Anorexia Essay: How To Grapple With It?



Today the team of professional writers and researches will tell you about the terrible illness – anorexia.

Throughout the Internet there are so many anorexia essays, but we gathered only important information here!

Anorexia is a real disaster of the last decades when millions girls worldwide in chase of model forms risk their lives every day.

Anorexia is a syndrome which consists in total absence of appetite at the objective need of an organism for food. Anorexia can accompany metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, pathologies of a gastrointestinal tract, parasitic invasions and psychiatric states.

According to medical observations, about 20% of the people, who are ill for anorexia, die. At the same time more than a half of fatal cases take place in a consequence of suicide. As for natural death, the heart failure and changes of internals incompatible with life are reasons, arising because of attrition of an organism.

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About 15% of women who are fond of diets bring themselves to development of obsessional neurosis which is close to anorexia. The vast majority of those who have anorexia are teenagers and young girls (especially the girls working in the fashion industry).

Anorexia is a disease which connected with nutritional disorder on the mental condition. That is, the person in himself is afraid to eat, thereby dooming the organism to very serious consequences. It is wrong to consider that the person, who goes a direct way to anorexia, is "bad" or "silly". The fear to be very thick directs him, therefore he refuses food. By the way, in the first place anorexia belongs to mental diseases. Mention that in your anorexia essay.

Doctors consider that the cause of anorexia is mass promotion of unnatural leanness. So, as the last several decades are propagandized such constitution only small percent of people to whom it is given by nature can have such body. According to nutritionists it would be correct to propagandize a sports sound body with normal volumes.

Most often teenage girls with an age from 12 up to 20 years have anorexia. It is connected with their internal search of themselves and a desire to become ideal for an opposite sex. As a rule, such girls suffer from a small amount of excess weight and don't go in for sports.

Usually it begins with some low-calorie diet which promises to yield quick result. As usual, the girl starves, and weight leaves. However desire to become even more ideal, increased by fear to grow fatter, forces the girl to continue weight loss process. Over time, the girl is sure that the food in principle is the reason of "thick bodies" and completely refuses it.

People have anorexia, who at this or that stage of the life hear that they are not normal, not beautiful, thick. Among the main signs of anorexia we may note sharp loss of weight, refusal of the person to maintain this or that weight, the desire to lose weight still, feeling of        inferiority.

Against the background of a course of a disease absence of menstruation, arrhythmia, delicacy can be also shown. The person becomes very aggressive and sensitive. At signs of anorexia it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately, as independently it is impossible to cope with this state.

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Deep motives

1) Antipathy. The first reason is the underestimated self-assessment. Children feel that they are unloved, and transform this thought to the inadequate attitude towards themselves: "I am ugly, which is born to suffer, nobody loves me and will not love me". The girl, who seldom heard in the childhood: "You are the best for me", who did not receive confirmations that she is good, lovely, beautiful, as a result she did not find the confidence that parents loved her.

2) Nerves. In certain cases nervous shocks lead to refusal of nutrition. The stress is deeper, the less there is a wish to eat. Gradually the person gets used to forget to eat.

3) Loneliness. Some parents are fixated only on one aspect of children's life, most often it is study: "He should only study well, communication with friends will wait". Children are lonely, live without support of peers and at some moment they decide: "I will prove to all that I am ideal". The girls wounded by perfectionism most often begin experiments with the figure and reach such terrible "ideal".

4) I am better. Mature women seldom suffer from anorexia, however in their cases the usual reason — unfortunate love. "Darling has left me for her, she is more beautiful, more slender, but I will show him whom he has lost". Further there is a trodden path: diet-hunger strike-disease.

5) Stereotypes. Present standards of beauty are important too. Adopting fashion for fight against obesity, many forget that tactics of battle of the 160-kilogram woman with the weight and the teenage girl with two extra kilos can't be identical.

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Main symptoms

Perhaps, very first are psychological mind-boggling situations - panic at only one thought of an opportunity to gain weight. Constant assurances "I am fat!", despite all persuasions of the family and acquaintances, even on the contrary - amplifying at any a conversation on excessive leanness. "Weighing-machine lies! I am all the same fat" - refusal to recognize that there are no excess kilograms.

There are also physiological symptoms which tell us about the already started processes in an organism. The earlier you pay attention to them, the better:

1. Sharp loss of weight (from 3 to 5 kg for a week).

2. The lowered blood pressure, a rare rhythm of heart.

3. Bad dream.

4. Tears and self-flagellation in front of food even if it is a tiny piece of apple - that is the increased irritability, sensitivity, hysteria.

5. Unhealthy paleness of a skin, fragility of hair and fingernails.

6. The bad mood and a depression resulting from excess kilograms.

7. Too low body temperature (lower than 36 degrees).

8. Disturbance of a menstrual cycle.

9. Lack of interest in sex.

10. Constant searches new "weight loss" receptions - for example to eat standing, tiny pieces, from doll plates and so forth. And uncontrollable attacks of anger in attempts to explain that he should not eat in that way.

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If you noticed at least some of these symptoms at the loved one, give up all affairs and take him to the psychologist. And it is better - to the psychotherapist. Unfortunately, your will and attempts to help with this situation can be powerless. And only the experienced doctor who will prescribe therapy will be able to understand the illness.

We have tried to describe all necessary information about the disease. It will help you to write your own essay on anorexia.

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