Is There The Need To Write American Dream Essay?


American Dream EssayThe American dream is one of the most widespread expressions in the whole world.  We are a team of professional writers, editors, rewriters, proof readers and we are going to cover a topic about American dream today. Essay on the American dream is really interesting task, especially for the Americans. Both migrants and indigenous people seek to realize this dream in America. USSR has conceived Special popularity interest in understanding of the American dream in recent years of existence, when, on the basis of the Hollywood movies, the youth dreamed of cool jeans, beautiful houses, several huge "Cadillacs" in a garage. Despite on such beliefs, expression "the American dream" is much bigger than just some material values.

The American dream is the doctrine, widespread in the USA, according to which an opportunity to achieve glory, success and welfare is available to any resident of the USA living legally or illegally.

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Expression "the American dream" is understood as the doctrine (ideology), all-social for the USA, which unites the inhabitants living in the USA in search of happiness and welfare. The belief is the cornerstone of this ideology - any person living in the United States of America, realizing his energy and diligence, can achieve success in life and become the wealthy member of society. Almost each new U.S. President in his inaugural speech notes that each American will become closer to his American dream. Use this information when you write the essay on American dream!

According to some skeptics, the ideology of the American dream can be considered as a social utopia, however it remains further the one of the main driving forces of migration in the USA.

In this case we may give an example of the previous U.S. President Barack Obama who was born in a family of migrants from Africa, and thanks to persistence he has got an excellent education, a highly paid job and the top post in the whole USA.

The variety of the nationalities and races inhabiting spaces of the American continent and rather small historical piece of their "symbiosis" have caused urgent need for a formulation of common ideology which could unite natives of various countries of the world in the united nation. Such ideology was also "the American dream" which was cultivated for many decades and gave to any person the belief in an opportunity to achieve success and even to become the U.S. President.

Apparently from all aforesaid, the expression "the American dream" is the concept which is difficult definable and today there is no consensus how to formulate it. The fact that absolutely different people include absolutely different sense in their understanding is the reason of it.

Usually American dream is perceived as the highest ideal of living in the USA when you have in property a house, a car, a happy family and stable work which brings the income, which is worthy for existence and realization of the ideas.

The expression "the American dream", except the above, is understood as the right of each person, which has a job, for career development and also confidence in his own future.

The concept of the American dream means, on simple language, the belief that any person who has a sufficient degree of diligence, talent and persistence can reach the cream of society.

The historian and the writer James Truslou Adams  in 1931 year popularized expression "the American dream" in the book under the name "Epic of America", where he wrote about the American dream in the USA on the basis of the values stated in the Declaration Of Independence. This interesting nuance will be successful introduction in all the american dream essays.

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This book has been published in peak of the Great depression of the USA when the USA needed to build, to create more in order to reduce the number of jobless, homeless and unfortunate people. The ideology of achievement the success and welfare through work became the main engine of USA economy, which finally has allowed to lower consequences of an economic crisis.

The expression "the American dream" in many cases is used with the purpose of an outline of vital material and spiritual ideals of the population of America.

As the main elements of the American dream are considered:

1) honest working and self-realization (self-madeperson)

2) freedom of enterprise

3) social responsibility

4) respect of fellow citizens

5) increasing of the reputation and the role in society

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The reflection, the American dream, is also in the legislation of the USA.

At the same time, the American dream represents not only opportunities, but also responsibility. This equality not only of opportunities to achievement of success, but also equality of people before the law without dependence on race, nationality, sex and social status, it is also the respect for the achievements and symbols, general for the USA.

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American dream and migrants

The Statue of Liberty standing on the broken fetters and showing that freedom will heal you, and diligence will light a way to success, was primary embodiment of the American dream and the new opportunities opening to the migrants who are looking for the best and more worthy life arriving to New York from Europe.

Postulates of the All-American dream relied on confidence of newly arrived in that the resources of the New World are boundless and belong to all and everyone equally, that a person leaves any hierarchical dependence in the Old World, that the chances to achieve happiness are also equal for all and the depend only on personal qualities.

Migrants from Europe left the Old World in hope to escape from hierarchical class system which limited social mobility. Getting into the USA such people became the most zealous adherents of freedom and equality, patriots of the USA where they have had boundless opportunities for realization of their dreams and plans; they actively joined in development of civil society and political institutes.

People, who have had open opportunities for realization themselves, begin to form ideology of the American patriotism according to which you have to be proud of the USA - the state which has given to the person all available freedoms and opportunities.

American dream and religion

The big role in formation of the American dream was played by Protestant religion and Protestant labor ethics. Protestantism, which is the dominating religion in the USA, preaches diligence for achievement of the objectives and also honest work. Increasing welfare of the person who works honestly is considered also good.

Each Protestant is obliged to share a part of the income gained by honest work with the church.

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