Essay On Of Mice And Men: Steinbeck’s Success


Of Mice and Men – a short novel by John Steinbeck published in 1937 that contains the tragic story about two eager beavers at the time of world economic crisis (namely, the Great Depression) in the South of the state. Dream, friendship and fault are the main themes in the story. The creation of the novel was inspired by personal experience of the author who was engaged in agriculture in the 1920s. Our essay on Of Mice and Men and other useful and exciting essays are provided by our essay writing service with smart writers, so do not lose an opportunity to get your work of high quality.

Novella tells the story about two strollers who came to work at the ranch. One of them (George) was a simple person - smart, bold, outgoing and hard-working. Another one (Lennie) was a good fellow of his childhood - very strong, but narrow-minded man. They had some dreams:

- to buy their land

- to start farming,

- to buy cows, chickens, and, most importantly, rabbits.

To do this, they went to work in order to save money for the fulfillment of their dreams. Lennie was a big kid, but strong. He was very strong. He did not want to harm anyone, loved to stroke the animals, but he could not control his power. Stroking animals, he accidentally killed them. George often told about the opportunities available when you were the owner of the personal farm, and Lennie loved listening to these stories; he even knew them by heart. However, Lennie did not think too much about the farm itself; he dreamt to have rabbits, which he had once seen at the fair; he liked them because they were fluffy. He wanted to take care of them, feed and stroke them. Dear readers, do not forget that except our Of Mice and Men essays, you can easily check our Rose for Emily essay in order to enrich your knowledge of literary works.

Have not you ever had a dream, in which you poorly believe in your soul, but even the existence of this dream helps to move somewhere forward? On the ranch, where George and Lennie came to work, the master's son, Curley, who asserted himself due to fights, and who was apparently jealous of his wife, often found faults with two friends. Perhaps, you need your high-quality essay right now, so check our information on the range of services provided.

 We did not know the name of Curley’s wife, but even before she appeared to us, she seemed rather a frivolous woman who seduced men. Almost all of that was the truth; she only went to the farm, teased everybody with talks about loneliness, and claimed that she was deeply unhappy because of her unfulfilled dreams. If you would like to switch off from our Of Mice and Men essay, other interesting and useful works are at your service, for instance:

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Once Curley’s wife stayed with Lenny, talking with him, and he, of course, accidentally killed her. Lennie did not even really understand what had happened; he knew only that he had done "something bad", because of what George would scold him and would not allow taking care of rabbits. After getting to know about the murder, George found Lenny the first, and knowing what was waiting for his friend, killed him with a shot in the back of his head. That is the sad end of the story. If you are fond of literary works that are full of different psychological aspects, do not lose an opportunity to check our essay on Othello.

It is difficult to analyze this short novel. So many thoughts appeared after reading it. The condition of the USA in the 1920s, the great world crisis, and absence of funds- citizens were going to survive by any means. When compared with the current time, there is no difference:

- people sweat their guts out from dusk till dawn to feed their families

- everyone want to find the place to call it home

- every person is searching for people whom you can trust and call them friends

- anyone of us dreams about something intimate

Steinbeck’s short novel is one of masterpieces about little men: the story that dealt with true, unconditional friendship, mean and misery, the topic of racism and attitudes towards mentally disabled people. Certainly, the novel is dream that will never come true. No one should give up his hope; it brings warmth in our exhausted souls and inspires to live, even if a person knows that this will not happen. The dream cannot be taken away even from the lowest of the low. Our professional writers try to do their best to provide you with works of high quality, so if you want to enlarge your scope, feel free to check our essay on the Cather in the Rye:

In conclusion, we would like to say that “Of Mice and Men” is rather difficult for apprehension. However, after reading it, you will certainly have a lot of things to think over. The story brings into the picture different psychological issues. Dear readers, we are striving to enlarge your background knowledge by writing interesting and useful posts. In case, you need your high-quality essay, the detailed information on our writing service is available for you 24/7. Have you already read this short story by Steinbeck? What thoughts did habituate you after reading it? What peculiarities of Steinbeck’s style did attract you the most? We suppose you find our article useful and hope you will find some time and share your thoughts with our team. Join us right now!

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