Essay On Benjamin Franklin: Honor of The USA


Benjamin Franklin, a prominent civic leader in the USA, is also known for his achievements in the fields of science, inventive activities, journalistic, publishing and diplomacy. Benjamin is one of the founding figures who affixed his signature under three very important historical documents that were the basis of the formation of the USA as an independent state:

- the Declaration of Independence

- the Constitution

- the Treaty of Paris in 1783.

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Ben was born in the beginning of the 18th century in Boston. He was one of 17 children of an artisan who produced candles and soap. Little Ben was educated by himself because of lack of money in the family. When Franklin was twelve, his father asked his brother to take Ben as an apprentice to the print shop. About ten years later, being inspired by his work in the printing field, Benjamin began to publish newspapers and yearly periodicals. While being involved in publishing, he founded the “Junto”, a social and self-improvement study group, and several people gathered to discuss politics, philosophy and moral aspects almost every week. The activities in the “Junto” inspired Franklin to create the first American public library.

Franklin’s political views were based on the concept of natural and inherent human rights, in particular:

- life

- liberty

- property

He became to be involved in politics in the middle of the 18th century, while he was working as a publisher and writer. In 1757, he moved to London as a messenger of Pennsylvania. Benjamin worked abroad for about twenty years. After coming back, he was elected as the delegate of the II Continental Congress; Franklin was one of those who prepared the Declaration of Independence (one of the main documents for the establishment of independent country). If you are interested in political personalities, consult our essay on Adolph Hitler in order to enlarge your knowledge.

Soon after the independence was voted, a professional was chosen as the first ambassador to France. His purpose was to sign a document that was essential for the final establishment of the US independence. Because of his wit and mental abilities, he quickly gained respect and access to different communities. Being rather a talented diplomat, he managed to affix the Treaty of Paris with the signature that brought an end of the Revolutionary War. If you like to read our Ben Franklin essay, do not lose a chance to receive some new information about American culture:

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Beside his fundamental input to the formation of the independent United States, Franklin had very versatile personality. He belonged to one of the largest freemason’s lodges, and he was an outstanding scientist who contributed to the development of many scientific branches. Do not forget to use our academic writing services if you desire to get your specific essay. The main sphere of Benjamin’s scientific interest was physics, and his works on electricity are widely used in world science practice. For instance, he proved that lightning was of electric nature; he is also known as the inventor of Franklin stove, bulbs for streetlights and the lightning protector. Benjamin also was concerned with the Gulf Stream. At his behest, sailors began to plot their observation on a map, and the first map the Gulf Stream appeared. For additional background knowledge, use your opportunity to read our essays about American culture.

Besides, Franklin also had success in the field of writing. His Poor Richard’s Almanac contained plenty of useful recommendations, different proverbs, morals and aphorisms. He is considered the first man who used the phrase “Time is money”. Benjamin also wrote reminiscences of about twenty years of his life that were not finished, but people call them his autobiography. The document was published after he breathed last. If you enjoy our Ben Franklin essays, you can easily contact us and our professional will write papers for you:

Having left the great scientific, literary and political heritage, Benjamin Franklin went aloft at the age of 84. He left most of his funds to his daughter and little to son. He also made a donation to schools, museums and universities in the cities that were native for him. His great merits to the nation were not left without attention. About twenty thousand people came to his memorial service in order to say goodbye to one of the most prominent citizens of their town. Do not hesitate to visit our online writing services and read more about the services provided by our professionals.

To sum it up, it is necessary to admit that a gifted person is good at everything. Benjamin Franklin, a great scientist, diplomat, journalist (and we can list his occupations for a long time), is the best example of this phrase. Not many people have such a number of inventions, literary works and political achievements. However, do many Americans know what merits a man from 100-dollar banknote had? Benjamin’s contribution to the American history is immensely important. He is called one of the founding fathers of the USA, and his hard labor has to be valued by the modern population. The participation in the subscription of three most important documents for the achievement of independence brought great popularity to Benjamin Franklin in the 18th century. Looking at streetlights, sitting in front of the fireplace, hearing the sound of a lightning rod, we do not think about the inventor of these things. So, maybe people should know more about such ingenious people, shouldn’t they? Such people deserve to be remembered not only when you remove your wallet from the pocket. Do you support this idea? Do you have anything to add or some contradictions? Do not fear to share your thoughts, we are waiting for your responses. Join us!

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