Charles Darwin Essay: What You Should Know About His Theory


Charles Darwin is a world-wide known scientist. There is no doubt that every educated person knows his name and is able to tell about his scientific achievements. Besides, he is a famous British naturalist and traveler. He was also the first researcher, who came to the conclusion that all species of living creatures evolve and develop all the time and have common ancestor. This theory, which is mainly known as Darwinism or a Theory of Evolution, remains the most important in contemporary natural science. He wrote about it in details in his monumental book On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.  In our Charles Darwin essay we will tell you about the life of this outstanding person, but also about his theory and other scientific works. You will learn about the creation of Darwin’s theory, about its supporters and opponents, contemporary attitude to Darwinism and opponent theories. By the way, if your biology professor has given you a task to write an essay about Charles Darwin, his professional work or any other topic, you may always use our service. You can order any essay right now and our team will gladly collaborate with you to write a perfect academic paper. If you want to know something more about service, visit our site and read the additional information. We are convinced that you will find something interesting for you!

The story of Charles Darwin’s life

The future famous researcher was born in England in 1809. His father was a physician that had an impact on boy’s future and interests. He began his education in an ordinary primary school, but at that time naturalism, collecting insects and minerals, chemistry and history were among his favorite subjects. Hunting was also in the list of his hobbies. However, the boy was really bad in languages. Then Darwin entered Edinburgh University, where he had been studying medicine, taxidermy and then natural history. At that time he took part in expeditions to the South Africa as well. Anyway, soon enough Darwin neglected his studying and his father suggested him to enter Christ’s College in Cambridge in order to become a priest. Remember that if you want to write an essay on Charles Darwin’s university period of life or a Charles Darwin Theory of Evolution essay and think: “Who can grade papers online for me?”, you may always write us and order any kind of assignment. Nevertheless, Darwin paid much more attention to horse riding and hunting than to studying theology. After graduating from college in 1831 Charles Darwin decided to start round-the-world journey. He supposed that this adventure would give him additional experience in naturalism. During this expedition Darwin conducted a great number of research and found lots of samples for his collections. If you want to know more about Darwin’s round-the-world trip, you are welcome to write to our online essay writing service. We will be glad to write the necessary essay for you taking all your wishes into consideration. Scientist returned to England only in 1836. He served as a secretary of the geology Society of London from 1838 to 1841. He got married in 1839 and moved from London to Kent in 1842. There he was spending his quite life as scientist and writer. It is quite interesting that being a young man Darwin was a very pious person. He read a lot of books on theology and tended explain all natural laws and wonders with the will of God. However, after his traveling around the world his belief began being challenged. Despite the general opinion of religious naturalists of that time, Darwin came to the opinion that Old Testament is not more truthful than fairy tales for children. However, the death of Darwin’s little daughter blew his faith up totally. He did not stop helping the local church community, but after his daughter departure he never visited church. Charles Darwin departed in 1882 He lies in Westminster Abbey.

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Some unexpected facts

  • It is quite surprising that Darwin was eager to taste meat of different animals. After entering Cambridge he became a member of Epicure community. The members of this community gathered weekly to taste some unusual dishes. There Charles Darwin had tasted meat of hawk, owl, bittern, etc.
  • Darwin saw the first ape in his life in 1838 the London Zoo. It was orang-outang. Scientist had noticed the similarity between people and apes at once. This fact served as the basement of the Darwinism.
  • He was an obsessed letter-writer. He had written nearly 15 thousand letters.
  • Darwin gave his name to one of the islands of Galapagos, to a volcano on Isabella Island and to the award which is given to people who have died or lost the ability to give birth to children due to their foolishness.
  • The opponent theory for Darwinism is Lamarckism. Darwinists think that the main factor of evolution is natural selection. In opposite, the supporters of Lamarckism think that internal will of living creatures to perfection is the biggest power of evolution.
  • A lot of representatives of religion claim that Darwinism contradicts to the views of church and divine origin of human. However, Catholic Church admits that this theory does not contradict the church doctrine and is possible as one of hypotheses of human body origin.
  • Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born in the same day.
  • Darwin’s wife was his cousin.
  • Darwin was the father of ten children. But not all of them lived to be grown-up. Two children died being newborns. The death of the ten-year-old Ann was one of the hardest moments in Darwin’s life.
  • It is quite unexpected that Darwin did not consider himself to be atheist, despite his theory. He claimed to have agnostic views and never denied God’s existence totally.
  • Collecting insects, Darwin never killed them. He picked up only dead insects. He did not think he had right to kill some living creatures.
  • Darwin had no special biological education and basically he was a self-taught person.
  • Carl Marks highly esteemed the work of Darwin and took it as a basement for his ideology.
  • Darwin is depicted on 10-pound bank-note.

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