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The novel "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" adjoins "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer": here are the same heroes and the same time of action. But this book finds more mature position of the author, covers all parties of human experience and it makes deeper generalizing meaning. Art evolution of the writer is obvious too. Twain's style which is already quite created in "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" as one of the best in the American literature, easy, sharp and sensitive to dialect nuances, has turned into new quality level now.

Time when Twain worked on the novel "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", was the difficult period in the history of the American South. After the North victory in civil war, slavery has been cancelled, the former slaveholders-planters tried to create it in the Southern states again; they wanted to predominate in the country again, they created the terrorist organizations, trying to sink fight of black and white poor people for freedom in blood. At that time the Ku Klux Klan was created, which has remained up to nowadays which shameful glory has flown about the whole world. Planters lynched Blacks, fires flared on all South, and the bandwagon bourgeoisie of the North impudently plundered the loser states and made light of terror of a Ku Klux Klan. Poor people — both white and Blacks — fought for eradication of slavery and its remnants, for freedoms proclaimed the constitution would not remain only on paper.

The writer has returned to his favorite and repeatedly approved narration form from the first person and the hero story-teller is not Thomas, the child of the people of a bourgeois family, but Huckleberry, the homeless vagabond.

The American writers of those years fought against reaction of the South by various methods. Many writers, such as A. Turzhe, described modern events. In their books Blacks after the North victory in a civil war were torn to work, to education, they require no more than the fact that it was promised to them by the law. But in reply fires flared and Ku Klux Klan gallows appeared.

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Mark Twain, as well as some other writers, fought by other means: he told about the recent past.

The boy Huckleberry Finn is the main character of the novel of M. Twain "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn". He has a difficult destiny – because of the father-drunkard, Huckleberry had to be on the tramp, to wander at kind people, to live on a garbage can. But, despite such severe conditions, this hero hasn't become embittered, he has kept sweet and cheerful nature, responsiveness, sense of justice.

Huckleberry’s mind is free from romantic clichés, and character is built up by reality. He has no external ostentatious virtues, but he has all essential advantages. The nature has given him the firm stout heart opened for all humiliated and rejecting impudent force in what it wouldn't be expressed. Huckleberry possesses the feeling of internal independence forcing him to run from comfort which the widow Douglas offers him, to the wide terrible world. His love of freedom is a rejection of hypocrisy, petty-bourgeois wellbeing and the legalized lie.

In comparison with "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", in Huckleberry’s character appears new, very considerable property — civic courage. From the first chapters Twain makes Huckleberry the active participant of the social conflict. He is a defender and the concealer of the runaway slave. And, saving Jim from slave traders, he risks to lose his own freedom. But Twain emphasizes that requirement of fight for Jim's freedom is also organically inherent in Huckleberry, as well as hatred to everything that constrains him. It is not quite conscious, Huckleberry’s fight for public justice gives it to rebelliousness much deeper, than in "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", social sense.

However independent life has left the mark on the hero – of course, Huckleberry has matured ahead of time. Often he behaves just as the adult, especially against the background of the "successful" age-mates. So, at the very beginning of the novel, the boys under leadership of Tom Sawyer have created the predatory gang "to plunder and kill". Huckleberry doesn't see in this game any to use: "Tom Sawyer called pigs as "ingots", and turnip and greens — "jewelry", and later, having returned to a cave, we bragged of what was made and how many people have killed and have wounded. But I didn't see what profit was there to us from it ". The hero argues as the adult compelled to care for himself on the livelihood.

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And really, he can catch a fish in the river and prepare it, he can even kill a wild pig in the wood. Accurately and elaborately, as the adult, the hero acts when represents his own murder to escape from the father.

Later, when his adventures on a raft have begun, Gek often makes adult acts. And it concerns not only his "household" behavior, but also more serious affairs. So, Gek doesn't leave Black Jim in troubles when he finds out that police searches for him.

Huckleberry is quick and resourceful, never loses presence of mind. Having appeared by the sinking steamship, he does not only escape from gang of robbers, but manages to take a half of their production and to slip away from "Walter Scott". But there is more to come. Huckleberry saves robbers who without boat inevitably would drown together with steamship. He tells the ferryman the invented story about the family which has allegedly got on the vessel, and the ferryman saves people.

Most of all as it seems to us, "maturity" of the hero is shown in his attitude towards Jim. Huckleberry treats to the Black as to equal to himself in spite of the fact that Jim is the black slave. And therefore when the hero has offended Jim, he apologizes for it.

It had double effect. First, skillfully reproduced, strong and picturesque, truly national language, with the help of which the book was written, gives to a picture of the American life special plastic expressiveness, makes an impression of a conversation "without intermediary" — as though America has started talking about itself by its own voice. Secondly, it has allowed to disclose more clearly and more deeply the character of the hero which is only fleeting outlined in "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", to show formation of his personality.

Huckleberry’s character is given in development, and this development is convincingly motivated. Huckleberry has grown up in the south where slaveholding makes impact on thinking of any white person. The person finally wins the southerner inside of him, till he finally decides to remain faithful to Jim. Twain doesn't tear off the hero from the environment which has grown him and at the same time the author shows him in a condition of incessant fight against prejudices of this environment. The dialectic contradiction which is the cornerstone of the character makes him especially alive and dynamic, gives him psychological reliability. Do not forget to mention these arguments and the information in general when writing the adventures of Huckleberry Hinn analysis essay.

The internal spring of the novel moving a plot is Jim and Huckleberry’s escape from slaveholding states and their travel on a raft down the river in search of freedom. The narration opens much more seamy sides of life, than casual dramas in "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer": indifference and a sadism of white poor people, cowardice of the crowd which is going to arrange Lynch's court, frauds of dealers, senseless hostility of rich land owners.

Behind all this the fear was hidden; not only superstitious fear of the impressionable teenager or dark black person Jim. It is quite real and reasonable fear of an infinite tangled chain of robberies, beatings, drownings and murders. Behind each turn of the road, behind each bend of the river danger of violent death appears. The main characters were thrown to this cruel world: the homeless orphan boy and the runaway Black Jim who, relying only on fidelity of each other, try not to get under a terrible press of superiority of white and adult people.

The story about slavery and freedom, about death and revival told by Twain (to escape from  the father, Huckleberry smartly faced the death) has not only concrete, but also symbolical value. The question in the novel is not only in the legalized slavery of black Americans, but also in unfreedom of the white person enslaved by social conventions and prejudices of the environment, not only in "revival" of the hero after his imaginary death, but also in the valid birth of his personality who has found sincere width. Huckleberry and Jim's aspiration to freedom is an eternal rush of the person to spiritual self-perfecting. Freedom is connected with the river, not with the North or the South.

But there is a border to patience even for such patient and trustful, kind and devoted person as Jim. And not the abolitionist incites Jim to ran away; on the contrary, Jim himself has decided to ask the help for the abolitionist, he has begun to dream of how he will release the family. The slave is inspiring to freedom so uncontrollably and he has kept human dignity. And Jim is man of the right stamp; also Huckleberry, deliberating about people, comes to a conclusion that this Black despised by all is "white inside ", and is so much white people around him have black soul. You may use this phrase when writing about racism in Huckleberry Finn essay.

Many stories, about which you have read in his books, Mark Twain has taken from his own childhood. The small town of St. Petersburg in which there lived Tom and Huck, is similar on native to Twain the town Hannibal where he was born in 1835 and where has spent the childhood. The aunt Polly reminds the writer's mother, and Thomas's friends — his children's companions. And what is the most important — Mark Twain grew in the same conditions of the American town, as his heroes. But Sam Clemens's adventures (such was a real name of the writer, Mark Twain is his literary pseudonym) were others, than at his heroes.

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