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The term "euthanasia" comes from the Greek words "eu" - well; good; benefit, and "thanatos" – death, as Wikipedia says. This term is introduced in the XVII century by the English philosopher Francis Bacon in one of his main works "DE DIGNITATE ET AUGMENTIS SCIENTIARUM" (About the advantage and enhancement of sciences) for the first time.

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The concept of euthanasia is ambiguously defined as in ethic and philosophical, juridical, as in medical literature. Therefore the process of a research of sources in which there is no unambiguous definition of a concept of euthanasia becomes really complicated. According to Jacques Sudo - "there is no more ambiguous word, than euthanasia". But maybe it is not too late to return to euthanasia its real definition which roots we could see in interpretation of this concept by its founder F. Bacon.

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And though the concept of euthanasia has been distorted by fascist ideologists and then the term "compulsory euthanasia" has begun to be used even more often, it is necessary to return to definition which F. Bacon had given: He is absolutely convinced that the debt of the doctor consists not only in repairing someone's health, but also in alleviating suffering and the tortures caused by diseases. It should happen not only when such pain relief as dangerous symptom of a disease can lead to recovery, but even in that case when there is no hope for rescue any more at all and it is only possible to make death easier and quiet, because this euthanasia, about which Augustus so dreamed, it is already big happiness. The death of Anthony Pius can be an example of such happy death, because it seemed that he did not die but fall asleep a deep sweet dream. The same had fallen also to Epicurus's lot: when his state became hopeless, he dulled all feelings and stomach pain, having reveled in wine from where and these words of the epigram: And then, already drunk, he has enjoyed waters of Styx, i.e. wine has muffled bitterness of Styx' water. And presently our doctors have some kind of sacred custom to remain about a bed of the patient even after the last hope for rescue has disappeared, and here, in Bacon's opinion, if they wanted to be faithful to their debt and feeling of humanity, they would have to increase the knowledge of medicine and make (at the same time) all the efforts to facilitate death to that people, in whom breath hasn't died away yet.  You may surely use this information to write euthanasia essay introduction.

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So, to find out what it is necessary to understand by "euthanasia", we will enter two main signs by which it will be possible to determine the concept "euthanasia" at once. From the words of F. Bacon, it is possible to notice without special difficulties that euthanasia is easy and painless death: "has fallen asleep a deep sweet sleep"; "has dulled all feelings and stomach pain, having reveled in wine"; "to make death easier and quiet". It is obvious that one of the main signs of euthanasia is "painlessness" of death, so if the person wishing to die, rushes to fire, we won't call it euthanasia as this death is really painful. The second, but also necessary sign of euthanasia is conviction of the person that death for him will be the big benefit, in comparison with life, or in other words that life became so painful that death becomes the desired benefit. That is, the second sign means that the person himself makes the decision and that he feels and thinks that he can't live any more.

Yes, there are many opponents of such decision. Their arguments may be used in an against euthanasia essay.

Of course, there is a number of the most difficult ethical questions, such as - "if the person is physically not capable to express the will to die whether it means that he has no right for euthanasia and that in that case there is no second sign by which we also determine a concept of euthanasia?" - surely it is that only case when there is no second sign, that is "the decision of the person", but, unfortunately, here we can't be guided by anything another, except common sense and a human intuition. But to draw a conclusion that the person deprived of any opportunity to be in social space, to communicate with people (in any way) and at the same time only feels constant pain, waiting for the death, nevertheless wants to continue to live so, it wouldn't be honest not only in relation to this person, but also in relation to ourselves because drawing such conclusion can to be connected only with one motive - to avoid adoption of any decisions in relation to this person.

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Though there are assumptions and doubts of some experts in the field of ethics that "nothing", "total absence" can be better, than sufferings. Such doubts are expressed by the famous Russian scientist A. Guseynov, assuming that painful life can be bigger benefit in comparison with lack of any life. So, it is the only case when the decision has to be made only by other people, that is, it is the only case when it is possible to call euthanasia the death, the decision on which the person couldn't make, but for him it was made by other people, assuming, that he would make such decision. In all other cases, euthanasia won't take place if there is no this second sign - - "voluntary making decision on the death by the person". That means, that we have to leave once and for all that stereotype that mass extermination of people by Nazis was euthanasia, though even if they died easy and their death was painless. No. It wasn't euthanasia because people who physically could make the decisions concerning their life and death have been deprived of such opportunity, for them decisions were made by other people, so euthanasia wasn't there. "Euthanasia of which Augustus so dreamed" wouldn't be euthanasia if someone another dreamed of his easy and painless death.

That means, it is always necessary to remember that euthanasia only then takes place when there are these two signs: 1) easy, painless death; 2) the voluntary decision of the person who needs euthanasia.

There is also no single understanding of what euthanasia is, suicide or murder. But if we remember the second sign of euthanasia, namely its voluntariness when the person himself makes the decision, then for us will be obvious that euthanasia is a suicide, though on principle it can be similar to murder if euthanasia happens with the help of other people.

It would be more correct to tell that murder is that case when the person deprives of life of other person, but what occurs when the person himself loses life, by means of other people? It is possible to call it some kind of assistance, the help in suicide.

Well, we will add to the already aforesaid only that exception which we already mentioned here. The exception is the person, who is physically not capable to express the will, but perhaps such person needs euthanasia, and perhaps he would beg about euthanasia if he could make it physically. Write about it in your euthanasia essay.

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To leave such person to live his painful life, without the right for euthanasia, it doesn't mean yet to decline all the responsibility because of lack of any decisions concerning such person. To leave him without the right for euthanasia to live painful life, it is also decision-making, it is heavy responsibility too. So, when determining euthanasia it is necessary to remember that such exception needs to be considered, and it is the only case when we can speak not about suicide, but about a murder because the person to whom euthanasia was applied wasn't capable to express the will physically somehow. Though this exception, of course, demands further serious discussion among physicians, lawyers and etiks. In my opinion, this aspect in a question of euthanasia remains the most problematic.

On the assumption of all aforesaid it is possible to give such definition of euthanasia:

Euthanasia is easy, painless death that is caused by certain actions of the person in relation to himself, or as a result of certain actions of other people acting only at the request of the person who because of own physical incapacity, needs their help.

Exception: if the person who is in extremely serious physical condition, doomed to slow dying isn't capable to express the will, actions of people who take in that case the responsibility for decision-making concerning such person, can be also considered as euthanasia if the relevant decision has been made. That exception should be surely added to the euthanasia persuasive essay.

It is also necessary to remind that the above-stated exception is the most problematic aspect in a question of euthanasia. This exception has to be remembered, when determining euthanasia as the category of people who are physically not capable to express the will can need euthanasia like those people who are physically capable to ask about euthanasia. Category of incurably sick people feeling both physical pain, and         distress of soul, which aren't capable to let physically know that they need euthanasia only on the basis of this physical inability, their rights for euthanasia are deprived, means that such legislation not only protects the person, but also not in a smaller measure dooms him to slow painful dying. There are many interesting and useful articles on topical issues in the blog, such as “Same Sex Marriage Essay: Facts Pros And Cons”.

Euthanasia forms

People distinguish active and passive forms of euthanasia. That is very important to mention in all the euthanasia essays.

Active euthanasia

Euthanasia can be performed in two forms: active or passive.

Active euthanasia is an implementation of actions for acceleration of person's death, according to his own decision. Also active euthanasia is possible to call actions of the person for acceleration of his own death. So, for example, the special organization (and the only such organization is "Dinyite" in Switzerland) provides the device which is started in action by the person needing euthanasia.

Active euthanasia at the legislative level is allowed only in three European countries: Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg. Also active euthanasia is allowed in the State of Oregon of the USA. And actually euthanasia is allowed in Switzerland, that is officially at the legislative level euthanasia is forbidden, but the legislation of Switzerland allows to give help at suicide implementation. Wouldn't you say it is really amazing? Essays on euthanasia will sound better is there will be such amazing details.

Passive euthanasia

Passive euthanasia is the termination of any actions for maintenance of human life upon condition that the person himself has made such decision (for example, shutdown of the medical ventilator).

Passive euthanasia is allowed more than in 40 countries of the world.

In the euthanasia essay conclusion you should express your personal opinion.