The American Civil War Essay: Causes and Results


The American Civil War is a war of the Union of 24 states against 11 Southern slave states that lasted for four years. During these four years, about two thousand minor and great battles occurred. Eleven Southern slave states claimed that slavery would never disappear from their territory, and they decided to establish their own Confederation of States. In 1861, the bloodiest war in the US history began. The number of victims is higher than in two World Wars taken together. The American Civil War essay and other essays that contain some advanced facts are provided by our essay writing service with smart writers, so you can easily contact us anytime you need.

At the initiative of the public official of one of rebellious states, their authorities arranged to establish the separate state in case if the republican would take office. Abraham Lincoln, the vigorous critic of slavery, received presidential powers in the end of 1860 that caused the resurrection of supporters of Confederation. Not long after the elections, South Carolina began the process of splitting from the United States. In February 1861, the new state– the Confederation – was formed; a rich plantation owner and former Secretary of Defense, Jefferson Davis, became the head of this “new country”. Initially, it was formed by seven slave states. Later four states (the Confederation was growing) became the members of Confederation. If you are interested in American history, and our civil war essays attract you, do not forget to check our racism in America essay for some new facts.

The president called confederates upon peaceful reunification of the country, but the rebels, striving to preserve slave ownership and understanding that Lincoln would abolish it, chose a split. In April 1861, rebels occupied some fortifications and armories that became the origin of the greatest war in US history.

Northern states were all over the southerners in population and, in a greater degree, in military and industrial potential. Northern states were aimed at preserving the Union and the entirety of the nation; on the contrary, the authorities of slave states wanted the independence of their Confederation recognized. Strategic intentions of the parties were similar: the offensive on the enemy capital and the dismemberment of the territory. Fighting was initially concentrated in the direction Washington – Richmond (the city chosen as the capital of the Confederation). If you are tired of these historic facts in our essay on civil war, you can easily look through our animal testing essays:

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In spite of numerical superiority in population, first years of war were not very successful for Northern states. The attempts of their troops to invade Richmond failed, and it is believed that confederates had better chances to win because they needed just to protect their own territory. Military failures forced the authorities to take measures in order to change methods of the conduct of war. There appeared some new bills. The most significant were Homestead Act that gave a US citizen the right to receive a parcel of land (in case, if he did not fight in favor of confederates) and the proclamation of emancipation that allowed giving slaves their freedom in Southern states (slavery in Northern states was prohibited by law). If you have some additional questions about our range of services, feel free to contact us whenever you need.

For the first time in the history of the United States, military service was introduced. Northern army was widened with new units; about 200 thousand Afro-Americans (70% of them came from the South) were inducted into the armed forces of the Union. These innovations were clearly noticeable in the second period of the war. In 1864, the heads of Northern troops shaped a strategic plan that provided for three main offensive strokes. Meanwhile, Lincoln was elected for the next term. If prominent persons inspire you, do not lose an opportunity to read our Aldous Huxley essay.  The result of that election covertly meant that the war would end very soon. The offensive of Union troops began, and the number of victories increased. After some successful battles, the army of the North appeared in the rear of confederate forces in spring, 1865. Some months later, the capital of the Confederation, Richmond, was occupied. Southern troops had to fall back, but soon they were caught and besieged. They had to throw out a white flag. Not long after the victory, one of the confederate agents fatally wounded President Lincoln, and he died the next day. If you are queer for this topic, you can easily check our essay on Adolf Hitler, a military leader of the 20th century:

In conclusion, it is necessary to say that the American Civil War was the most murderous war in the US history. A number of victims increased a half a million. Even two World Wars that took place in the next century, and many new technologies were used there, took away fewer lives than the Civil War. At great cost of life, the unity of the country was preserved and slavery was abolished completely. This war provided an impetus to the further development of the United States. Some decisions of political leaders of that time were borrowed by their future generation that helped to establish the USA as one of the most powerful countries throughout the world. If you want to know more about our organization, fell free to visit our about us section. Do you know some additional information about the battles of this terrible war? What do you think about the results of the war? Could you imagine that the Southern army won? Feel free to share your opinion, and we are waiting for you. Join us!

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