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Aldous Leonard Huxley was a famous English writer. He also had success in the sphere of philosophy. The dystopian novel Brave New World is known as one of his prominent works. He subscribed to humanism and pacifism as well as satire. In addition, Huxley was concerned with mental spheres such as universalism, mysticism, and metapsychology. The writer was a nominee for the literary prizes several times in his lifetime. If you feel desire to learn new information, check our Aldous Huxley essays online and essay writing service with smart writers.

Huxley belonged to British cultural elite inherently, as his relatives were outstanding scientists, writers and painters. He lost his mother at the age of thirteen, and a couple of years later, he was taken ill with an eye disease that resulted in the visual deterioration. Being a student, Huxley studied literature in the prestigious college, and he decided to choose the writer’s activity as a job when he was about 20. His novels aim to show the loss of humanism because of the progress of technological revolution. Huxley also was interested in pacifist topics. We want to provide you with essays of the best quality that contain useful background knowledge, so you can check our George Orwell essays.

In the 1930s, Aldous Huxley decided to move to California. He hoped that local climate would help to improve his eyesight that was getting worse. One year later, he got to know an Eastern philosopher, Jiddu. Under his influence, he began to learn Hindu theories and was involved in mysticism. Using that knowledge, he created a couple of works on mental impressions and peculiarities. His essay contained the researches of famous mystics around the world. If you have a desire to read Aldous Huxley essay or other interesting articles, we are ready to write your essay for you.

The author was also famous for his scripts for Hollywood. He wrote some scripts co-authored by Christopher Isherwood. Some of his scripts were never directed. The script for Pride and Prejudice was rather successful. He also worked with the script for Madame Curie. The writer was deeply concerned about the futurity of the progressive world. In a television interview, he defined some of the most important issues:

- the ways of political promotion to naïve public

- the tendency of the distinct hierarchy of society

- the complexity of the overpopulated world

In the early 50s, Huxley agreed to step into the experiment carried out by his pen friend. The experiment targeted at the research of influence of mescaline on human’s consciousness.  The essays on this drug effect describe observations and experimental procedure, which the author repeated about ten times until the time of his death. The Doors of Perception became extremely popular among plenty of social groups in the mid of the 20th century (for instance, Californian hippies). Moreover, this essay gave the name to the famous rock band of that period. If you are interested in medicinal topics, do not hesitate to check our essays on euthanasia, which are available as our Aldous Huxley complete essay:

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In the beginning of 60s, Huxley was involved in the psychological survey of different conscious states. The effect of psychotropic drugs was clearly seen in his works. In his last novel, he described Utopia that was diametrically opposite to his dystopian novel Brave New World.

Aldous Huxley was married twice. His first wife Maria Nys was a Belgian. She bore him one son, Matthew Huxley who is known as an outstanding professional in epidemiology and anthropology. In 1955, Maria breathed last because of cancer. One year after this tragic event, Huxley married again. His second wife was a violinist and psychotherapist. Later she wrote her husband’s biography, This Timeless Moment. If you become interested in the topic of marriages, feel free to check our same sex marriages essays that are available 24/7:

In the beginning of 60s, Aldous Huxley received a terrible diagnosis - laryngeal cancer. His health was deteriorating, so he could not work much. Nevertheless, he created his last Utopian novel and gave a course of lectures on human capacity in several universities. These materials were significant for the movements for human potential. Shortly before his end, the fire in his house destroyed most of his documentation and notes. Fortunately, some of Huxley’s papers are preserved at the libraries of some prestigious universities in the United States.

Feeling his death and being unable to speak because of his cancer, Huxley asked her wife for LSD injection in written form. The injection was made in the morning, and in the evening, Huxley died. He was 69. His memorial service was held in London, and the talented English writer was buried in his family grave with his relatives. To find several entertaining facts, you can easily contact our service support team that is ready to help you with the writing of your essays.

Taking all the previously mentioned into consideration, Aldous Huxley was an outstanding writer and original personality. He was one of the greatest representatives of the dystopian novel genre. He was deeply concerned with the influence of science and technologies. His skepticism caused contradictory impressions for readers. Suffering from bad eyesight, he did not give up and worked as more as he could. His works are studied in universities and colleges, and they constitute fundamental literary heritage. Huxley took part in psychological experiments. Being under the influence of psychedelic drugs, he tried to observe how they affected human’s consciousness. Combining different spheres of knowledge, he created deeply philosophical and socially directed works. He also made a significant contribution to the film industry; his scripts were widely known in his time. We can define a lot of prominent and unusual writers of the 20th century, and Aldous Huxley should be concluded as one of the founders of rather a complicated literary genre – dystopian novel. Did you like Aldous Huxley’s biography? Do you have some other exciting facts about his life? So, do not hesitate to join us, share your thoughts and get more additional information 24/7!

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