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Even if you don’t need to order the writing services right now, our site may still be of use, as here you can find a plethora of posts containing the useful students’ advice. Today’s post isn’t an exception as well, hence, here we are eager to discuss the issue every young person definitely faces with, anger and how to deal with it.

What is anger?

Anger is a negatively colored human affect directed against the perceived injustice and accompanied by a desire to eliminate it. That is, it's not even an emotion, not a feeling, but an emotional process that is characterized by short-term and high intensity. If you still do not understand what anger is, then remember the last time you lost your temper and everything becomes clear immediately. Those lucky ones who cannot remember that moment, do not need to read further. Our congrats, you haven’t the angry outbursts!

The nature of anger is as ancient as the humanity is, and goes back to animals’ instincts (if, of course, to believe Darwin’s theory of evolution A person had to respond quickly to the danger of running or attacking. This required a strong release of energy, adrenaline. This way, anger contributed to the survival of the human race. At the moment of physical danger today, anger plays the same positive protective role, but more often a person has to use it in other situations, namely, during the psychological danger. However, at the moment of the psychological danger, there is no such great need for anger, at least in those emotional and physical processes that accompany it. Nevertheless, anger still occurs, and a person has to fight it.

Why is it necessary to deal with anger?

A person who is often angry obviously does not know how to control his or her emotions, thus, the broken future is waiting for him or her. The constant uncontrolled release of hormones, the damage of the nerve cells lead to diseases of the digestive and circulatory systems. The body wears out faster, the harmony between the systems of the body is violated. A bad mood, which comes after a flash of anger, contributes to the immunity degradation.

At the psychological level, anger is similar to a boomerang. We throw out negative emotions but they return to us in any case. We lose a lot of energy and restoring it later is worth a lot of effort.

In addition, the most important fact is that we are breaking the relationships with the loved ones, the closest people, respect for ourselves, and acquire the study or work problems. It’s hard to list all the disadvantages the anger brings to our lives. It devastates. This feeling is the opposite of joy, which fills and enriches a human being.

To sum up, every person has to fight the anger! But how?

The main ways to overcome your anger

There are two main ways to do it:

  • You fight its manifestations (external method);
  • You deal with anger at the level of mechanisms of its occurrence (internal method).

In general, both of these methods are preventive and aimed at anticipating anger outbursts at the earliest stage of their occurrence.

Writer’s choice:

External modes are effective when anger only begins. There is discontent, an unpleasant feeling, a desire to protect yourself, your values and feelings. At this stage, you can politely say to a person who evokes such feelings: “I do not like it” to send a different signal.

If a person does not know how to express his or her feelings, how to explain to the interlocutor the discontent, or haven’t the opportunity to do it, for example, a student can’t tell the teacher that the assignment is lame, then the external ways of fighting anger for him or her lose their efficiency. He or she begins to trigger the anger outburst and, at one point, there will no longer be the polite conversation.

The internal way to fight anger is to understand the mechanisms of its occurrence and acquire the ability to distract yourself, to calm down when anger has already arisen. This method of dealing with it is multi-stage.

The most important, in the opinion of the online company to buy cheap essays, in the fight against anger is the understanding that anger brings nothing but destruction. It gives a short relief, the release of negative emotions but then draws you into the abyss of the negative thoughts and emotions. If you understand this, then the search for ways to control anger will be much simpler.

What to do when you’ve already got furious?

The best remedy for anger, when it embraced you, is to do nothing, and the main thing at this moment is to calm down, so you should focus all your attention and forces on it.

Here are the three best ways to calm down:

  • hold yourself on to the earlobe and count to ten. Another option is to count your breaths in and breaths out, the beat of a heart. The meaning of this actions is to distract yourself from angry thoughts and, what is more important, hasty actions. If your mind is engaged in something else, then your anger will soon release.
  • isolate yourself, run to the toilet or the kitchen, lock yourself in your office. Do something. Domestic chores, washing, cleaning are the great way to get away from your anger. Check your email, play a mobile game, or sing a song, as a karaoke is one of the proven methods of emotions release. Incidentally, here are the best hate songs to sing when you lose your temper:
  • do some physical exercises, that is, channel the energy to the real and less harmful destination: you can have a workout, use the punching bag, or just walk down the street. It is also great to repeat what you are doing mentally. This helps to distract from the thoughts that caused anger.

All this will work if you are determined to fight your anger. If you like to get angry, then you will continue to do it until one day you realize that it is much more pleasant to live without it. Your loved ones will definitely appreciate it.

What promotes anger?

You probably noticed that the same situation trigger the different reaction of yours in different emotional states. Once you do not pay much attention to it, turning everything into a joke and in another case, lose your temper. Why is this happening?

Throughout the day, week, month, we are in different emotional states that are directly related to our response to stimuli. Therefore, it is very important as a prevention of anger outbursts to love yourself and take care of yourself. For example, the quality of your sleep influences your mood much more than you realize. That’s why try to adhere to your schedule, avoiding stresses and exhaustion.

How not to be infected by anger

It is easy to be infected by anger if there are people near you who are constantly provoking you into anger. Little by little, and you are on the wrong track. Gradually, a certain habit of communication arises. It's like a dance. How to learn another dance? There is only one way: to give up the old habit and work out a new one. If you always respond immediately with an anger, aggression, do right the opposite, namely, keep silent. This works both for children, students, and adults. After the first small victory over yourself and the situation, try to describe out loud immediately what are you feeling: “I'm very upset that ...”. You need to say this, looking straight into the eyes of a person who tries to provoke such a reaction. If you can not say it calmly, write these words down.

If you have successfully coped with anger, you have not experienced its destructive effect, but negative emotions continue to corrode you, then you need to talk. Call someone. To the personal psychologist, friend, mom. Someone who is not the trigger of your anger.

If you do not want to bother others with your problems, the writing website to buy argumentative essay highly recommend you to rely on your diary or laptop. When emotions find the way out, then you can start to search for the solution to the more deeply underlying problems of anger.

The root of anger

Eastern philosophy explains anger by the attachment. If a person is thinking of the cleanliness, then the inaccuracy of others will irritate him or her. If a person is attached to his own system of values and considers it correct (“I'm right, not you”), then it will be extremely difficult for him or her to accept something that does not fit into this system. If a person is attached to his or her ego, then he/she becomes proud. He or she knows exactly what is right and how it’s better to act in one or another situation, and all the “wrong” annoy and cause anger. Perhaps this person is right, but he or she has to live with this “correctness” him/herself and the paradox is that it harms only this person, regularly causing anger and irritation. That is why the simplest way to fight the anger and irritation is to accept other people as equals, regardless of how old they are, what status do they have and whether they have an education or not. Accepting the idea that there is not only one correct system of values and way of thinking, and each person has his or her own values and goals in life. Understand and accept them is the basis for dealing with one's own anger.

Curious to read:

However, if the only thought to consider all the people as equal, causes anger, we have the perfect solution taken from the Eastern philosophy as well: if something makes you mad, it only means that you do care about it, and the actions of other people do matter for you. The answer is simple, learn to abstract the issues, learn to abstract the people’s words and actions, as all in all, they don’t matter.

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