How To Write An Essay About Myself


How To Write An Essay About MyselfMost of us face the problem how to write the essay about yourself. One needs it to post in a social network service, other need it to send to the girl, the third – for the sake of a beauty contest or even for employment.

Yes, the resume for the employer is the same beautiful story about yourself. It is just more purposeful. As our team of professional writers and editors had to write all these options, we have dared to make for you the instruction. If you don't want to ask, then you may just write the beautiful story about yourself alone. Of course, it will be not so professional and beautiful, but it will be yours. But, it is still better than nothing.

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What do you need to present in the beautiful about myself essay?

So we will begin with the phrase "beautiful essay on myself ". What is it? Is it magic and fascinating?

At first we need to answer one question: What does it mean to be a true personality?

People really often think over and tell their thoughts concerned with what is the personality. It is rather newsworthy and always excites the imagination, all of us are personalities and we all live among the personalities. Yes, all have different interests, problems and positions, all people carry out unequal tasks. But whoever we are, first of all, we are the personalities, and just after that we have some public function. What is the personality?

To be a personality means to keep a capability to orientate in variety of knowledge and situations and to bear responsibility for the choice, to keep your unique "I". The richer man's mental world is and the more difficult life situations are, the problem of a liberty of choice of your own living position is more urgent. The person can keep the originality, remain as he is even in the most difficult conditions, only remaining the personality.

Freely and easy the one feels himself in modern life, who constantly learns to orientate in it learns to choose for himself the values which are corresponding to personal capabilities and tendencies and which are not contradicting rules of human communication. The person has enormous potential for perception of cultural and spiritual wealth and for his own self-improvement. To become the personality, each person shall develop, shall be engaged in self-education constantly.

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And everyone knows it and tries to understand himself, to sort out his feeling, to gain an insight into his character, to comprehend his inner world. We try to compare ourselves with the people around us, to correlate private life with public, the interest in the world to its interest in ourselves. We are doing it to answer on main of the main issues: Who I am? How and for what do I live? Whether I opened everything in myself? Each person himself shall bring up himself. Nobody will come and abolish in a person his malevolence, envy, hypocrisy, greed, fear of responsibility, dishonorableness and so on.

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The main thing in spiritual culture of the personality can be considered the active, creative relation to life: to the nature, society, other people. We, who are starting out, should know that the culture of the person shouldn't be reduced only to erudition, extensive reading, though it is very important. Culture of the person it is easy to estimate. Only the active person who has opened for himself all culture's riches can seize the culture. Art and literature, traditions and customs are very instructive and deep knowledge of them facilitates the life.

But there is a sign of spiritual culture of the personality which is very important. It is readiness of the person for devotion and self-sacrifice. Care of people and aspiration to help them shall become not only kind words, but also good deeds. Throughout all life it is necessary to create and develop in yourself the best qualities and to overcome those which interfere disclosure of the personality, its self-affirmation in collective. Unfortunately, many consider that the personal freedom is freedom not to adhere laws established in the society. But such behavior instead of advantage does only harm, and not only the person suffers, but also people surrounding him suffer.

Everything happens during our lives. To close eyes on its difficulties, tests, burdens are impossible. Each of us may be disappointed, may suffer, may lose self-confidence, may give up, may be guilty and be offended without the reason. But it is necessary to learn to overcome pain from offenses and injustice and to take out a lesson from endured accidents. In process of overcoming difficulties your character becomes tempered, you gain the life experience. If the person seizes all this, he will manage to choose correctly living position, will distinguish the main thing from minor, will cultivate in himself will power.

Never forget about inherent values. And it is very important to learn insistence to himself, commitment to business, following to a debt, fidelity to friendship and opposition to the evil, respect for seniors and service to the country. To become the personality, everyone needs to peer attentively at himself and at his life. It is very important to cultivate in yourself the unity of the word and case, not to forget that any situation is a peculiar school of behavior in life. An essay about myself should contain all mentioned above!

The individual as reasonable being, surely think about the questions of his mission in life, sense of the life. Some people find the answer to this difficult question quickly enough: in life of society nothing depends on the common man, life surely comes to an end with death. Why do we need to make excess efforts, to strive for perfection, the only end possible is death. These reflections wandered people throughout all existence of mankind, each new generation seeks to find sense in this imperfect world, overcoming pessimism and indifference.

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Howsoever the person goes with this problem, practically only the very few people are capable to give up on everything and to lead animal existence. The matter is that along with the need for food, air, knowledge of the world, communication etc., the person extremely needs to self-actualize constantly, otherwise, to develop his own abilities, to self-improve constantly. At some people this requirement is expressed stronger, at others it is weaker, but there is it at all people in the world. As in a genetic code of a plant the program of growth, blossoming, fructification is put, and in the human program self-realization "is written down".

All human wants can be conditionally divided into the highest and the lowest. Possibly, the need for communication, love, respect is higher in comparison with the need for food, breath, safety. Without accommodation of the lowest needs people can't exist, but realization of the highest requirements gives the highest feelings. It isn't necessary to make feats so often in our life, but requirement of self-realization constantly pushes us to our small feats and fulfillments. So, self-realization is one of the highest human wants. It brings the greatest joy. If for any reasons the need for self-realization isn't satisfied, the person feels discomfort. We could call self-realization the main purpose of the person on the earth. It contains constant development the capabilities, talents, deserving respect of people around you by your activities and thus making a contribution to universal progress. To be convinced of correctness of this thought, we will compare the different countries. Where there is a higher level of the general education, there is a higher level of economy and culture.

The true personality has to be implemented, first of all, in his professional activity. Really, each person has to earn for a living, but not all people in our society find pleasure in their professions. There are people for which the work is an immensely unpleasant duty. But much more respect we will feel to those people for which their work is a real joy, as professional activity makes a third part of life of adults.

Besides, each person has to take into account that he is the representative of a certain society, the nation, culture. And even if the person doesn't expect that, he is estimated nevertheless as the representative of a certain society, religious concession etc.

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Being self-aware, for example, as the Christian, the person is obliged to admit dogmas and traditions of Christian religion; otherwise he will constantly feel condemnation of brothers in faith. If the person considers himself intelligent, then he has to have a certain education, interests, behavior, manners. Thus, the concept of self-realization includes compliance to norms, cultural features of certain social group.

It is obvious that personal happiness is especially important in life of each of us. Everybody knows what all-consuming feeling of love is. But public opinion demands from us not just giving attention to darling. Within the most widespread and traditional views we expect independence, judiciousness, reliability, ability to provide a family from the man; from the woman we expect feminity, sympathy, economy.

Lack of these qualities complicates achievement of success at an opposite sex. Besides, the relation of same-gender representatives considerably depends on compliance of the person to a certain sexual standard. Let's say the young man who has no lines of courage loses respect in the opinion of companions if he doesn't compensate it by availability of other qualities and advantages.

Erudition, versatility of knowledge, abilities of the personality are appreciated by society and attract people around us. Such people are generators of the new ideas, interesting interlocutors, and propagandists of culture. The person with a wide range of interests, knowledge, abilities fills up his own impressions, does the life filled and comprehended. Also in society such important qualities of the person as sympathy, honesty, tactfulness, politeness, fidelity to the word, sense of humor are appreciated.

All listed processes of self-realization are necessary compounds of the real personality. To be a personality means to be able to work and study, to bring joy to yourself and to people around you, to love and to be loved, to feel pity and sympathize, be courageous and responsible, to live any vital difficulties with firmness, to be enhanced constantly. Aggression and negativism, excessive weakness and a pliability (I will smoke because all the people do), depressions and uncertainty are de

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