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My Ambition EssayHello, dear Reader! We are happy to welcome you at our blog! Today we are going to talk about ambition definition essay. It is a very interesting and important topic for young people. Many of us are sure that personal ambitions never lead to anything good. However practice proves otherwise. People with the high, developed ambitions reach something great in their life.

What are personal ambitions? This is the desire and aspiration of the person to achieve any individual purpose. Where can be the harm in doing it? "It is easy to satisfy me with the best" - Winston Churchill said, and it is the exact phrase for the person with great ambitions. If you do not need much, you will be happy with a little - you have small ambitions. If you need much, if you have the highest claims, if you accept nothing, except the best - you are an ambitious person.

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Ambitions are the size of the purposes and the status for which the person applies.

  • The small purposes, the status is unimportant - it is relevant to small ambitions, to the average person.
  • The small purposes, but the status is very important - it is ambition of the aspirant for honors.
  • The big purposes and indifference to the status - is relevant to the big person aiming at the maximum of life.
  • The big purposes in life and importance of the status - is big ambition of the big person.

The word "ambitions" as the dictionary interprets is the aggravated vanity, excessive self-conceit, egotism, arrogance. And the dictionary modestly specifies that value is outdated, and nowadays ambitions are pride and self-respect. However, for some reason most of us also still consider that ambitions are the unhealthy phenomenon.

And it is in vain as such outlook is destiny of losers. However, there is nothing surprising that in society it is considered shameful to be allocated and apply for something bigger, than what you have.

The iron law of oligarchy is based on this feature of society: most people subconsciously don't want to be leaders and with ease are ready to give the destiny, and at the same time responsibility to someone's hands.

In business which is based on the application of individual efforts and use of own personal qualities, abilities, opportunities, personal ambitions take not the last place. They act as excellent motivators of our actions, deeds, inducing us to aspire forward. If the person is ambitious, so he does not need excessive additional stimulation. His internal content is already filled with a certain self-stimulating sense. All the argument should be mentioned in my ambition essay, if you want to get “A”!

For business personal ambitions is irreplaceable quality. Especially, when it concerns the direction. A good leader, a successful businessman should be ambitious. Otherwise he is doomed to eternal swimming without result in economic abysses.

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The available personal ambitions need to be used, to be directed correctly in the corresponding direction, to be applied rational in business and other activities. Otherwise, if the mind doesn't direct them, so they manipulate the personality — it will be a way to a chasm.

Make personal ambitions the motive to self-improvement, to development of the business, to its modernization, to achievement of the objectives, and then you will learn to use them competently. Remember that here only reasonable approach is necessary (without excess emotions): only intelligent, purposeful actions.

1) The basic rule of use of personal ambitions – they are suitable only for individual work, management, individual business management. If it is about collective, then here ambition will only disturb, the basis of group activities is to act together.

2) The second rule: personal ambitions shall go always hand in hand with the reason. If you didn't learn to manage them reasonably, then you shouldn't better rely on them in order not to make fatal mistakes.

3) The third rule: personal ambitions shall be an incentive, motive to action, but not the purpose. If you substitute the concepts (business objectives and a personal whim), so it is not a reasonable way in the corporate world.

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Sometimes people try at business' or other people's expense to prove their importance and then their personal ambitions begin to manage them, begin to lead them in absolutely wrong direction.

And all this occurs only to prove to our acquaintances that we mean something very important in this world. But for business it has no special value if the personal purposes of the businessman disperse with economic, commercial.

So, only if you reasonably use ambition in an entrepreneurship, realize completeness of responsibility for your actions, you will succeed in life. You are not led by the nose by it, but you act according to the planned business plan, you can apply personal ambitions on the way to business, commercial success. Otherwise, they will only do much harm to your business.

Ambition can be rather casual, it can be shown suddenly in specific ambitious projects at the person. That is the "quiet" person without special ambitions. However it can be ingredient of character when the person in everything aims the most enormous. The ambitious person is more often the person about whom people tell "not quiet". Yes, he needs much.

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There are ambitions of 2 types: adequate and    inadequate. The ambitious person with adequate ambitions needs a lot of things, sometimes too much of things, but he always considers reality, his plans are somehow reasonably proved. If judiciousness refuses the person, the reality ceases to be considered - so it tells us about high self-esteem, the overestimated claims and inadequate, unhealthy ambition. Decide the type of your ambition and write about it in essay on my ambition.

Mistakes of ambitious people cost very much, they are significantly more expensive than mistakes of average people. Ambitious Dardanelles operation of Winston Churchill for the purpose of occupation the capital of Turkey - Constantinople and opening of a sea way to Russia cost to England thirds of all its fleet and about 120 000 people were the killed.

Sometimes the big purposes are defined by faith of the person in himself and his mission, sometimes behind it there is an aggravated vanity, sometimes - personal inadequacy. On the other hand, there are people to whom it seems wrong to live gray, usual, empty life; it seems to them that they need to make their life bright and big.

Ambitions are a healthy phenomenon only when the person really aims something, doesn't stand still, works on himself and knows at the same time his own worth – real, but not underestimated. But it happens that self-confidence crosses the border and becomes excessive and groundless, and its owner doesn't see in himself any shortcomings, and only requires execution of all the whims. Also notice, often that person prevails! The voluntary choice of everyone who to be, but it is always necessary to know your own worth, to believe in your own originality and not to waste the talents on trifles if you can cope with bigger deeds. But it is destiny of strong people.

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