Essay On Barack Obama: Achievements And Failures


Essay On Barack ObamaBarack Obama is the 44th president of the United States of America. In 2009, he received the Nobel Peace Prize. Before he became the executive head of the nation, Obama was a federal senator who represented Illinois. He is the first Afro-American slated for the Presidency of the USA. Nowadays Barak is called one of the most popular characters in the world politics. He was married to his wife, Michelle, in 1992, and now they still live together. Barak is the father of two daughters. Our custom essay writing service is ready to provide you with essay on Barack Obama or on any topic you will choose, so be sure that we have you covered.

Born in 1961, Barack Obama is the son of Kenyan, Barack Obama Senior, and a woman of English, Scottish, Irish and German origin, Stanley Ann Dunham. Barack’s parents divorced when he was little (only two years old). A short time later, his mother married to another man, and they moved to Jakarta. Barack attended Indonesian school up to the fourth form. Then he moved to his grandparents in Honolulu who sent to him to prestigious private school. Being at school, young Obama was a perfect student and the grandee of local youth basketball team. Barak always says that he remembers too little about his biological father; he spent with him only a month when he was ten. His father presented him a basketball and took him to the jazz concert. That influenced his further amusements when he became an adult. If you like to read this essay about Barack Obama, you can also check our Benjamin Franklin essay in order to learn some facts about another famous American public official.

After finishing the high school, Obama went to college in Los Angeles; two years later, he moved to Columbia University, which he graduated in 1983 having a degree in International Policy Studies. Some years he was engaged in legal practice. In the end of the 80s, Barak decided to continue studying and entered Harvard where he studied law and, at the same time, was an editor of the university newspaper. At that time, he decided to find his path in politics. In the beginning of the 90s, the future president joined Democratic Party, and people elected him a senator of Illinois a few years later. At that point in time, Obama’s political doctrine include such components:

- the support of low-income families

- the pullout of troops from Iraq

- the development of pre-school education

- universal health insurance

- strengthening of control over investigative authorities

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Having worked in the Senate for about 10 years (initially, as a senator of the state and then in the federal Senate), Obama decided to become the president. In 2007, his main opponent was John McCain. Barack gained significant support from the electorate, and he won office in November 2008. That was his first presidential term. If you still do not know some facts about our activity, check our range of services page.

Obama and his team received the reins of government when the country was in a weakened state, but such difficulties did not stop “people’s president”, and he began to perform his obligations according to the electoral program. Generally, his achievements in the first term were significant. He managed to put in place a range of economic and political reforms having allocated about 800 billion dollars for these purposes. Obama also reached the reforming of health care system, so that about 95% of Americans were provided with medical insurances up to 2014. Further, he finished the military mission in Iraq, and the last American military unit was withdrawn in 2010. If you are interested in the military topic, our American Civil War essay is at your disposal.

Being inspired by his achievements, Obama decided to be reelected to a second term. He started his election campaign in 2011. At that time, the problem of budget deficit remained, but Barack assured electors that anti-crisis bill was working. However, his rating was downgrading. He managed to win, but the result was close. If you need your high-quality essay, our professional writing team will not disappoint you.

Obama’s second presidential term was rich in negative events from the very beginning, and people began to talk about the “curse of the second term” as the second term of many US presidents was much worse than the first one. He faced plenty of difficulties connected to the problematic reforming of health care system, the situation around chemical attack in Syria, journalistic pursuit, fiscal policy and other actual problems of the nation. Since 2014, Obama is supported by a minor half of electors. If our essay harassed you, you can easily switch to essay on same sex marriage:

To sum it up, we can say that despite his failures Obama is an example of the strong- willed person. While alive, he has already entered the US history as the first Afro-American president. He gained his support because of humane treatment of people. You may not respect him or not support some of his ideas. However, it is clear that he tried to do his best to save the country from financial crisis, and he managed to do it to some extent. Barack Obama is an extraordinary politician and just a good man that is the most important occupation in the world, and Americans will remember his years of Presidency. What do you think about the policy of Barack Obama? What can you define as his achievements? What are your expectations the new president? We are sure that you have your thoughts on every topic you read about, so feel free to comment our essay and share your opinion. Join us!

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