A Rose For Emily Analysis Essay: Faulkner’s Masterpiece


“A Rose for Emily” is a brief masterpiece created by famous stateside writer, William Faulkner. Its first publication occurred in the beginning of the 1930s. The scene was laid in the author’s imaginary county, in a small town. This is the first Faulkner’s literary work that deserved the publication in famous American magazine. “A Rose for Emily” is written in famous genre of that period (Southern Gothic), which main characteristics are dark images and violence. If you are searching for a Rose for Emily analysis essay and other works of high quality, feel free to contact custom essay writing service.

The story line starts with a short message about the burial of Emily Grierson, unmarried woman from the South, followed by the narrator's memories of old-fashioned and increasingly frantic Emily’s behavior all the while. Emily came of a class of pre-war southern aristocrats; when the war between the North and the South had run its course, a lot of difficulties appeared for Griersons. Emily’s family continued their life as if nothing had changed. Neither she nor her parent would have approved Emily’s marriage with a man of lower social status than they had. When Emily was about thirty, her father breathed last gasp. She could not believe that he had gone for about three days; the society wrote off this behavior in the expression of grief. Our a Rose for Emily essay as well as an essay on Barack Obama are provided by our professional writers who are striving to meet all your requirements.

Having resigned that the father never came back, Grierson revived a little. She got acquainted with Homer, a worker from the North who arrived in the burgh as a master builder for the construction of pavements. This relationship has surprised the town’s society: such a marriage would be far from the usual standards of the Griersons; besides, Homer considered himself "a confirmed bachelor." Citizens appealed to Emily’s cousins ​​from Alabama; they were her immediate family, but southern aristocrats did not get along with them. The cousins ​​responded to the letter and came to Jefferson, but soon they gained much worse reputation than Emily possessed. At the same time, Emily had bought arsenic at the pharmacy; she refused to explain why she needed it, and neighbors came to the conclusion that she was going to be poisoned. Nevertheless, their intercourse with Homer seemed to receive the new round of development, and the town began to talk about the upcoming wedding. Our professionals are engaged in providing you with Rose for Emily essays of the best quality; in addition, you can check our agricultural revolution essays in order to receive some new additional facts: https://smartwriters.org/blog/agricultural-revolution-essays-the-progress-of-humanity

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Homer left the town for some time, presumably to afford Emily the opportunity to polish off the cousins, and returned a few days after their departure. A neighbor noticed as he came at sunset to the Grierson’s house; however, nobody ever saw him after that event.

Despite the changes in the social standing, Emily continued to behave as arrogant as before her daddy went aloft. She had such reputation that the town council had found it impossible to inform her about the unpleasant odor emanating from her house. Instead, the men, when it was dark, scattered some whitewash around the building, and after a while, the smell disappeared. If you are fond of literature, do not lose an opportunity to consult our essay on Othello in order to expand horizons of your background knowledge.

The Chief Magistrate, acting as a philanthropist, freed her from taxes, although he had to invent a story that so he paid her father's duty to the town, so as not to hurt the pride of Emily. Some years after, when the power was passed to the next executives, Emily insisted on the informal agreement, determinately sending back all the tax rolls. If you still do not know about our range of services, the information is available for you 24/7.

Emily became a recluse; she never got away and rarely accepted someone at home; all purchases were made for her by a black servant. The citizens began to perceive her as "an inherited obligation", total debt and concern.

The funeral became a significant event in the town; everyone was curious to look inside Emily’s house that had not been visited for many years. After the ceremony, which was attended by the whole town, a couple of citizens went into the house. The bedroom door was locked; it was knocked out in order to witness what was hidden behind it for many years. Inside, in addition to items purchased for Emily's wedding, they found the decomposed body of Homer Barron lying on the kip; on the next pillow, there was the imprint of a head as well as a strand of Emily’s gray hair. Literature is a very interesting sphere of art, so if you are looking for some new information, feel free to check our Aldous Huxley essay: https://smartwriters.org/blog/aldous-huxley-essays-an-outstanding-writer

In conclusion, we would like to say that this story is very specific. It is full of dark images that are typical of Southern literature. If you are interested in psychology, you will find some interesting ideas to think over. Regardless of horrible events contained in the story, readers usually highly appreciate this literary masterpiece. Dear readers, if you still do not know the details about our services provided by experienced professionals, do not forget to visit our about us section. What is your attitude to Emily? How can you explain her behavior? We are sure that you have something to tell us about, so welcome to our community. Feel free to share your thoughts with us, leave your comments and let us develop together. We are waiting for your responses. Join us!

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