Essay On Animal Rights: How Should I Start?


Essay On Animal RightsIn the modern world a relation of people and animals, their owners and society is rather complex. That is why there is availability of the numerous laws existing across all America, connected with managing of animals. Some laws protect animals from people and people from animals. Other laws concern a question of ensuring protection against damage caused by animals, a public and private property and also the laws determining requirements for managing of different animals in case of the modern public relations. Proceeding from a large number of states to the USA, laws vary depending on local conditions of accommodation of the population of the certain city or rural settlement. Let's note the most general moments in the legislation of the country, as exemplified by lows about dogs. There are many essays on animal rights on the Internet, however you need to create your own one!

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Wherever dogs are kept, owners are obliged to take care of that they do not walk unsupervised. Unsupervised dogs can be traumatized, can be stolen, and dogs can spoil lawns, gardens or furniture around the house. The dogs left unsupervised can kill or wound small pets or cattle or attack people. When one or pack of several such stray dogs come across small children or weak old men, the outcome can be awful.

The dogs running in packs are caught and under certain circumstances are destroyed by a humane method. The farmer, who found a dog who disturbs his cattle, is allowed to shoot this dog without any sanctions in his address from the law. The owner of a dog will probably bear responsibility for loss and damage of property.

Owners of dogs, according to the law, ensure safety in venues of training and walking of dogs in their own territory, and also they are obliged to hold dogs on a leash in public places. When owners of dogs take the pets from the house for a walk, they shall clean and properly delete their excrements. In many American settlements the laws obliging owners to do it are adopted. To honor of owners of dogs most of them willingly agree with these requirements.

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A complaint can be made to the owner of a dog if his dog annoys someone with the continuous barking. This problem arises in densely populated places, for example in apartment houses. In this case, when you have premises, you should inquire whether you in general have the right to hold at yourself a dog. Many owners of the leased apartments don't let it therefore a bailor can impose on you requirement to remove a dog from the living space occupied by you. If you plan to purchase a dog, then you should get acquainted with regulations on the civil responsibility of owners of dogs and to be ready to observe them. Otherwise you won't become the owner of a dog.

As a rule, dogs aren't allowed to be in the product markets, in the shops, restaurants and office rooms. Besides, dogs aren't allowed to be carried in some types of a public transport or they are allowed only if they are in some special container. These rules of access to public places don't extend to seeing-eye dogs for the blind, hard of hearing, guard dogs, crippled and who are on treatment, having the relevant documents.

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In the majority of populated localities there are requirements that for managing of dogs the person should have a license, at the same time the type of these licenses changes depending on the place of their issue. For receipt of the detailed information on this matter, you need to address the city or local body exercising control of animals. Besides, there is a difference in rules on managing of a certain quantity of dogs. The license for dog nursery usually is required in that case when someone wants to breed dogs. And at the same time the owner needs legal registration.

Any business connected with dogs is regulated by local laws. Shops for pets, dog nurseries, places of care of animals and other similar institutions shall conform to the requirements concerning purity, humane treatment and many other factors.

Recently some municipalities have brought in their territory the law for protection of buyers of dogs according to which the purchased puppy can't be sold without veterinary inspection by no means and if it is sick, it can be returned to the seller with a total compensation of the spent means, or the seller will incur all expenses on veterinary treatment of a puppy up to payment of all-in purchase value of a puppy. So both the buyer, and the seller shall know their rights and the obligations.

In many places laws about dangerous dogs are adopted now. Unfortunately, some people hold aggressive dogs for such purposes, such as dog fights. Even in our educated century we weren't exempted from desire to have a look at bloody sport.

Need for the full law forbidding animals abuse in various spheres appeared long ago. The majority of the countries of the world have such laws already for many years.

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Now we are going to tell you a little about animal right in different countries:

  • Vatican

At Pope Saint John Paul II the Catholic Church confirmed dogs have a soul. They can come into the temple now. Tell about it in your persuasive essay on animal rights!

  • European parliament

The European parliament has decided to forbid completely tests of cosmetics on animals in the territory of Europe. In Europe the rights of cats and dogs are protected by the Convention on protection of animals against ill treatment. You cannot leave the dog locked in the car in sunny day in some countries – the salon quickly heats up and a dog could have vehicular heatstroke. The police officer who has seen it has to break glass and fine the owner of a dog.

  • Great Britain

The first law on protection of animals against cruelty was accepted in Great Britain in 1822. Soon after Great Britain laws on protection of animals were adopted in the majority of the European countries.

Many people want to receive the status of the British pets now. The British parliament gave the rights and freedoms to 7 million dogs, 8 million cats inhabiting the British Isles, 650 thousand horses, 2 million rabbits and the poultry. The law provides toughening of responsibility of animal owners for violation of the law: from large penalties to imprisonment.

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  • Germany

Germany became the first-ever state where since 2002 the rights of animals are protected by the Constitution. Under the new laws use of animals for testing of cosmetics, household chemicals and drugs is forbidden (in certain cases - it is limited). Animals in Germany are protected by the Life protection act of animals (Tierschutzgesetz). There is also an Order on managing the dogs (Hundeverordnung). In Germany the profession "Animal activist" is acknowledged.

In Germany the special branch of the right works. It is called "The rights of animals" (Tierrechte). Lawyers who can not only help with a case of violation of the rights of animal owners or with cases of mockery at animals, but also help at acquisition of animals work in this area. It is possible to find such lawyer on the Internet.

  • Austria

On May 27, 2004 the Parliament of Austria accepted one of the most progressive laws in Europe on protection of animals. Now management of chickens in close cages, trimming a tail and ears to dogs, binding of a livestock with hard ropes will be considered a crime.

Also, according to the new law, it is strictly forbidden to use lions and other wild animals in circuses, you cannot hold a dog on a chain, on a slipknot or to use a so-called "invisible fence" which beats an animal with current in the yard if it crosses a certain line.

Besides, it is forbidden to keep puppies and kittens in stuffy show-windows of pet-shops. Violators of the law are threatened by a penalty in the amount of $2 to $15 thousand. Also the authorities reserve the right to take away an animal from its owner.

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  • Spain

On June 25-26, 2008 the Parliament of Spain accepted the right of each anthropoid in life, freedom and protection against cruelty. This decision became the first in world practice act equalizing in rights human and animals. Parliamentary committee on ecology submitted this bill on consideration of the Spanish parliament, and the bill was lobbied by participants of the Big Monkey project. The leader of Movement of releasing animals Peter Singer is the head Big Monkey project.

Now monkeys can't be considered as objects of a private property and participate in circus representations in Spain.

It is difficult to reevaluate importance of this decision for development of ecological ethics and the world fight for the rights of animals against hunting, circuses, fur farms, vivisection, sports fishing and other shameful medieval barbarity. Now the similar bill is lobbied also in some other countries, and it is already told about dolphins, and some other high-organized animals except monkeys in this bill.

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  • Switzerland

Switzerland is a leading state of Europe in the field of the animal rights. In 2007 the Zurich canton as an experiment introduced a post of "the lawyer of animals" for the first time, and the main event of 2008 in Switzerland, according to the Maten edition, was coming into effect of the law of animal rights. The official representative of federal veterinary service of Switzerland  Katya Mara considers that change of views of Swisses became one of the reasons of adoption of law: "The subject of animals became central in our society".

The law in details regulates the treatment with wild animals and pets. From now on they aren't equated to things any more.

It means that during legal proceedings interests of "our smaller brothers" will be considered, for example, in case of the section of property on court during a divorce of animal owners. If earlier a dog or a cat were just estimated on their market value, so now the judge has the right to give them to that spouse with whom, in his opinion, animal will feel better. By the way, there is an essay on same sex marriage in the blog!

If the animal was traumatized on someone's fault, then the judge can oblige responsible person to pay treatment at the veterinarian even if these expenses exceed animal cost.

If someone found the lost animal, then he is obliged to inform the owner of four-footed friend or the competent authorities. But if in two months the owner doesn't appear, then the animal becomes legal property of the one who found it and sheltered.

  • Italy

The law designed to protect animals from the cruel attitude towards them from people was accepted a few years ago in Italy. According to this law, everyone who will throw a cat or a dog will be brought to trial. The one who will be found guilty can be committed to prison for a period of one year, and also he will be obliged to pay a penalty in the amount of 10 thousand euros.

The authorities of the Italian town of Redzhio Aemilia issued the law which obliges to indulge, care and cherish in every possible way the cats, dogs and birds. For insufficient manifestation of mercy you may obtain a penalty of 500 euros.

According to a new law of the city council of the Italian Turin, owners of dogs who walk animals less than three times a day, have an opportunity to get the penalty to 500 euros.

  • The Netherlands

On November 30, 2006 the Netherlands became history as the first country in the world in which parliament the Party for Animals is provided (Patij voor de Dieren in abbreviated form - PvdD). Its main objective is improvement of animal rights. The party for Animals is created in 2002 and Marianna Time (Marianne Thieme) is at the head. The Party tries to obtain fixing of the rights of animals in the constitution of the country by an example of Germany, and also developing of the separate law on zooprotection.

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