Top Unusual Ways to Survive in Desert


Traveling became the main religion of modern human life in last decades due to the huge globalization process, so nowadays to be in fashion and deemed like «highly spiritual» and «not like anyone else» person you can just quit your chocking office, speaking out against the dullness and mediocrity of your colleagues pack a bag and became a free traveler (this social phenomenon sometimes can be called «downshifting», read here But the main problem is that such type of lifestyle is far not for everybody, so before doing it you should think wisely and weigh carefully the pros and cons. So try not to offense badly your colleagues and boss while quitting, as there always is a possibility to run out of money somewhere in India and return to your dull and tedious office like a whipped dog.

Surprising Elements Brought by Traveling

So you shouldn’t prone to extremes in the wake of mainstream, and forget about true value of the traveling.  Hire our essay writer online to compose a marvelous one about it. What you shouldn’t forget about, is that world is full of magic and your task is to reveal it, so don’t hesitate participating in all kinds of adventures generously proposed to you by the fortune. Maybe you will even find the sense of your existence there or it will help you to reach the happiness, who knows, but it will definitely open your eyes widely and make you more experienced, even matured, it will teach you to understand the life laws, and your task is just not to resist and learn, learn as much as possible, enjoy every minute spent on your journey, go everywhere in order to watch everything and, what is essential, forget complaining about sleep or food deprivation, as your meal four times a day should be replaced by spiritual nourishment. But don’t be surprised if the traveling brings to you not only moments of happiness, but also the great challenges. Get ready to take the risk? Be ready to find yourself in an isolated island or, what is more, even a desert one day. If it seems to be weird and impossible for you, our custom essay writing service advice you to have an ordinary packed-holiday and forget about the adventure spirit, as evidently it isn’t your cup of tea.

Well, What about Surviving in Desert?

But for those, who are courageous enough to travel through the sand, it’s important to sort out in different types of desert to understand what you are going to deal with, and maybe one day you will be that one expert, who will swap the tales of desert to children. So, if you are strongly intended to discover those unexplored areas, our professional team of writers has gathered pieces of advice about how to survive in a desert, based on the experience of seasoned travelers. And the last: don’t be afraid to jump into the adventure without thinking it through, as you have a great number of really helpful tips, and maybe one day it will be exactly that ones which save you.

  • To begin with, the first and the most important is not to lose hope and stay brave, because walking through the sand without a soul for many miles around (sounds like a paradise for introverts, isn’t it?) can easily discourage you, and your great task is to prevent it. Don’t forget about well-known fact that when you start to get into a state of stress, your organism need more oxygen and heart starts pumping, you sweet more – all these signs of stress would just complicate your presence in a desert. Do you want to know other particularities of stress impact on the human organism? Buy cheap argumentative essay about it.

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  • Make preparing, put on clothes that will be able to minimize your sweat lost. Try to cover all skin in order not to be burnt on the sun and slower sweat evaporation (it goes without saying that clothes you wear should be light, but from the other side, if you have an opportunity, pack fleece or wool coat as you can face cold nights). Our matured online writing team strongly recommends you to wear the sunglasses in order to protect your eyes and not to be shy to use a lip-gloss as your lips may chap and split. Furthermore, make sure that the amount of water will be sufficient and don’t forget: no matter how much water you’ll bring with you, it won’t be enough, you should take more! And the last is preparing survival equipment, including first aid kit, but it is better to keep it with you always as only God knows what is going to happen to you. Of course, this tip is relevant only if staying in a desert was envisaged. If no, have a look on the first tip and try not to lose courage.
  • Respect the heat. Try not to talk (now it turns out not to be the worst place to stuck with your irritating girl or boyfriend), don’t eat too much, drink water in small sips, do not smoke and limit an activity (in the case of waiting for the help).
  • Choose a right strategy. If you need to move, do it at night, when you won’t have to waste the extra energy because of heat and will decrease the risk of heat exhaustion. Try to find a shelter and stay there during the day. While sheltering, try not to have a physical activity, you can occupy your mind by reading an essay about art, for example. If you can’t find a cave serving a shelter, build it with the help of two sticks and a blanket. It should be done at night to full your shelter with cold air, which for good would stay there during the day. And don’t forget to send help signals, in the case when nobody is prevented about your journey (you can build a fire or light at night).
  • Prevent somebody. It seems to be one of the essential tips if you are planning a dangerous journey to a desert. Let somebody know your route, methods of communication and the type of vehicle. Relying on yourself isn’t a bad quality, but if you want to stay alive, you must share your plans.
  • Don’t rely on your mobile phone as very often don’t work in the remote areas, so it is better to check the coverage in advance in your mobile company. If you need to be in touch, use a satellite phone.

All in all, the image of a desert is usually interpreted, especially by the Western countries, like dead, soulless wasteland, and haunts the people in various parts of the world. By contrast, try to see the other side here – imagine the desert like a sort of enormous ocean, full of sand, dunes will be waves; you will be a solitary ship navigating the great wonder of the nature world. Sounds romantic, isn’t it? Maybe if you start to consider the desert in this way, you will discover plenty of magnificent details, previously untapped.

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