Essays About The Holocaust: Jewish Genocide


Holocaust (a notion of Greek origin) means “burnt offering”. This word is used to define one of the greatest ethnopolitical disasters in the last century, and in the whole world history. The scientists explore this phenomenon in two senses:

- in a narrow sense - the mass extermination and the Jews-baiting who lived in Germany and in the territory occupied by it during the World War II; systematic depopulation of Jewry who lived in Europe by the possessed Germans and their fighting partners during the period of 1933-1945.

- in a broad sense – the persecution and mass extermination of different ethnic and social groups (Soviet prisoners of war, Poles, Jews, masons, the sick and disabled, and others.) during the period of Nazi Germany.

In our essays about the Holocaust, we will discuss this terrible phenomenon in a narrow sense. If you need to get your essay right now, you can buy a research paper online.

Hitler started his political career in 1919; he acceded to a small political grouping of National Socialists. Soon he became the leader of that public association, and state-supported Jews-baiting was proclaimed one of Hitler’s policy purposes. The offensive nationalism of many citizens was ignited by such factors:

- economic depression

- strongly marked nationalism as a reaction to sorehead in the World War I

- the leading-edge upheavals

- disillusionment with democracy

Having used the general discontent and market problems, Hitler publicly developed racist ideology. The Fuehrer considered himself the Messiah, the chosen one to prevent the "Jewish invasion." He pushed for a relentless grapple against the Jews who “spoiled the purity of the "perfect race".

The installation of the Nazis regime in Germany meant the imposition of anti-Semitism in the whole country. In 1933, the propaganda minister organized the destruction of «adverse » books in Berlin. Together with the works of the world classical literature (T. Mann, E. M. Remarque, J. London, E. Zola), the Nazis burned masterpieces of famous writers and scholars who had Jewish roots. If you need your high-quality essay on the Holocaust or other topics, feel free to contact our professional writing team.

A few years after taking office, Hitler published anti-Jewish "Nuremberg Laws". The Nazis took some measures to implement the first stage of the "working out the Jewish issue": to deprive the children of Israel of their human rights. The anti-Jewish policy became increasingly brutal. SS and homeland security bodies began to implement the “racial cleanup" strategy. Before the start of the war, the children who had "second-rate racial characteristics" were not allowed to study at schools in Germany. The Nazis gradually shifted from the deprivation of Jews’ rights to their exclusion from the main spheres of life (politics, economics, and finances). If our the Holocaust essay satisfies you and you are interested in this topic, you may also read our essay on Adolph Hitler.

One of the first large-scale acts of violence was the "Night of Broken Glass" in 1938. The Nazis took away property from the Jews for their own benefit, robbed shops, murdered or sent Jews to concentration camps, burned hundreds of synagogues. However, the most terrible abuse of these people occurred during the World War II. While writing your works, we are trying to follow all your requirements and instructions, so feel free to check the quality of our American Civil War essay:

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The Nazis social course was based on the appropriation of Jewish assets and the lands of other people as members of “second-rate races". Taking such measures, the Nazis strived to improve living standards of their native population. Being unnecessary, expropriated people were destined to be annihilated in special extermination camps. Death camps situated in the territory of German Eastern neighbor, Poland, witnessed an enormous amount of human painful deaths. There people were burnt in gas chambers and suffered from terrible medical experiments. In order to enlarge your scope, you may look through our racism in America essay that also contains critical issues that appeal concerned people.

Moreover, Germans killed about two million Jews in the mass shootings that occurred in the territory of the former Soviet Union. For instance, thousands of victims were massacred at Babi Yar, in Kiev, and in Zmievskaya beam under Rostov-on-Don. Separate regiments, consisting of certain murderers, the so-called «operational groups», committed genocidal slaughters. Only in the former Soviet Union, about 770 thousand people were shot. About half a million Jews died in the ghettos and labor camps because of violence, illnesses and malnutrition.

The allies conducted the fight against the policy of genocide and against fascism jointly during the World War II. In 1942 in Moscow, Anti-Fascist Jewish Committee adopted a statement in which it pushed for Jews around the world to struggle actively against the Nazis. The appeal joined almost all Jews throughout the world; they fought in the ranks of the regular army or as part of the resistance groups and guerrilla regiments. Dear readers do not forget that all our works are your disposal as well as what is friendship essay:

To sum it up, we want to say that the Holocaust is one of the greatest tragedies in the world history. The exact number of its victims is still unknown, but all researchers agree that it is enormous (approximately, more than five million people). We should do our best to prevent such cases of genocide in future. We all mourn for the victims of this terrible process implemented by the Nazis. We should remember about these innocent people who suffered from the German ideology of the first half of last century. All races are equal, and they should not be deprived of basic human rights. Our essays are provided by writing professionals, if you need your essay right now, do not lose an opportunity to make your order. Do you know some additional information about this horrible genocide? How can prevent such cases in future? Dear readers, we are waiting for your comments. Join us!

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