Essay About Advertising: To Be Or Not To Be


Advertising - the direction in marketing communications, in which the dissemination of information is made to draw attention to the subject of advertising in order to form or maintain interest in it. Advertising is a mandatory attribute of the market economy; it promotes the competition between different companies. The first most important role of advertising in our lives - it delivers the information to potential consumers. Advertising is an informational message. Writing professionals representing one of the best essay writing services will provide you with our essay about advertising and other exciting works.

According to researchers, advertising performs six main functions:

- It creates awareness about products and brands

- It generates brand image

- It persuades people (persuasion of potential buyers in the acquisition of goods).

- It creates incentives to commit actions (stimulating the demand for goods).

- It provides a reminder (provision of reminders for purchasing goods).

- It reinforces the last shopping experience.

Advertising has a positive effect on the course of development of new products and provides effective ways of informing customers about their appearance. All this generally promotes the attraction of investments, improvement of the quality of products and continuous empowerment of consumer choice. In some cases, the high costs associated with development of new products are partially compensated through advertising, as consumers are informed about new products, and the conditions for their acquisition are created. Dear readers, our advertisement essay as well as what is friendship essay are at your service whenever you need.

The roles of advertising in modern society.

  • Economic (making a profit)
  • Social (achievement of socially useful purposes)
  • Political (the formation of loyalty to the society management system)
  • Ideological (the factor influencing the formation and the establishment of a view of the world)
  • Educational (While viewing the advertisement, as well as the introduction of new technology products and services, which it is broadcasting about, a person can learn the information completely from all spheres of life (from the causes of the raid on the tile in the bathroom to the latest innovations in computer technology)
  • Aesthetic (Many advertisement makers select very high-quality colors and sounds that can cause a person's desire to realize an advertised offer, or at least draw more attention to it.

In virtue of its functions, advertising is in the public eye. Certainly, it is involved in the formation of consumer demand and thus has a certain impact on human activity. One way or another, but the advertising makes an impact on the formation of values and way of life. We are really striving to improve the quality of our essay on advertisement and other essays in each work, so feel free to check our essays about the Holocaust:

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Pros of advertising.

- Being a part of the integrated marketing communications, advertising increases the efficiency of the enterprise:

  • When using the cost leadership strategy, the purpose of which is to achieve economies of scale, advertising, as part of the marketing mix, can promote mass consumption, which, in turn, is a prerequisite for mass production.
  • When using the differentiation strategy, the complex of marketing communications that includes advertising, allows getting feedback from the orientation to a specific marketing sector, ensuring business continuity and profitability.

- Being a part of the integrated marketing communications, advertising contributes to the development of modern technologies, promotes technological progress, and creates increased demand for advertised products in the economy, thus contributing to economic growth, entrepreneurial activity and improvement of living standards.

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Cons of advertising.

  • Advertising presses goods and services upon a consumer, even when there is no need to purchase them.
  • Advertising presses the value system upon a consumer, in relation to the assessment of the use of the goods.
  • In most cases, advertisement view is not desirable and voluntary (you cannot refuse advertisement view, and it is impossible to choose the ad-free view).
  • From the above reasoning, advertising is an instrument of the covert violence against the will. If our current topic harassed you, feel free to read our essay on Benjamin Franklin in order to enrich your knowledge.
  • In some cases, advertising effectiveness is achieved through the active exploitation of human instincts in order to control attention and form positive associations with the advertised object.
  • Advertising makes the negative impact on the consciousness and subconscious. Supporters of this claim put forward arguments about global change in human behavior under the influence of advertising.
  • Advertising overstates the demand for goods, and after that enables to inflate prices. A good example is a situation when prices of cars and computing techniques come down because they lost (advertised, imposed by advertising) the status of the top trends.
  • The constant increase in advertising leads to a decrease in the use of antagonistic promotion method - a method of personal selling.

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To sum it up, we would like to say that despite the dissatisfaction of society advertising became an integral part of our life. Advertisements can be annoying sometimes stupid, but when they are produced in a quality manner, we subconsciously pay attention. Famous brands of high quality usually create attractive advertising clips, and mainly because of it, we go and purchase these goods. Someone said that advertising is the engine of commerce. Well, we have to admit that he or she was absolutely right. Dear readers, if you still do not know any information about our smart professional writers, feel free to check it 24/7. What is your attitude to advertising? What are your emotions when it “pollutes” the content? Feel free to share your thoughts with us. We hope you will find our post useful and welcome to our community. Join us!

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