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Child of free education

Amelia's parents for their time were very progressive people therefore both future woman-pilot, and her younger sister had a possibility of a wide rage choice of interests and entertainments.

Amelia tempts to men's entertainments – she perfectly rode, shot, swam, played tennis, adored adventure literature. The girl wasn't just accepted in the games by boys, but she became their ringleader.

For all that Amelia studied well.

The holiday of the childhood had come to the end when the father had gone on a binge. His career had gone downhill and the family had plunged into poverty.

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The road to the sky of 10 minutes

Amelia had seen the first plane in the childhood, but she did not like it. In 1917 the girl had visited hospital where soldiers lay, wounded on fronts of World War I. After this visit Amelia had gone to courses of nurses, thinking of career of the physician.

Everything had changed in 1920 when, by that time already the student, Amelia Earhart had visited an exhibition of aircraft in California where out of curiosity she has gone to indicative flight as the passenger.

New feelings had shaken Amelia – and she wanted to experience them not as the passenger one more time, but as the pilot. In January, 1921 she began to take pilotage lessons from one of the first female pilots in the world Anita Snuk.

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First record

Here the adventurous character of Amelia Earhart was shown. The instructor repeatedly had to take over the control to stop attempts of the beginning woman-pilot to fly under power lines.

Training in pilotage in the early twenties was extremely expensive pleasure therefore Amelia had to be shot out of a cannon – she worked as the photographer, the cameraman, the teacher, the secretary, the telephonist, the truck driver and even acted in music hall.

In the summer of 1921 she has bought the first plane — a biplane "Kinner Airster", to Anita Snuk's displeasure. The skilled woman-pilot considered that her schoolgirl thoughtlessly risks because Kinner was extremely unreliable car.

But Amelia, as the site about people’s biographies tells us, had her own opinion – in October, 1922 by this plane she had risen to the height of 4300 meters that was a world record among women. Earhart perfected her skills of piloting in "air rodeos" — very popular at that time imitations of the air fights which were taking place in various airfields of the USA for entertainment of public.

In 1923 year Amelia Earhart became the 16th woman in the world who has obtained the license of the pilot from the International aviation federation.

However, soon after it the plane had to be sold because of a lack of money. The girl with her mother has moved to Boston where she worked as the teacher of English in orphanage.

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"A bag with potato" over Atlantic

Amelia worked as the teacher, and in free time increased flight skills in the nearest airfield. The break in career for her was indirectly provided by the pilot Charles Lindberg who had made in 1927 the first successful flight over the Atlantic Ocean to Europe.

On a feminism wave women needed the heroic figure. The millionaire Amy Gest wanted to become that figure. In the commonwealth with the New York publisher George Palmer Putnam they have organized flight: they bought Fokker plane F–VII, invited the pilot Uilmer Stults and the flight mechanic Lu Gordon.

When everything was already almost ready, Amy Gest's relatives were indignant – they were categorically against her participation in flight. Then the lady began to look for replacement: "the American woman, who was able to pilot the plane, and who had nice appearance and pleasant manners".

Aviation experts prompted to the millionaire a name of Amelia Earhart which was already rather known among pilots.

On June 17, 1928 yeas Fokker with air crew from three people started from the island Newfoundland and less than in 21 hour successfully splashed down at the coast of England.

Newspapers enthusiastically wrote about the first woman who had made transatlantic flight, but Amelia was dissatisfied. Because of severe weather conditions and a lack of experience of aviating of multiple-motor planes, the man aviated Fokker.

— I was just carried as a bag with potato — the woman-pilot had declared to reporters.

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Dangerous achievements

However, very quickly Amelia calmed down. This flight had brought her glory, popularity, money, and, above all — an opportunity to do favorite thing in future.

In November, 1929 year she broke a world record of speed, having dispersed the Vega plane of the Lokhid Company to 197 miles an hour.

Shortly before it there was an episode which spoke much about Amelia Earhart as about the person. She surely was lead in the first women's air race of California — Ohio, but on start of the final stage she sow how on taxiing-out on take-off the engine of the plane of her main competitor (Ruth Nichols) had lit up. Amelia shouted down the engine, rushed to Nichols's plane, pulled out her from the burning car and gave first aid. This act rejected Earhart on the third place in a race, but she was never sorry about it.

In May, 1932 Amelia Earhart had made what she dreamed long ago – she had flown through Atlantic alone. Anybody managed it after Lindberg – some of the most experienced pilots had disappeared in the ocean during their attempts of repetition of his record.

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