Illegal Immigration Essay: Make America Great Again


Today our academic writing service online propose you to think over the problem of illegal immigration. Every country has its own borders, which should be respected, but what to do if the inhabitants of one country in cause of economic crisis, low living standard, social insecurity or even police brutality (get to know more details here are seeking for better living outside of their native country? This essay about immigration raise very controversial and urgent topic of nowadays as, for reasons of numerous civil wars all over the world, millions of people are eager to leave their poor and dangerous countries to build a new life and use all the benefits offered by developed countries to their inhabitants.

Essay on Immigration: Short Overview

Because of the bureaucracy the person who wants leave for other country must collect a lot of documents, make visa and have an interview with the Consular Official representative, who can easily reject your candidature and forbid you to entry into the country, pass the language and American history exam. If you have decided to start your preparation, but don’t want to spend day and night cramming the material, the roaring twenties essay will help you easily to get to know more about American history and culture of 20-ties. Furthermore, to pass successively the interview you need to possess quite a large amount of money for living in the country you are going to. But don’t think that you can just save up some money, then make a visa and leave, there are large variety of countries (frankly, almost all) that can let you in only for a several reasons, and USA is among this list of countries. So based on the complicity of legal immigration, plenty of people choose the variant that isn’t so honest and prefer to immigrate illegally.

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Problems, Immigration Brings

First of all, let’s sort out what is illegal immigration. As we have already mentioned, it is an entry in the country, with no respect for the rule of law and government permission. In the case of USA, where mainly thousands of the Mexicans cross the border illegally, immigration is a real problem for the country as immigrants are thought to enter the labor force replacing the legal residents as they do the same work for less money, deplete natural and economic resources of the country and, all in all, occupy the place, what can lead to overpopulation. So, it should be mentioned that Americans have divided into two groups: those who admit the fact of immigration and try to support this idea, fight for the immigrants’ civil rights and naming the immigration like a victimless crime, and those, who are against the immigration movement and desire to prevent this phenomenon. Eager to learn more about opposition of two movements for and against the immigration? Order a persuasive essay on immigration on our professional essay service now! 

The immigration in USA is allowed only in 3 cases:

Immigrating based on family ties. Citizens and lawful permanent residents of the USA can make a request to the Citizenship and Immigration Services in order to issue visa to their relatives. And if you are a husband or spouse, one of the parents, child, brother or sister of a person, living legally in the USA, my congratulations, you can start the process of chasing the American dream!

Immigration, based on employment. An employer, who is interested in recruitment of foreign skilled workers, can apply to the Citizenship and Immigration Services a request for immigrant work visa. But it’s not as simply as it seems as an American employer must prove to a special commission that no one citizen has a requested qualification to do this job so he need to hire a foreign specialist. Moreover, an employer must also provide proofs that the immigrant’s recruitment won’t worsen the work’s conditions and won’t provide the salary’s reduction of American workers. But despite all difficulties, for some people, maybe the smartest ones, working in USA is a cherished dream and if they have this opportunity they will agree without question. This fact causes another problem for the countries left – it’s a brain drain, in two words – migration of high-qualities specialists. So here the kind of vicious circle is created – the country need the specialists for developing, but qualified workers don’t need a country which can’t even grant them a higher standard of living. The other possible opportunity to immigrate is studying abroad, as students are maybe one of the most mobile categories, which have a lot of privileges, also the plus is after graduating a way to stand in the country is much easier. Reveal the tips for being international student here.

Refugees. On the most discussed problems of today, plenty of people consider this question like the question of morality and compassion of the nation. From the one hand, how can the people of one country «close the door» in front of other people suffering deprivation, unrest, destruction and inhuman conditions of civil war? By the way, the political or war refuge is a great pretext to immigrate, there are a lot of agencies, which propose to the people a legal immigration due to the allegedly refugee status. It’s believed to be immoral to refuse granting of asylum to the people oppressed, but from the other hand, we have an excellent example in front of our eyes – France. Do you see the difference between the France before letting the Muslim refugees in and after? The Islam promotion, woman abuse, brazen public behavior, not to mention the increasing of terrorists’ attacks and its dissemination – it’s only the tip of the iceberg. So against this background, politics of Donald Trump, whose surprising presidency has divided America in two opposite teams, seems to be reasonable.

America for Americans

Returning to the issue of illegal immigration, after reaching the post of president of the United States, Donald Trump first thing forbade the entry of Muslim refugees in the country. What is more, his nationalist radical politics towards the Mexican immigrants has already become legendary, as he promised to build the wall along the Mexican border, which should prevent the illegal immigration to the USA. Sounds funny, isn’t it? To add an extra pinch of weird to the proceeding, mister president want this wall to be the highest, the strongest and the most solid wall of the world. In conclusion, try to guess how will he name it? Yep, a great wall of Donald Trump! He also wants to force the government of Mexico to pay for it, they, of course, refuse doing this. It can be seen that after a loyal and social-oriented politics of Obama, the controversial actions of Trump shook the country a lot. Want to know more about Obama’s politics? Consult an essay about Barack Obama.

All in all, the question of illegal immigration is very controversial, so it’s up to you to decide how to treat it. In any case, if our essay writing team may take a liberty, we want to give you an advice – please don’t stick to any radical point of view, as the phenomenon of illegal immigration, like a lot of others in our life, can’t be treated only in good or bad way, it is the whole range of causes and consequences that should be considered, addressing to this topic. 

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