History Of ABBA’s Success


history of ABBA

Obviously, there is no such person, who does not know about ABBA. This band did a breakthrough in the musical sphere. Creation of ABBA is in demand even now and we hear it in the mass media. In this essay we will discover, how they became famous and why its creation has become the mainstream and still is in favor of humanity.

How Did It All Begin?

Smartwriters.org as one of the essay writing services wants to tell you about the history of ABBA’s success. Although the participants of famous quartet ABBA already met in 1970, but officially they received this name only in 1973. In November 1970 TV show was recorded in Stockholm, on which all four participants of Swedish quartet met. Album of Benny and Bjorn, where Frida and Agnetha participated as back-vocals, can be officially considered as their first joint official record. After this collaboration, it became clear to all participants, that they should write songs together. Stig Anderson decided to produce new team, who was a producer of musical ensemble Hootenanny Singers, where Bjorn participated as guitarist. Therefore, the main composition of ABBA consisted of:

  • Bjorn Ulvaeus;
  • Benny Anderson;
  • Agnetha Feltskog;
  • Anni-Frid Lingstad.

Mainly Stig Anderson was that person, who gave ABBA her name. Because he thought that this name suits band the best. He called an ensemble with such name before it became the official name. It did not mean any serious intentions and then the name caught on.Eponymous famous company existed that time, which was engaged in the processing of seafood. This added intrigue to the situation. Agnetha remembers that the ensemble had to get a permission from this company in order to “wear” such title as ABBA. Leaders of this company did not suspect that this band would become famous all over the world. Therefore, firm agreed. In addition, a special competition was held in the local newspaper. Its idea was in most original name for the band. Such names as BABA and Alibaba were among of big amount of variants.

The founders of the ensemble were Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Anderson. They both were musicians and singers before the creation of group. They were successful in writing of songs, too.First meeting of the band took place during a special meeting, where they came to the decision about close cooperation in writing of songs. Benny was the participant of popular in that time in Sweden band Hep Stars, and Bjorn was in the composition of ensemble Hootenanny Singers. After that, a meeting was held with Anni-Frid during the concert. Her activity was in performing of songs with different groups. After that time, Bjorn heard song “I Was So In Love”, performed by Agnetha Feltskug. Therefore, he decided to invite her in their group. History of ABBA began from that moment.

In 1973, turning point was for the band, when their song “Ring Ring” was rejected from the Eurovision Song Contest, nevertheless it was in the tops of all musical programs in Sweden, the Netherlands and Austria. The first album of ensemble got his appearance under such title.  ABBA’s song “Waterloo” became the song-victor on the Eurovision Song Contest.

Already in 1976, group got the audience from Swedish king himself and performed their songs. The reason was Swedish wedding. Presentation of the song “Dancing Queen” was on that concert. In 1977, the first tour of band was committed, whose beginning was in Britain and end was in Australia. By, the way it was the only Swedish ensemble, which got her popularity in countries, where English is the main language (Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand). Mainly in Australia, most part of material for the film about the band was shot, which got the title similar with the name of the ensemble.

In 1981, the activity of the band began to decline. In 1982, they released their latest single. However, in 1992, the band became popular again. Company Polydor reissued the best songs of the band. In 2000, group got an offer to go on tour with entire band. The price of offer was on 1 000 000 dollars. Unfortunately, offer was rejected. However, ABBA’s hits are still popular nowadays.

Many hits were produced in the period of band’s existence. Their songs were sold in amount of 350 million exemplars. Their first written song was “Hej, gamle man” (Hello, old man), which was in the composition of joint album of Benny and Bjorn, which had name “Lycka” (Happiness). Such hits as “Mamma Mia”, “Dancing Queen”, “Super Trouper” and “Take A Chance on Me” appeared after it. They all strengthen success of ABBA and glorified them worldwide. It was received about a million of orders on the album “Super Trooper” before its release.

How Has The Group Achieved Such Popularity?

In this essay, we have to reveal the theme of “incredible” popularity of ABBA. We have already examined their creative way in first paragraph. It is obvious that question appears about music of ABBA. Music sphere knows many examples of successful musical artists, which stirred up society. However, how many people do we know which are still fans of the certain groups? The greatest example is The Beatles. We obviously remember that such group existed. Nevertheless, any person already does not remember their songs. This has not similar effect with respect to ABBA.  Our relatives, friends have their songs in mind.  Creation of ABBA is the object of radio and TV shows. Participant clearly had career goals. You can find more information in essay on career goals. There are some theories about their impetuous success:

  • uniqueness of music;
  • perfect knowledge of music sphere;
  • help of double tracking.

The main idea is that they “created” new movement of music. It can be rightly considered that ABBA was the first group that combined Swedish folk songs with elements of Schlager. Schlager was extremely popular at that time. This movement of music could be met during many parties. Uniqueness of Schlager was in its freshness and richness. Participants of ABBA loved it from childhood and that’s why put something new in this movement of music. We can also feel some kind of Norse melancholy even in their happiest songs. It was not willfully. Each of participants experienced a personal tragedy. They all were born in Sweden after The Second World War. Each of ABBA was familiar with such terms as poverty, human’s coldness. We can make conclusion, that their music was unique.

Talented musicians and singers were in the composition of ABBA. Their success is determined by their experience. Before the creation of group, each of participants was the professional in music sphere. Front men were the participants of musical ensembles and front women were professional singers. These factors helped them to win Eurovision in 1974 and Eurovision was the start of ABBA’s career.

The last reason is advanced technologies. Michael Tretow was that person, who helped to sound ABBA’s music as perfect as possible. Technology of double tracking helped so much in it. Therefore, we can make such conclusion, that ABBA’ songs uniqueness was not in quality of songs, but their sounding.


ABBA is such type of group, whose music will stay in hearts of listeners for a long time. Their success is caused by some factors. After examination of them in this essay, conclusion can be made about nothing supernatural in this aspect. Success of ABBA is a result of productive work.

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