Personal Goals Essay – Is It Important?


Personal Goals EssayYou are here, on the page of our blog, because you need to write goals essay. Each person has the main goal in his life he aims to. Some people have several or really many goals. Throughout the whole life they can change: some of them lose their importance, some leave us, and instead of them other fresh goals appear. How many goals should the person have? Find out it in the article about the personal goal essay, written by our team of professional writers, editors, proof readers and rewriters.

One of the best pieces of advice, which can be given to you: "Look in future with confidence. Look in the direction of your dream and set the correct purposes in life."

Most of us live as wind, moving back and ahead, from one day to another. But we believe that our life is not just accident and all of us have to take part in its "design". Yes, we could call it the design of the life.

Since there was a general release of the movie "The Bucket List" with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman (by the way we recommend everyone to watch it), even more people began to write the list of live goals.

Setting the goals is not just writing the list. It is a starting point on the way to project the life, which we are dreaming of. Perhaps it is time to think of all big and small things which you would like to accomplish in your life.

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Every year, usually in December, people make the list of things which they would like to accomplish next year. However these purposes have short-term character. If you set about 100 goals of life, you will set more ambitious tasks. Some of them will be short-term, and accomplishment of others can take up all your life. You can begin and make some tasks at once; however some of them will demand more time.

These life goals have to be so exciting for you personally, that it will be difficult for you to fall asleep at night! If you are not excited about your purposes, then you won't aspire to them at a rather high level.

Successful people claim that even 50 life goals of one person is not the maximum. The longer list of your purposes will be, the better you will to understand your true desires.

For example, John Goddard at fifteen-year age set even not 50 main life goals which he aimed to reach, but 127! It is about the big researcher, the talented scientist-anthropologist, the interesting traveler, the great owner of scientific degrees, the respected Member of Society of the French researchers, Royal Geographical Society and Archaeological Society, the repeated champion of the Guinness Book of Records. At the semi centennial anniversary John remarked 100 of the 127 set goals.

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Approximate list of 50 life goals, which you could use in your essay about goals in life.

Spiritual self-improvement:

  • To read collected edition of J. London.
  • To finish English language courses.
  • To forgive grouch on parents, friends.
  • To cease to envy.
  • To increase personal efficiency in 1,5 times.
  • To get rid of laziness and putting aside of different important affairs.
  • To write at least 1000 words for the incomplete novel (or the personal blog) daily.
  • To make up a quarrel with the sister (husband, mother, father).
  • To begin writing the personal diary every day.
  • To visit a church at least once a month.

Physical self-improvement:

  • To visit a gym 3 times a week.
  • To go to the sauna and the pool weekly.
  • To do a set of exercises daily in the mornings;
  • To make foot walks for at least half an hour very evening.
  • To refuse the list of harmful products completely.
  • To organize a three-day cleaning starvation quarterly.
  • To learn how to stretch out in three months.
  • To go on in a ski hike to the wood In the winter together with the grandson (the son, the daughter, the nephew).
  • To lose weight by 4 kilograms.
  • To have a shower with cold water in the mornings.

Financial purposes:

  • To raise the monthly income to the stated sum of money.
  • To lift TiTs of the website (blog) by the end of this year to 30.
  • To move to a level of receipt of a passive income.
  • To learn to speculate on the Stock Exchange.
  • To learn how to do the websites on a by-order basis independently.
  • To cancel the credit in bank ahead of schedule.
  • To charge to perform all housework to automatic machines to save time for earnings.
  • To save on senseless and harmful things: cigarettes, alcohol, sweets, chips, croutons.
  • To buy all the products in wholesale stores, except perishable products.
  • To purchase cottage for cultivation of fresh environmentally friendly products.

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Comfort and pleasures:

  • To buy the four-room apartment with all conveniences.
  • To buy the certain model of car.
  • To visit Italy and Spain.
  • To complete a massage course.
  • To go to a holiday at least 2 times a year.
  • To buy a fur coat.
  • To sweep on an alive Indian elephant.
  • To jump with a parachute.
  • To go to a live concert of the favourite performer.
  • To meet friends at least 1 time a week.


  • To contribute money (10% of profit) in orphanage on gifts to children every month.
  • To arrange for orphan children New Year's performance with gifts by forces of local theater.
  • Not to pass by people asking for alms, but always to give alms.
  • To help a homeless animals shelter – to deduct money for food to dogs and cats.
  • By New Year to make a small gifts to all kids living near of your flat/house.
  • To support the needing pensioners
  • To buy the computer for a large family with may children.
  • To give your unnecessary things away to people in need.
  • To build the playground for local children in the yard.
  • To help financially a talented girl Alice to go on a competition to New York "Light the star".

The state of being relevant, important, essential as main component of happiness

Besides full-fledged happiness the personality still requires something else. And "something else" is called honours. Only being in demand, the personality feels the importance, feels pleasure, happiness. Each person has his own criterion of the state of being relevant. Some people are glad for rather simple "thanks" for the made dinner. Others have feeling of entire happiness from manifestations of tenderness of the sexual partner - it is honours, allocation the personality among all other.

It is enough for one people to make sterile purity in their flat or house and to hear words of admiration from the neighbors, others need to see delight in the eyes of passers at the sight of their appearance, a figure, dresses, a hairstyle. Consideration them as beautiful parents is important for the third. The fourth require honour at wider level. These fourth don't limit a circle of people whom they want to be respected, relatives, darlings, neighbors, fellow travelers, passersby.

Those are scientists, pioneers, big businessmen, creative people and people of a number of professions. People who gain recognition as from the darlings, friends, children, neighbors, and from colleagues, admirers, the audience, readers (from more wide range of people) are considered the most successful.

We hope that after reading our goals in life essay you will be able to write your one. We hope it is really useful and helpful for the students and for the pupils.

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