Influence Of Smartphones On Modern Shopping


Influence Of Smartphones On Modern ShoppingHello, dear Reader! Today we, a team of professional writers, researchers, editors and so on, will speak about mobile applications and their influence on the shopping in general. At the present time every person has a smart phone and tries to take full advantage of it.

Everybody speaks about "mobilization" now. The role of mobile devices grows in everyday life and shopping in proportion to demand for them. Also it is stimulated also with reduction of phones' prices. In the developed countries online purchase by means of the smartphone has become a norm, and many people don't imagine other ways to buy favourably, without using a mobile shopping-application on the smartphone. It will allow to look for and compare the prices of the interesting goods or service.

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In the USA some analytics consider that there is the threat in the form of smartphones over offline retail. Acording to Yankee Group, there is the essential growth of smartphones users who use mobile applications for shopping, trying to discover the best offer for them or some additional information.

46% of buyers use mobile applications when go shopping in real life. According to information of 2010 year this figure made only 5%. A half of these 46 percent, or a quarter of buyers, choose less expensive product in other place - as soon as compare the prices and availability.

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Mobility became a fundamental part of consumer's experience, as experts of research group claim. More than a half of users (54%) has downloaded at least one mobile application of a shop and 24% of consumers consider a mobile shopping-application "natural".

Surprisingly, but the fact is that consumers trust more to online stores, but not to offline. 56% of buyers trust to Amazon, than to traditional shops if it is about comparison of the price.

Buyers with the high income began to use applications for comparison of the prices before buying something to choose the suitable offer and a location of the shop. Those Americans, whose annual family income is more than 200000$-83%, will make the order on the Internet more likely. As a result retail usual shops lose in profit.

The research has shown a serious threat - in the western market - mobile applications "take away" buyers from traditional retailers.

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And if it is important to retailers to keep sales, then they have to use advantages of mobile applications for shopping. The new behavior of consumers in shopping dictates need to offer actively more personalized application, proceeding from accurate preferences of the potential buyer.

Involving buyers by means of such tools as: constant existence of goods in a warehouse, in shop, the personalized offers in a real time, personal consultants, cash desks of self-service, will be able to help with attraction and loyalty of buyers in new mobile economy. Permission to users to be connected to the list of goods available and to other relevant data can bring to retailers much benefit.

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Factor of immediacy (to make and receive purchase without long waiting, without "the postponed effect of possession") in combination with mobile services will make offline sales channels again especially attractive to consumers. There comes a time of symbiosis of different sales channels and channels of involvement of buyers, and now those shops win which combine online and offline ways of conducting trade.

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