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Environmental Pollution EssayDear Reader of the blog! We are glad to see you on this page! In previous articles we have considered different diseases and problems. Today we want to think over the problem how to write essays on pollution. All the pupils have lessons about it. And then many teachers give a task to write environmental pollution essay. So if you have such task, you should read our article very carefully!

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Pollution Of The Environment

It is interesting to find out what is our home? Our home is the mother Earth, there is air which we breathe, there is water which we drink, the ground on which we walk and which feeds us. Many people have completely wallowed in their work, entertainments and see nothing around them. Though, it is already the time to open your eyes and to see that our house is close to destruction. And nobody is guilty of it, except each of us.

40% of people in the world die because of environmental pollution, namely water pollution, the soil and air pollution as well. These environmental problems in combination with a quick increase in population lead to increase in number of diseases, is reported in the press release of Cornell University.

Professor David Pimentel with the group of graduate students has analyzed about 120 printing works devoted to influence of demographic and ecological factors (environmental pollution) on prevalence of diseases. Here are really terrible conclusions they have come to:

1. Six million children annually die by hunger, but also, malnutrition weakens an organism and it is the indirect reason of many deaths from ORD (acute respiratory disease), malaria and other diseases. 57 percent of the population of the Earth (6,5 billion people) suffer from hunger (in 1950 year 20 percent from 2,5 billion starved).

2. In the cities sanitary standards often aren't respected and population density is too high and that can lead to the outbreaks of such diseases as measles and flu. About a half of all mankind lives in the cities.

3. Pollution of water leads to reproduction of malarial mosquitoes because of what about two million people annually die. A pure shortage of water is suffered by more than one billion people while 80% of all infectious diseases are transmitted through the water.

4. Soil pollution leads to the fact that toxic agents are absorbed by the person together with food and water.

5. Air pollution by poisonous emissions in the atmosphere cause cancer, congenital pathologies, and violations of work of immune system. It kills about three million people a year.

All of us suffer because of environmental pollution. Really, there are things we could think over and try to make something, that will help our planet.

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It became too dirty on the planet

The American researchers-ecologists have been studied natural changes for 6 years. When term ended, the scientists have declared – it is impossible to live in purity more, everything possible is polluted on our planet. That is why so many students get task to write essay about pollution.

Thanks to a research, in the value of six million dollars, it was succeeded to find out that toxic waste of industrial activity managed to pollute already everything. As scientists tell us, on the territory of 20 national parks of the USA there are at least 70 kinds of toxic agents.

Michael Kent, professor-scientist from University of the State of Oregon, condemns dirty intentions of toxic substances to pollute everything. "It is difficult to find more remote areas, than the northern areas of Alaska and top of the Rocky Mountains, but also even there we have found pollutants", – the scientist explains.

However, the Russian ecologists do not absolutely agree with the western colleagues. The guild of ecologists explains – it is too early to sound the alarm. Practically all objects contain the full table of Mendeleyev now. However the matter is that the level of admissible concentration should be certain. The matter is that there is a limit of concentration of toxic substances. If it isn't exceeded – that it is possible to live.

It is dangerous to live in the Russian cities, ecologists consider, but in reserved areas it is not so critical. Nevertheless, the level of environmental pollution steadily grows. Conferences constantly take place: something like "we will prevent", "we will stop", "we will detain" – but for now it has no results.

Meanwhile, the leader of industrial emissions to the atmosphere is the USA. Saudi Arabia and Indonesia are on the second place. On the last Bali conference all three countries were awarded with anti-awards for impossibility to keep the territory clean. As an awards were sacks filled by coal. The sacks were of colors of country's national flag.

It isn't accepted in the world to solve an environmental problem at the national level. So, by results of the researches of Carbon Disclosure Project, the problem of emissions to the atmosphere is solved only by commercial structures while public authorities stop good intentions. Speaking in figures, 80% of the companies see in climate change a substantial risk for the business. 95% of the commercial organizations realize gravity of a situation and work on its solving.

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The greatest dump of garbage on the planet

In the Pacific Ocean dreadfully "plastic soup" - a floating strip of garbage quickly expands, and, according to scientists, by this moment it twice exceeds a continental part of the USA.

In 2004 the "island" weighed about 3 million tons - it is six times more than quantity of natural plankton. And by the sizes it corresponded to the territory of Central Europe. Four years later the island afloat has considerably increased in sizes.

This enormous dump of floating garbage keeps on one place under the influence of the undercurrents having turbulences. The strip of "soup" lasts from a point approximately in 500 nautical miles from the coast of California through a northern part of the Pacific Ocean near of Hawaii and nearly reaches the remote Japan.

Actually, "soup" is the two areas connected by a crossing point on both sides of the Hawaiian Islands - they are called West Pacific and East Pacific garbage spots. Approximately the fifth part of garbage is a miscellany from soccerballs and kayaks to cubes of "Lego" and cellophane packages. All this is thrown out from the ships and oil platforms. The rest gets to the ocean from the land.

The American oceanologist Charlz Moore is the pioneer of that "great Pacific garbage spot". It also has a name "circulation garbage can". Moore believes that there is about 100 million tons of floating stuff in this region. He warns that if consumers don't limit use of plastic which isn't processed, in the next ten years the surface area of plastic "soup" will double. It is connected with the fact that modern plastic practically doesn't give in to rotting, and on the North Pacific dump objects even of semicentennial prescription are found.

As a result it is turned out that: "What gets to the ocean appears in stomachs at ocean inhabitants, and then - at your plate. Everything is very simple."

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Water pollution of the World Ocean

Only 4% of world waters remained uncontaminated by the person. As shows the new atlas of an ecological condition of the World Ocean, the immensely big areas have undergone strong influence. The most unexpected has turned out the fact that different types of human activity, being combined, cause significantly bigger loss to a biodiversity, than their simple addition predicts.

Men's activities – fishing, emission of industrial and household wastes, mining and so on – left an indelible mark practically in each corner of the World Ocean. That is conclusions of the new large-scale research, which allowed for the first time to create the card of world waters, reflecting extent of men's intervention in natural ecosystems. Scientists have found out that there is practically no water territory left which aren't affected by activity of the tsar of the nature today, and 40% of world waters underwent to strong adverse effect.

As a result of large-scale research work the mankind could see an integral picture of consequences of their work on development of inexhaustible (as it seemed) richness of world waters for the first time. The head of works, Ben Halpern, the researcher from the University of California in Santa Barbara, emphasizes that the received card of pollution of the World Ocean reflects cumulative influence of various types of human activity. The total effect of these influences was much worse, than it was possible to imagine by simple addition, and it became an unpleasant surprise even for Halpern.

Every year, incidentally or intentionally, hundreds of tons of oil and fuels, combustive and lubricating materials get to the World Ocean. World waters have undergone the most pernicious influence from men near the Northern, Southern and East Chinese, Caribbean and Mediterranean seas, ecosystems Red and Bering seas, and also the Gulf of Mexico are strongly broken. The similar situation is observed along all east coast of the North American continent, and also in east part of the Pacific Ocean. Polar waters have been touched least of all. However due to the fact of thawing of polar ice caps, they shortly will appear under the threat.

Scientists note that different ecosystems have undergone influence of mankind in various degree. Yes, about a half of coral reeves are on the verge of disappearance today, the situation with thickets of seaweed is immensely heavy. The situation is very bad with the mangrove woods, ecosystems of sea shallows, rocky reeves and on the continental shelf. Least of all ground ecosystems and inhabitants of the open ocean have suffered today, however in the majority of places they have also suffered from influence of the mankind.

Influence of atmosphere pollution

In recent years because of the increased threat to the men's health, more and more attention is drawn to environmental pollution with emissions of internal combustion engines.

Huge environmental damage, and as a result damage for the person, emissions in the atmosphere from industrial and energy facilities and a road transport put. These emissions contain such hazardous substances as: sulfuric anhydride, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, dust, hard lead and other heavy metals.

All substances polluting atmospheric air to a greater or lesser extent exert negative impact on health of the mankind. These substances get into a human body mainly through breathing system. Respiratory organs suffer from pollution directly as about 50% of the particles of impurity with a radius of 0,01-0.1 micron getting into lungs are besieged in them.

Application of waste less technologies, replacement of harmful materials to harmless, sealing of engineering procedures in the production are necessary. Also we need to think over utilization of harmful waste, as a result of their conversion there are components used in production of priming color, organic fertilizers for flowers and in many other.

We need to think over the next: application of the newest filters, the choice of the most suitable technology of catching the harmful substances, and also suppression of emissions of motor transport's engines, improvement of the nature protection legislation, and also systems of environmental standards, norms and requirements, toughening of punishment for ecological crimes.

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