electric discharges and accustomed to drugs, caused stomach ulcers, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, syphilis, AIDS. People take out their eyes in the surgical way, cause fractures of bones and injury of a brain. In military researches animals are poisoned with gas, cyanides, shoot plastic bullets and shells.

We have entered the third millennium and progress, spiritual and physical, demands all obstacles in a way to civilized development to be eliminated.

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Whether there is a sense to test new drugs and methods of treatment on animals?

85% of the experiments on animals made for the last 100 years with the purpose to develop new drugs and methods of treatment, have been carried out on the period since 1950 until now. However, average life expectancy for this period has practically not changed; the number of chronic diseases continues to arise.

The matter is that there are anatomo-physiological distinctions between the person and animals and that is why testing of drugs and new methods of treatment on animals is inefficient and it is even dangerous. For example, from scientific observations it is known that morphine calms people, but excites cats. Aspirin is poisonous for cats, and penicillin is highly toxic for guinea pigs. Animal experiments haven't shown asbestos cancerogenic action on the person which has been revealed subsequently.

When writing your animal testing argumentative essay, do not forget to tell about scientific facts!

Before appearing on a pharmaceutical counter, medicines pass numerous tests on animals within 15-20 years. At the same time at a stage of early clinical tests, 90% of medicines are discarded.

The modern medicine counts up to 150 medicines, which have passed tests on animals and then they were dangerous to the people. For example, the birth of 10.000 children with lack of extremities and ugliness became result of use of soothing medicine thalidomide for pregnant women. It will be amazing argument in essays on animal testing.

Before that, the medicine had successfully passed tests on animals and had not shown any toxicity. In the sixties in Great Britain 3.500 patients with asthma have died, using the isoprene aerosol inhalers, which have passed tests on animals. The recent scandal with the largest German concern "Bayer", when as a result of reception of medicine 52 persons have died, has proved  once again that the difference between the processes proceeding in a human body and animals nullifies expediency of testing of drugs on animals.

Experiments on animals demand huge financial expenses. At the same time, this money with success could be spent for advertising a healthy lifestyle. Need to take medicine would decrease to a minimum.

Today in the world a number of the centers for development of alternatives to experiments on animals is created. Instead of experimental animals such centers use unicells, bacteria, physical and chemical methods, cultures of cages, computer models. Mention them when writing essay on animal testing.

Even our professional writers know that more perspective alternative to experimental medicine is the naturopathy, which eliminates need for testing of an infinite chain of the drugs destroying protective forces of an organism.  It offers the approach to improvement of the person’s health and immunity. This approach is directed to prevention of diseases and normalization of exchange processes. Other alternative is the homeopathy, which is training immunity of the person (the naturopathy and homeopathy don't use animals for experiments).

Beauty without cruelty!

Animals are tested not only for drugs, but also cosmetics, construction and packing materials, cleaners and other production. Animals breathe vapors of substance which concentration is so big that the most animals die because of poisoning. The industrial test of Drayz for cosmetics (mascara, lipstick, etc.) is carried out as follows. People apply the tested substance to animal’s eyes, which is in full consciousness, and wait till damage of a cornea appears.

The head of a rabbit is strongly fixed by means of a special collar, and the animal can't even rub eyes with a paw, when eyes are corroded with the applied medicine. Often the test comes to an end with the fact that the cornea grows turbid, an eye perishes.

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Some scientists adduce arguments that we have no choice: or we will test drugs on living creatures, or we will stop science, and respectively – the invention of the drugs saving thousands of human lives. Yes, this argument can be used in your essay. However today, such approach doesn't maintain criticism at least regarding tests of cosmetics. Because of humane methods of testing nevertheless exist. But not everybody knows about them or just does not want to spend money and open up the advanced approaches, preferring to work in the old manner.

There are several types of humane methods of cosmetics/medicines testing: genomic, in test tubes, computer-modeling, researches on healthy and sick volunteers. Also scientists have presented to the world the various units, models, simulators of a human body allowing medical students to study without doing harm to animals.

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